BUS304 Practical Analysis On Aspects Of Marketing And Consumer Buying Decisions Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment DetailsDetails of Each Assessment Item

The assessments for this subject are described below. The description includes the type of assessment, its purpose, weighting, due date and submission requirements, the topic of the assessment, details of the task and detailed marking criteria, including a marking rubric for essays, reports and presentations. Supplementary assessment information and assistance can be found in Moodle.

KOI expects students to submit their own original work in both assignments and exams, or the original work of their group in the case of group assignments.

Assessment 2

Assessment Type: Group Report 3,000 ±10% (with maximum four members)

Purpose: Students are expected to analyse the marketing practices in the provided company. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, b, c and d.

Value: 30%Due Date: Week 9

Topic: A practical analysis on aspects of marketing and consumer buying decisions

Task Details: Students will be allocated to groups to analyse marketing programs and buyer behaviour process in one of the following companies.

eBay Westpac Qantas Kmart Telstra

Specifically, students must answer the following questions:

  1. Discuss the importance of developing effective marketing strategies, and how consumer influences drive the marketing strategies of the chosen company.
  2. Analyse how internal factors such as those relating to perception, motivation, learning, attitudes, and personality/psychographics influence consumer buying decisions of the chosen company.
  3. Analyse how external factors such as those relating to reference groups, social class, culture and market forces influence consumer buying decisions of the chosen company.
  4. Discuss how the consumers of the chosen company apply the decision-making process when making purchases.
  5. Discuss the importance of digital marketing in today’s environment and the influence of digital marketing practices on consumer buying behaviours of the chosen company.

The work should be in the format of a business report as you would submit to the CEO or management of any business, in a professional style.

The report must contain:

  • Cover Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Question 1 (You Must Choose Suitable Headings)
    3. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Question 2 (You Must Choose Suitable Headings)
    4. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Question 3 (You Must Choose Suitable Headings)
    5. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Question 4 (You Must Choose Suitable Headings)
    6. Sections and Sub Sections Covering Question 5 (You Must Choose Suitable Headings)
    7. Conclusion
    8. List of references that align with approved referencing format
    9. Appendices as required

The report will be marked based on the criteria listed in the assessment rubric.

It is very important to note that research is a key criterion that will influence the mark you earn. Research is considered appropriate when students develop the report by using peer-reviewed  journal  articles. While using a minimum of sixteen (16) journal articles is expected, students will only achieve a top mark in their research component when they use between twenty (20) and twenty eight (28) research sources. Please note that many of the references you use must come from peer reviewed journal articles and that these articles should not be the same as the ones provided in the textbook and tutorials. Furthermore, please note that  using Wikipedia and other online encyclopedia is not allowed and may result in being given a fail grade for the work. If you need help in finding suitable sources for the work, please seek assistance by booking an appointment with a librarian.

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