BUS6001 Business Strategy Management: Company Case Analysis Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Brief: BUS6001 Business Strategy Management

Assessment 2: Company Case Analysis

Word count / Time provided:
4000 words

Assessment 2 Detail

In this company case analysis, each group needs to identify and explain about an issue in business strategy management and offer solutions/recommendations. For explaining the issue in business strategy management, you will need some data/information. You can investigate a real-life case from an organisation. But you need to discuss with your group members and select and collect data from the organisation. We will not assign you to an organisation. You must discuss your choice of company with your lecturer by providing a verbal or written rationale for choosing a particular company. Your lecturer needs to approve your choice of company in written format (APIC email). Plagiarised assignments will not be tolerated.

However, if you feel, it would be difficult to collect data/information from a real organisation, you can collect data/information from secondary sources from online, company's annual reports or related business strategy management articles and news.

You need to consider a single but significant issue. Don’t consider multiple issues as it will degrade the quality of work. You need to consider yourself being a consultant helping with the issue. We are looking for creative solutions proposed by groups.

Examples of issues could be:

  • Strategic change
  • Strategy and organization planning
  • Collaborating to compete
  • Competitive forces shape strategy
  • Emerging technology and strategy
  • Strategic positioning

Students will need to collect data from actual organisations and/or secondary sources. Valid sources for obtaining such data may include:

  • Visits to the case company and interviewing key personnel (if you choose to do this, interview questions should be included in appendices).
  • Secondary data from online (it should be reliable and valid online data sources such as data from other research publications, databases and so on. (WIKIPEDIA is not a suitable one)
  • Company’s annual/quarterly reports
  • Related business strategy management articles and news.

NOTE: If you choose to investigate a real business strategy management problem facing the organisation with which you are employed. Remember this is a group assignment and you need to convince your group members on the topic you propose and share responsibilities. You also need to discuss this with your lecturer to make sure that the scope and scale of the problem is consistent with those of the other groups.

Structure and format of the report (Assessment 2)


The introduction should include background to the project and an introduce the topic you are researching, and its importance followed by the research objective and then the implications of the research. More specifically- Introduction section shall include what are you doing? Why (importance)? How (short methodology within 2-3 lines)? What are the contributions (to managers, literature)?

Literature review
Review the literature on the topic you are researching. Review of journal articles is preferred. Please make sure that your literature review reflects the understanding of business strategy management concepts for the purpose of applying them and the application of theoretical concepts. More specifically you need to write about the topic of your interest and relevant concepts based on previous studies. You need to mention what previous studies have investigated? What previous studies were not investigated (Research
gap)? What could be done? How your study addresses the gaps in the previous studies?
Here you explain the methodology or sources of data/information and how do you collect. You should also describe the type of data (qualitative or quantitative) and how collected data can be useful. You can collect data from a real-life organisation or using secondary sources. You can also use some database such as Scopus, google scholar, science direct and so on if you collect data from secondary sources. In these databases, you can find lot of published papers with their own data; you can use them but must be cited. Please make sure that your method reflects the development of feasible and effective solutions to address the complex issue(s).
Structure and format of the report, Case study findings and analysis
Provide a description of the organisation (1/2 page). Then critically analyse the results in the light of the literature and discuss the results. Please make sure that your analysis and discussion reflects the critical analysis of complex information and theoretical concepts underpinning business strategy management practice. Also make that your analysis reflects the originality of potential solutions. (New techniques, knowledge, applications & management practice). Further, your analysis shall reflect justification for innovative ideas and processes. You need to present all the tables/ figures showing the findings of your study. You also must discuss the results and compare your findings with the literature.
You need to discuss your findings and how the findings can be helpful for the business and what are the risks for implementation. You should also discuss if there any limitation of the study. Conclusion opens with a brief summary of the report and then considers the consequences of the suggestions. No new material should be introduced in this section.
Appendices (if any) Your appendices may contain, for example, detailed tables of data, details of how you did a calculation, interview records if included, or photographs if of some interest.
References: The project is directed at the collection and analysis of data, if you use material from another source then references it properly. 
Other important notes:
  • Use Font 12 Times new roman with 1.5 spacing, single column, justified and 2.5 cm margin in all four sides for the report body and submit a Microsoft Word file.
  • All assignments must include a group cover sheet which is downloadable from APIC website.
  • While your experience and views are the essential components of your assignments, the appropriate use of literature is required to provide evidence-based suggestions.
  • You should include a list of all references you use in writing your assignments. Note that all assignments will be checked for originality (similarities to existing sources) on Turnitin. You should follow instruction of your lecture for attaching Turnitin report with your assignment.

The criteria to assess your work will take into account:

  • Relevance of your answer to the question or task set
  • Clarity of expression
  • Creativity/innovation
  • Citations beyond the given subject material
  • Logical planning and sequence
  • Appropriate written and presentation of the work.
  • The assessment for individual group members may be moderated by students' peer assessment (evaluating the performance of each group member).

In completing this assessment successfully, you will be able to effectively to design and apply the knowledge, tools and techniques required to build better strategies in organisational context

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