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Students arrive at their preferred choice of higher education based on the promise it holds for growth in their future. Information Technology as a field is extremely challenging but is the hottest cake. Out of many fields in Information Technology, Business Intelligence is a field that is commanding huge demand. There is tremendous demand for professionals who are trained to analyse a business organisation and find complex solutions. This requires technical and logical knowledge.

Set of tools and techniques used to acquire raw data and convert them into meaningful information to be suitably used for business analysis is what we understand by Business Intelligence. It is mainly used to identify new strategies for the business organisation from a heap of unstructured data.

Students choose the subject as their career option but soon realises the technical and logical level of ripeness required to completely comprehend the subject and its realistic implementation. The students are required to submit a number of assignments on different topics of Business Intelligence and often time remains busy in completing the same instead of trying to understand the subject. 

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The Business Intelligence Assignment Help will include the basic and the advanced concepts of the subject. Few of them are mentioned below such as:

1) Analytical Processing: The part of business intelligence that focuses on budgeting, forecasting, and management reporting is analytical processing. This could be used in any department of an organisation like marketing, sales or operation.

2) Reporting: Reporting of financial and operational data of a business organisation publicly is the aim of business reporting. It simply aims at providing valuable and relevant information to the stakeholders and decision-makers to assist them in their endeavour to improve the operational and financial performance of the business.

3) Data Mining: Implementation of a process to identify patterns or trajectory from the huge volume of structured or unstructured data is Data Mining. This in itself is a huge field and includes subfields like database systems, statistics, and artificial intelligence.

4) Complex Event Processing: Process of keeping a track on the different events that occur in and around the business entity and the evaluation of the same to arrive at conclusions that provides the decision makers insights into the future is event processing. This is the most complicated topic of Business Intelligence and requires expert assistance.

5) Performance Management: Process that keeps a track on the performance of an organisation or the employees or any department to ensure that the organisational goals are accomplished in an effective manner is what we understand by Performance Management.

6) Benchmarking: This process involves peer comparison between companies in the same line of business. This aims at providing an honest outlook on the very competitiveness of an entity. 


7) Prescriptive Analysis: The processing of huge quantity of structured and unstructured data using subjects like science, computer, and mathematics to predict business situations and also to take prudent decisions is prescriptive analysis.

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