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College: Higher Colleges of Technology

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You will report on your imaginary manufacturing business in the UAE. Answer the following questions.

Module 1 –Managing the business, motivating staff, managing across cultures, women in business.

Module 2 – Sectors of the economy, production strategies, logistics and quality control.

Module 3 – Product and branding, marketing, advertising.

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In the advent of the liberal economy and subsequent dissolution of Soviet Russia, the global market appear to attempt development of a market which is literally free from any kind of legislative imposition regarding the entry of typical market. This facilitates several business concerns with the ability to pursue their overseas market interests in order to enjoy a wide and diverse customer base that might stabilize their prevalent one.   The report includes a proposed method of entry into a new market within the manufacturing industry. The industry that has been chosen is the paper industry. Therefore, the purpose of the report is to produce a planning report for the organization that would be launched. The intended readers of the report are the board of directors along with the CEOs of the boards of the approval of the report for manufacturing business production.

1.0 Business Idea 

The business that has been selected for introduction in the industrial market is in the paper industry. An organization has been thought of to mark the presence in the domestic market of United Arab Emirates. The feature that has been set for the production within the paper industry is production of various kinds of papers that are usually in demand for production of books and magazines (Beuk, 2014). The paper production has also been considered for the printing presses such as newspaper printing. The industry of the paper production has been planned to be the introductory sector of the organization as it has been found to be a flourishing industry within the global industrial sector. 

Introduction of the new organization have been planned to be gaining a competitive edge.

Furthermore, business ideas are vulnerable to evoke in order to establish a distinct brand identity across the global market. Business Ideas are the inevitable outcomes of the acumen of the underlying industry along with risk taking propensity that they might able to exhibit in the organizational level fueled by the blesses of individual learning to avail projects of merit or higher excellence.This will help the organization to establish a secure position in the market. Such an entry has been planned for the production of a mass customer in the high competitive market. Entry in a high competitive market possess of high risk that may succumb to the downfall of the company. Therefore, the business has been planned to be making its place in the domestic economy as a key organization within the industry. The business has been planned to be introduced as a small hotel that would have the potential to reach the international sector within 15 to 20 years. The business has also been planned to be selling its services in the online media within a span of 5 to 10 years in the expanding industrial condition (Roberts, 2014). The business has a long term planning of putting up a press for a weekly magazine  or a monthly one.

Expansion in global paper industry

Figure 1: Expansion in global paper industry

(Source: (Taylor, 2015, May, 26) 

2.0 Location of the business premises

Location of a business venture owns a considerable significance while establishing the distinct feature of the underlying concern that ensures the relative competitive edge of the respective company.  The location of the organization within the paper industry has been planned to be incorporated in the areas that will support proper commutation and would be connected to the main lands. Therefore, the production house of the organization as well as the storage has been planned to be established in well connected areas (Ferriss, 2012, Dec, 07). The organization has not been planned to have featured any retail shops or outlets. Therefore, the area has been chosen in the areas that would directly not harm the environment through the production process. The infrastructure of the organization has been planned to be contributing to gain a healthy and feasible supply chain where the commutation would be at less expense. The logistics of the organization has been planned to be following a functional area that would help in acquiring a space in the industry as well as survive with a notable competitive edge in the organization. 

3.0 Management 

The business has been planned to be a incorporated with a hierarchical structure that consists of a monitor to the subordinate sections. The list of managers in the organisation has been planned to be like this:

The Human Resource managers, the financial managers, the research and development managers, the customer care departments and the line managers. The organisation has been planned to be following a management style that would induce friendly environment in the organization (Beuk, 2014). A blend of the people culture and the task culture will be incorporated with proper division of work relating to the qualification. 

Hierarchical structure of the organization

Figure 2: Structure of the organization

(Source: Self-developed)

4.0 Motivating staff

Employee motivation will be stressed through providence of flexibility of schedule to the employees. The employees in the organization will also be provided with the opportunity to grow within the organization. Therefore, the organization will be allowing the employees it choose any of the two time structure on a fixed span of working. The organization has also been planned to be availing the employees 3 paid leaves on each month.  Furthermore, the management needs to be courteous enough to acknowledge the activities displayed by the subordinates in order to retain their dedication towards the absolute objectives of the company. These appreciations can come verbally or introducing an additional layer of it in terms of the financial analogues within the pay matrix. According to Herzberg’s theory, certain functions in the organization might prove to be de motivating to the employees. The organizational management being inspired by the theory will try to incorporate above stated management style.

Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation  

Figure 3: Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation 

(Source: Self-developed)

5.0 Managing across cultures

According to the Lewis’s theory the supply of the labors in the organization has been considered from different areas including the areas outside of UAE. In this regard, it appear imperative to mention that cross-cultural difficulties is very likely to evoke in this regard due to the inter-cultural barriers as most of the employees across the globe posses diverse cultural proclivities. Therefore, the organization has been planned to be an organization supporting multicultural in the organization. The management style will follow tolerance towards all the religions and the minority groups. The organization has also been planned to be providing the employees with leaves on the days of religious as well as cultural importance (Beuk, 2014). Therefore, cross cultural management has been planned to be considered in the organization. The staff management will follow a positive stature towards all the employees and their needs. The employees in the organization will also be informed about the company objectives and will be requested to stick to the organizational culture. 

6.0 Women in business

Role of women in the business has been considered to be considerable. After the massive alteration in the prevalent patriarchal mindset and the advent of legislative assistance subjected to women which poses robust limitations in the notion of discrimination, women, in some public sectors are supposed to serve in the majority of share of the entire workforce. The intuitive nature associated with multitasking capabilities enables them to attend the global organizational attention.   The business has not been planned to be introducing any quota that will support the women employment in the organization. Emiratis as well as non-emirates will be scoped to be employed in the organization. Employment will be given because of qualification (Taylor, 2015, May, 26). However, women employment will be stressed in certain sector of the hotel organization in certain areas like front office management. Besides, the safety and security has also been considered within the organizational management. 

7.0 Sectors of the economy 

The functioning of the organization has been considered to be established within the secondary sectors of the economy of United Arab Emirates. The business will focus on manufacturing of the products that is paper. Therefore, the organization will be applying certain strategies in order to deal with all the sectors. The primary sector will be followed with sustainability while the tertiary sector will be addressed through production of the materials that would supply for the requirements in the tertiary economic sector. 

8.0 Production strategies & Quality control

The production strategies may bear a normal resemblance to the operatives or the operational protocols related to strategic inclination. The attempted resemblance of the projected credentials concerning the quality attributes of the necessary elements has been found as an indispensible event of market sustainability. The identified demands of the consumers along with the credentials of operation procedure can be nominated as an essentials component of business activity (MacKenzie, 2010). The procedures of TQM (Total Quality Management) have enhanced the standardization procedure of the quality of the deliverables. An attempt to business sustainability can be promoted through the achievement of business standards. The promotion of the product portfolio with certain quality credentials can be considered as an effective nomination of the resources that are utilized for productivity. The basic resources utilized for productivity can be promoted through an appropriate measure of market segmentation. 

9.0 Product recognition:

Brand creation and expansion are two correlatives that may reflect the orientation of a company’s credential. The achievement of the business standards concerning the evaluation of the product portfolio may resemble the proportionate sustainability of business organizations. The achievement of the proportionate standards can be reflected through the magnitude of business operations. 

10.0 Marketing 

The concept of marketing relates to a wide canvas that engulfs strategic attainment of business objectives. The notion of marketing is supposed to endow the respective business unit with a prudent metric of objectives and product specifications that might enable the underlying unit with the acumen to devise the location of the venture.  The foundation of an effective marketing framework can be achieved through an identification of the market traits along the flexible framework proposed as the basic modules of business operation (Beuk, 2014). Cost can be considered as highly influential parameter in order to formulate a suitable draft for marketing fundamentals. The adapted framework for marketing principles can be considered through the probable derivatives of business environment. The categorization of the business activities can be achieved through an interception of the operating environment concerning the consumer perceptions. The magnitude of a successful marketing strategy may be reflected through an interception on the attained business credential. The results of the marketing policies can be intercepted through acquisition of the consumer feedbacks concerning the projected products (Roberts, 2014). The attainment of the business standards along with a suitable achievement of the business credentials is indispensable. 

11.0 Conclusion 

The prediction of the success of the organization shows a positive measure if all the strategies are followed in the organization. However, there might be emergence of certain issues like environmental and political issues. Besides, the Human Resources problems might also occur in the organization in the due course of functioning. The labor management and staff inclusion might emerge as issues in the organization. These have to be dealt with processes of efficient management functioning.