Business Management In Health Care

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Gulf College- Muscat - Sultanate Of Oman

Code: BSB10178-6

Assessment: Individual Case Study and Critical Review of Refereed Journal

Learning Outcomes:

1) Develop and articulate a critical knowledge understanding and analysis of change and the management of change situations.

2) Demonstrate the ability to apply relevant change theory to practice using appropriate techniques of inquiry.

3) Analyse and critically evaluate aspects of change and leadership theory and practice under investigation.

4) Effectively communicate an appropriate solution to a particular change management and leadeship case under investigation.

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Answer :

I. Individual case study

I. Introduction

While carrying out any form of business ahead many factors need to be kept in mind in its execution process. Several tools and skills are necessary to meet the requirements of a particular project and the necessary changes that are required (Covey and Covey, 2015). Through the process of proper analyzing and integration of the management processes, proper monitoring and controlling of the processes is carried out effectively. Understanding the flaws and creating changes and understanding of the implications help to carry out the changes in an effective manner. The assignment aims at a thorough analysis of mercer medical centre business and the negative impact that their flaws have caused as a result. They aim at implementing new changes in the organization thereby developing their communication plan and inducing those changes that are planned by the CEO to be applied, for their development. Managing and improving the care and health systems are the other necessary changes required.

II. Content and Analysis

2.1 Background of the case:

The business taken under consideration here is Mercer Medical centre which is a community hospital situated in the Pacific Northwest with an approximate of 650 medical staff members along with a residency program. They have already succeeded in competing with two other major health systems of the city thereby increasing their penetration and hold over the managed care system. Several smaller private clinics have been bought by Mercer thereby managing their own care insurance plan. In an attempt to make a place in the competitive market, Mercer has taken up several contracts with the high technology firms in the Silicon Forest (Chow, 2014). These contracts aim at hiring younger and healthier people to make comparatively less use of the dollars for health care. This in turn adds to the advantage of the areas which fall under the high managed care penetration system. Syntel, leading in the manufacturing sector are responsible to process computer chips for their industry has collaborated with Mercer in the contract for managed care (Rees and French, 2016)

In the recent times, Syntel has been willing to include themselves more in the health and care sector due to develop the medical industry with better technology and financial resources thereby introducing them to a better form of banking, retailing and investment process. The main aim behind this is that Health care industry still lags behind in the corporate world and it is essential to acquaint them with all the new information and techniques for a better development (Dawson and Andriopoulos, 2014). Mercer howeverhas an added advantage with the presence of POE system installed which makes it easier to adopt new and innovative ideas thereby gaining the attention of Syntel. The CEO of Mercer has taken all these factors in mind and with the collaboration of Syntel plans to widen their branches further in the future. 

2.2 Types of Organizational change:

There are 5 main factors which are responsible to cause any type of changes in an organization for their growth:

  • Organization wide change: They refer to the large scale changes which result in transformation of the overall structure of a particular company. The organization tends to reshape the forms thereby restructuring and collaborating with other companies as an attempt to change their attributes of nature (Freshwater, 2014). All these changes that are implemented affect the culture of the organization thereby affecting on the behavioral pattern of each employee. The Changes incurred are long term and therefore need to be extremely well planned to avoid any form of disruption. 
  • Transformational change: keeping the strategies in mind, the organization must be well acquainted with the necessary environment and cultural trends to understand what forms of technology are required to advance in the system. Proper integration of the digital technologies is required to be implemented for better transformation of the business to take place. 
  • Personnel change: In case of mass hiring of layoffs, a necessity arises to shift the culture and process of the company by adopting the changes in the personnel. With an expansion of the organization, more employees are required to be hired. Proper training is therefore essential to make each employee understand their job role and if not done correctly, can result in chaos. Layoffs greatly affect the existing employees in an organization thereby effecting on their morale. It is therefore essential for the company to fill up the gaps and make the necessary changes in the system for better skilled employees.  
  • Unplanned change: Several strategies made in the organization result in an occurrence of changes which are unplanned and can bring drastic negative effects on the working of the organization. Due to lack of diversity and social inequality the demographic situation of the organization can result in hampering in their system. 
  • Remedial change: Due to poor performance of the company, several financial problems may turn up as a result of which the remedial changes are brought about by following certain strategic plans to mould the structure in a profitable manner. 

2.3 Type of Change CEO of Mercer Medical centre wants to implement

With the strong leadership of the CEO, Mercer Medical Centre has been successful to a great extent in competing with the other organizations in this industry. However the various pressures that have come up have become a barrier towards growth of the technology and implementation of the expensive equipments required for development (Proctor and Ross, 2015). The CEO therefore has made several efforts to upgrade the health care system of the organization on collaboration with Syntel, to make use of effective technology and equipments in the system and help in further development for future. 

To make this plan work, several changes need to be brought about within the organization starting from its core. Starting with the organization’s changes the CEO plans to make an overall transformation of the company thereby reshaping the structure with collaborations with Syntel. With implementing newer technological equipments in the organization can further help to change the behavioral patterns of each employee working thereby remolding their culture. With a set of strategies in mind, they aim to implement the transformational changes in the organization with proper integration of the digital technologies to help the business transform better. With the expansion of Mercer Medical Centre, more employees are required in this system to work effectively for further growth. Adopting the personnel changes Proper training is provided to each employee to well acquaint them with all the new changes and their respective job roles to avoid any form of layoffs and gaps from occurring (Popovic and Plank, 2016)

Providing motivation would have a direct effect on the employee’s morale and induce them to work better and more effectively. Getting rid of all unplanned changes that may hamper their work is one of the other strategies made by the CEO to prevent any form of imbalance or inequality from turning up. Adopting the remedial changes is the last main aim induced by the CEO in order to avoid any form of financial problems from turning up in the company thereby preventing the scope of poor performance within the organization and taking the necessary steps to mould the structure and rules of the company to help them seek their profit margin in the near future. 

2.4 Change Theory that can be implemented 

Medical directors play a very important role in safeguarding the quality of health care service provided in the hospitals for the patient’s long term development. As a managing director myself, I believe that our role of providing proper guidance and care in Mercer medical centre is one of the most important roles to handle each department of this company. Implementing the personnel changes within the organization is one of the most important factors to drive the employees to make the necessary changes and implement them effectively in the organization (Olins, 2017). For the organization to adopt new changes, it is very essential that the employees working within accept them and implement them in their work process for the overall development of the company. In an attempt to drive the employees to accept these changes, proper training is provided to them to understand all problems effectively and be acquainted with the rules and regulations of the company. Providing additional motivation to each employee and creating a healthy work environment is essential to increase the zeal of the employees to work better for the development of the organization (Jamieson and Milbrandt, 2017). 

Providing incentives for good work enthuses them to work better resulting in building a friendly relationship and work stability. With an increase in productivity levels of work, higher levels of outputs are obtained in the organization which leads to further development of the organization. Avoiding any form of layoff and gaps within the organization, helps to build up the personal morale of each individual working in the organization and avoids any form of inefficiency and chaos from arising. By implementing the theory of change within the organization, a proper planning and evaluation of the social changes is brought about thereby determining the long term profits (Hudson, 2017). Several effective strategies and goals therefore need to be made to identify the essential preconditions and work for molding the behavior and skills of each employee to make sure that they deliver the best care services to all the patients.

2.5 Communication plan for continuous change management 

The company, Mercer medical centre needs to adopt several well managed communication plans to effectively manage each and every sector of the employee (Smits and Bowden, 2015). A well managed communication plans is required to use all the essential information of distribution provide feedback to the stakeholders. Based on the important aspects of governance model, benefits management, partners and brokerage services, ands health and wellness programs, the objectives of the organization are set and properly delivered to each employee working in the organization thereby providing the best services possible to their patients (MacKian and Simons, 2013). Mercer has a strong hold on the propriety data followed by landmark global surveys thereby using advanced tools and techniques to frame the cost effective and other employee benefits properly. This in turn helps to analyze the benefit plans properly thereby setting a benchmark of the local market data and optimizing them to influence the power of their customers. This in turn helps to design the employee benefits and find solutions to all their problems thereby increasing their work culture (Day, 2014). 

A well managed communication plan in turn help the manager and the executive heads of the organization to better manage and control the working of the employees and scrutinize them altogether to bring about a better output (Hodges, 2016). Managing the expectations made by the stakeholders in turn helps to understand their needs and concerns related to their company and open the communication channels further to avoid all the potential risks from turning up thereby managing the work of the organization better. Understanding the management strategies through a proper communication plan to determine the actions within the organization and fulfill all the necessary expectations of all the staffs and individuals present including the patients. 

III. Conclusion

Thus, keeping all the pressures and risks aside, a proper management in the Mercer Medical Centre helps to better develop their system keeping in mind all the important aspects which are required to make the possible changes and implement them properly. A proper communication is important between all the members including with the patients to understand all the problems and issues and. With the CEO having planned a lot many strategies to implement, making the necessary changes can further help to develop the organization’s workings. With the collaboration of Mercer Medical centre with Syntel further helps them to implement the transformational changes thereby implementing the proper use of technology and effective tools to help them reach their goals and make a place of their own in this industry in the nearby future. Implementing the proper leadership techniques of the medical director can further help to make use of the best strategies and tools which can help to deter the necessary changes in both the behavior and the working of the organization by following a constant, motivational process and support to the employees. Maintaining a healthy work environment and stability in the workforce can further help to enthuse them to use the best skills for the company’s growth.