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This assessment requires you to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and theoretical understanding of the Hotel and Tourism Industry. You will need to investigate and review a variety of publications, texts and multimedia related to the hotel and tourism industry. You must anlyse and apply knowledge of the hotel consumer requirements, service offerings within hotels, the impact to the hotel sector of the external environment and the complexities around the global hotel and tourism sector. Use evidence based theory, principles and concepts of hotel management where appropriate to support your answers to demonstrate your understanding. To assist you in completing this assessment use the resources and textbooks given in the Course Module 705TBH.

Explain, discuss and analyse the following: 1. Complexities of the global hotel industry sector 2. Hotel consumers 3. Influence of the global external environment upon the hotel sector 4. Customer service within hotels. 

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Tourism and hotel management 


The primary objective of this report is to provide brief information about the policies, procedures, and theories of the hotel. It is the continuation part of assignment 2. Assignment 1 depicts ample information about customers and external factors that may impact on the hotel industry. The key issues, theories, and concepts that impact on the business performance and management within the hotel industry have been explained in assignment 2. Garden Inn is a 4-star full-service hotel which was originated in 2016 in Auckland New Zealand. Various challenges related to services are being faced by the hotel while functioning at the international level. The paper discusses how the hotel makes effective and unique policies and strategies to diminish and avert the complaints of guests. An action plan that addresses all the issues related to guests has been drawn in the task. The theories and principles that are followed by the hotel also have been depicted in the task. 

Importance of online reviews sites and policy of a hotel 

It is very significant for a hotel to have a policy and procedure for online review sites in order to boost revenue and explore the business. The online review sites are excellent and effective resources for analyzing and finding out how well the hotel is taking care of its clients. It is a dynamic and unique way to find out any issue and challenge in the services they render and would permit them to take the suitable actions to overcome these situations that lead to higher client satisfaction (Kitingan, 2018). This shows the implication of the tours and travel work which was implemented for the review sites and policies of the hotels. The online views are very strong it not only affect the taste of the clients and choices in the virtual world but also results in increased business outcomes. The policies of the hotel need to be in line with the organizational culture. In case of the hotel business, online reviews and business policies both should be linked with each other so that it could strengthen the client’s satisfaction. 

It is needed for hoteliers to respond to reviews in a specific and adverse review, in an effective way to maintain a favorable relationship with clients and inspire future bookings. The social media channels play a major role in the hotel, converting the way tourists search, co-create and find the facts and information about travel-related products and changing the manner they make decisions online related to the hotel. A hotel should cover plenty of policies and procedures to serve the clients in an effective way (Hospitalitysolutions, 2018). The two policies that should be covered by a hotel are drawn below. 

  • A hotel should follow safety policy to protect the life and health of employees and clients as well. According to Varkaris & Neuhofer (2017), safety policy protects the workers during injury and accidents. The employees are needed to follow precautions and practices while on duty. 
  • It is noted by Varkaris & Neuhofer (2017), harassment is one of the vital policies that should be covered by the hotel in order to eliminate and reduce the discrimination issues and barriers. Any worker that feels they are subject to harassment must see their immediate employer and management staff showcase or report the concern. 
  • Another policy is client’s satisfaction program. In the case of a hotel, all the clients should be satisfied with their needs. It is the foremost part which is required if a hotel company wants to increase its brand image in long run. 

The two procedures that shall be followed by a hotel include strong confirmation procedure and housekeeping standard procedure. These two are the key pillars for strengthening the safety and security of clients in their stay.  The strong confirmation procedure permits the reservation employee to find out specifically what they have marked down for the clients and for the clients to listen to the terms of the room (Israeli, Mohsin & Kumar, 2011). On the other hand, housekeeping standard procedure look after the safety and cleaning issues. 

Issues and concern of the guests and immediate response

There are various common issues and concerns have written in the review. A layer of dust was found in the rooms as it has been written in the review. Furthermore, clients found that staff was not responsive and polite thus, it hampered the image of hotel adversely. The carpets also looked dirty and worn (Noone, McGuire & Rohlfs, 2011). The hot water issue was also ongoing. There were no proper amenities in the hotel as it affected the brand image negatively. Noise from neighboring rooms was coming and the reservation was also not honored. All these issues were ongoing in the hotel (Hodson, 2018). 

The immediate response that should be taken to the negative review is discussed below. 

  • The top management and managers should try to address and resolve the guest’s issues by name whenever possible. 
  • They should feel apologize for falling short of the clients or tourists demands and expectations and must ensure the guests to address and resolve their concerns. 
  • The managers should invite the guest or client back to reduce and rectify the situation and make sure to sign off the review or feedback with specific employee name and an effective way for the client to contact that person. It reveals that the hotel truly is interested in giving higher customer satisfaction while traveling (Lo, A. Stalcup & Lee, 2010)
  • The management further must evaluate and identify the need for follow up procedures and policies (Djellal & Gallouj, 2009)

Training, processes, procedures and strategic actions 

Proper training, process, and procedures are required if the hotel business wants to follow the proper customized strategy in its business. It will be used to make its business process more effective as per the client’s needs, demand, perception, and values. Various theories, principles, and concepts can be applied in the hotel to overcome the various customers’ issues to a large extent. Some of the theories that can be applied are presented below. 

Scientific management theory: This theory is propounded by F.W. Taylor to increase and enhance the efficiency of the hotel. As per this theory, the managers must employees to a job that excellent matched their capabilities, train them and monitor them to ensure that they worked in a hassle-free manner (Drucker, 2012)

Theory X and Y theory: This theory is introduced by Douglas McGregor’s to motivate the workers at the workplace. Theory X leads and manages to micromanage while theory Y gives rise to a more shared and decentralized workplace. This theory helps in inspiring the workers for performing roles and responsibilities effectively (Alexander, 2013)

The basic principles of hotel comprise travel and tourism, lodging, recreation, attractions, food and beverage operations, amusements, time management, and industry standards. These principles help the hotel to grow and flourish the business effectively and efficiently (Muller, 2018). It has been examined by Varkaris & Neuhofer (2017), hotel concepts are more than the physical layout and design of the hotel. It entails the service hotel renders, the attention of detail, quality of products and services, experiences and ambitions of guests. All these concepts and principles help the hotel for providing better services to clients. 

The strategic actions, processes, and procedures that can be used to eliminate the issues have been elucidated below. 

  • It is noted that managers should provide training to front office staff for serving the guests effectively and efficiently. HRM should conduct training programs in the hotel for the employees to improve and enhance their skills and experience. Audit learning theory shall be used to promote the staff in a hotel while functioning. Training is essential in the hotel because it helps in boosting the confidence and skills of the staff. Training programs also help the organization to reduce and eliminate concerns, queries, and complaints of the clients. Therefore, activities related to training and development coaching shall be taken by the hotel management to minimize the issue. For example, orientation, mandatory training, soft skill development, and onboarding training can be given to front office staff in order to minimize issues in near future (Molina-Azorín, Claver-Cortés, Pereira-Moliner & Tarí, 2009)
  • It is noted that the Garden Inn hotel should focus on the various processes to avert the issues related to guests. The multiple processes include the process of hotel housekeeping, the process of serving food and drinks, the process of delivering essential inputs and process of guest’s departures and arrivals. 
  • Along with this, various policies including customer service policy, working relationships, safety policy, alcohol and drug policy, fair treatment policy, code of ethics and harassment policy shall be followed by Garden Inn to overcome the issue related to services. It also shows that problems and complaints will rise in the future. 
  • Aside from this, the top management will understand what upset client want exactly. It will help in managing and controlling the concerns and issues related to clients. A quick solution shall be taken wherever finds issue and must work with guests to find a mutually satisfactory resolution (Lo, A. Stalcup & Lee, 2010)
  • Moreover, management must provide front office with guidelines and empowerment to resolve and handle issues and concerns effectively and quickly. 
  • Contently checking shall be done to ask how the guests stay and what problems they are facing. For example, effective settlement of bills, excellent check-in, and luggage storage can be done by top management at Garden Inn Hotel. It will make happy the guests while staying in the hotel. It will also help in minimizing the complaints and issues in near future (Enz, 2009)

Issues and reasons for the Garden Inns poor performance

It is true poor performance leads issues and challenges in Garden Inn hotel. Garden In is an independently owned hotel which serves effectively and efficiently to the customers in the competitive market. Garden Inn was facing ample issues related to customer satisfaction. Along with this, it has failed to compete in a submarket due to poor performance. Due to a lack of talented and skilled employees, the hotel had to bear a lot of loss as it also hampered the brand image and financial position internationally.  The hotel has received ample reviews related to poor performance of the front office staff. It is suggested that Garden Inn needs to make unique policies and must keep an eye on the issues, complaints, and queries of the guests to be a leader in the hotel industry (O'Neill & Mattila, 2010)

Strategic action plan to address the issues 

Issues identified 
Responsible person 
Time framework 
How general manager measure the success of the action 
There are various issues have been faced by Garden Inn while functioning. Some of the issues include poor performance issues, poor infrastructure, and lack of basic amenities, customer service issues, dusting and water issues. All these issues and barriers will identify by the top management to increase and enhance the revenue and returns.  
Guest service agent and general manager are responsible to handle and overcome the issues related to guests and services. 
  • Respond to guest feedback
  • Connect with upset guests on a personal level.
  • Use guests feedback to make future decisions.
  • Use advanced an innovative technology to handle and resolve the issue of the guests. 
  • Immediate strategies and policies shall be made to handle the client’s complaints and issues. 

Appropriate time framework shall be done to resolve and rectify the issues and challenges that have been faced by guests. The approximate time to resolve the complaints of guests is 24hours. 
It is noted that general manager measures the success and progress of action plan. For this purpose, reviews and feedback are taken by a general manager within the organization. They can check the self-esteem of the guests to measure the success of the action plan. 

Strategic action plan to address the issues Analysis 

It is analyzed from the literature that action plan will help in improving and enhancing the performance and productivity of the workers as it will also help in the boosting the level of satisfaction of the guests. Hotel direct booking sales strategy and cross-promotional sales strategy also are being used by the Garden Inn Hotel to improve the outputs and services. Therefore, activities related to training and development coaching shall be taken by the hotel management to minimize the issue. This will not only strengthen the business process o the Garden Inn Hotel but also strengthen the business efficiency. The main analysis is that if the proper action plan is implemented then it will boost up the process and gives the proper benchmark to employees to accomplish the set goals and objectives.  This analysis shows the inclination of the business towards satisfying clients and aligning the vision and mission of the company with the satisfaction of clients in domestic and international level. 

Apart from this, innovative technology also will help to augment the market share and performance of hotel in near future. By connecting with guests personally, the managers can build a friendly relationship with them effectively. Moreover, scientific management theory is used by the company aiming to boost productivity and employee get maximized wages. The higher wages and salary are helpful in raising the standard of living of employees. Aside from this, theory X and Y provides ample benefits to the workers while working. This theory helps in satisfying the needs and requirements of the workers to make motivated them towards the achievement of goals. In this way, it is seen that theories, models and strategic action plan lead higher guest satisfaction and further boost profitability and market share (Dief & Font, 2010). Therefore, the crux of this report could be that if hotel business wants to sustain its business in the long run than it needs to focus on analyzing the online feedback and client’ s perception with the offered services. This will be useful for the hotel business to adapt to the industry demand and values. The online reviews and feedbacks have a major role in business success in tours and travel industry. 


It is worth noting from the above study that guest satisfaction is essential to meet the long term needs and requirements of the business. It is very vital for Garden Inn hotel to have policy and process for online review sites. It is analyzed from the above analysis that hotel uses ample dynamic strategies, policies, and procedures to cope up various guests issues related to hotel services. Various theories, models, principles and action plan are made by the hotel to identify and eradicate the issues and concerns. An action plan has been implemented by the hotel to minimize future queries and complaints in the long term. It is recommended that Garden Inn should conduct an audit on regular basis to collect information and evidence in terms of client satisfaction. Now, in the end, it could be inferred that the company should focus on implementing the various theories and modes with the proper audit program if it wants to sustain its business in the long run. However, implementation of the advanced technologies and system process will be beneficial to attract new clients and satisfy them to the most.