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Write a topic on "ITS A  project of metro north oral health services".

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Introduction and purpose of plan: 

Planning means preparing an idea for future, and deciding upon what task will be done and who will do it. Planning helps in keeping one ready for any future risk. This business planning is done to bring betterment to the patients of Metro Oral Health Services, QLD. Planning consists of seven elements and they are objectives, policies, procedures, rules, budget, programs and strategies. Planning is also done to achieve some specific goals set for the organization. The purpose of planning contains some objectives. The managers of the organization make a plan to attain a particular objective (Bolden & Harman, 2013). Planning also helps in putting all efforts into an important work and not wasting time on any unimportant or less important work. The main and the most important purpose of planning are to decrease the rate of performance and removing unproductive work. Planning also helps to work in a team cooperatively with one another. Planning is to distribute the work among the team members equally so that no one feels that they have not been included in the project. Planning helps to control everything in the organization otherwise without planning controlling everything in the organization is not possible. 

The main purpose of this project includes implementing effective and adequate general dental practitioner services in Queenslanders. In order to carry out the project, the project officer needs to follow the proper oral health services. The purpose of this project is to implement fee for service to the project officers who were working for the benefit of the residents of Queensland. It is a payment method where services are used and paid for it separately. In Metro Oral Health Services, an incentive is provided to the doctors for the treatment they served to the patients. The payment depends on the quantity of care and not on the quality of care. The project officer have implemented effective fee service for successive carrying out of the business model plan.    

Figure: 1 Planning of Project Management

(Source: Küçüker & Baskent, 2015)

Background to the Project:

This project is set to help and for better treatment of the patients of Metro Oral Health Services, QLD.  Metro Oral Health Services, QLD is situated in fortitude valley Queensland, Australia. The project consists of fifteen members and one team leader with them. The purpose of this project is to give the patients an online-based aged care portal for elderly residents in Queensland. The hospital gave free dental care for the Queensland residents. All the team members that are included in the project have lot of experiences, skills and have vast knowledge in the field they are working. They will be able to help the patients with care and knowledge both. The team members are working from 9am to 5pm and they have a time limit to complete the project within fifteen weeks of time (Küçüker & Baskent, 2015).  They have also assigned different work to different team members and the period is divided within which they have to complete a particular task. This planning is done so that they can cover all the patients on time and treat them to cure them from the problems they have.

Project Objectives:

Project objectives are mostly set by SMART format and that is:


The doctors of the hospital has taken up this project, they are working from 9am to 5pm daily to implement the idea of helping the Queensland residents. The project is been executed within the hospital premises so that the patients do not have any issues in searching the place for treatment.    


The team members have already measured the number of people they will be able to cover within the fifteen weeks of time. Analyzing or calculating the number of patients they can treat between the limited times they gave got is very important as diving the work properly will not create a mess at the end.


The main objective of any project is to see whether the project can be achieved or not. The team members must have the skills and tools to treat the patients to achieve the goals and objectives of the project.    


The objectives and goals must match with the overall organizational objectives (Bingham & Gibson Jr, 2016).  The goals must be relevant with the organization’s objectives so that the organization’s goals are also fulfilled and not only are the project’s objectives fulfilled.


The project must be completed within the time bound. This is the most essential objective of the project as if they take a lot of time to complete the project then many things that are pre decided or planned will be affected. The budget will be impacted; the people may start to lose interest, etc.  

Specific: In the specific term, there lies with the improvements   of services in oral health care among the eligible and non-eligible patients.   

Measurable: The success of the project would be measured with the   number of new eligible and non-eligible patients. 


Relevant: Development process would help the organization to   achieve sustainable growth and bring new patients.

Time frame: The development process would be carried out from 3rd   July to 28th September. 


Project scope is a part of project planning which is involved in establishing and collecting data of the project goals. This will also be a help to check the progress and this project plan can be implemented in any other project or not in the future this can also be determined. Project scope also involves the deliverables, characteristics, purpose, assignment, time limit and budget (Bryde, Broquetas & Volm, 2013).  In a whole, project scope is to know what all things one must need to complete the project and achieve the objectives of the project as well as the organization. Moreover, the task must be completed and executed properly which would benefit the residents of Queensland.

The project scope includes carrying out the proper dental practitioners and maintaining the oral health services employee in the health organization of Queensland. The proper practitioner of dental clinic helps the organization to make a proper growth in oral care.     


The benefits of this project are that, this project is bringing more and more services to the organization and the revenue of the organization is increasing. This is also helping the citizens of Queensland to receive free services from the hospital and having free treatment of dental issues. The advantages of the project are that it fulfills everyone’s project management process from managers to customers every one waits for the project to be completed on time so that they can calculate the benefit they have received from the project (Jaber, Marle, Vidal & Didiez, 2017).  The project has also benefited the poor citizens of Queensland who did not have money to do their checkup; the free services to the patients have given many help to the poor people. This have also brought image enhancement to the hospital for their services and help to the needy people. This attracted more and more citizens to Metro Oral Health Services. The team members were also able to enhance their skills in order to complete this project. 

Project deliverables:

Deliverable means through the project what are the possible things that are delivered to customers. Deliverables can be tangible or intangible goods and services that are served to the customers through a project. Project deliverables consists of documents, files and material things. In this project, the customers are the patients who have come for the check up in the hospital and the deliverables would be the free treatment that has been delivered to the patient's (Bradley, Clarke & Sheridan, 2016).  Deliverables has a due date to deliver the services or products to the customers before the due date. Delivery of goods and services can be given to external or internal customers to satisfy their needs and wants before the end date of the project. The free services that the team members of the project have delivered to the patients or the customers have given a great impact to the hospital (Todorović, et al., 2015).  Hence, this is also a deliverable to Metro Oral health Services from this project. Any project that is planned to execute is to deliver goods and services to the source from where the project is been financed or to the customers. 

Communication plan and stakeholder engagement activity:

There is a requirement to develop the communication plan among the stakeholders for properly identifying and mapping of various processes (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). There is a necessity to engage the most appropriate methods of engagement at the time of identifying of various stakeholders. Moreover, a proper planning of communication helps to be connected with various stakeholders and this helps to finish the project work more easily. The project manager needs to develop a proper communication plan between stakeholders and members of team. The communication can be based upon personal process or impersonal process that would connect among the stakeholders. The engagement process can be based on informal and formal types on the range of broad stakeholders. There is a huge importance to communicate with the stakeholders and helps in engaging the better performance in the project work (Chan, Hsu, Wen & Wang, 2014).   This would encourage the stakeholders to provide the better project work in a group or among individual. There are certain activities carried out by the engagement of stakeholders and this are follows as:-

a) Focusing on the groups:-

Focusing on the groups helps in the development of the project work and at a same time helps in addressing on the different activity. A proper discussion between stakeholders and groups helps to communicate the project work related to oral health service.  

b) Conducting of meeting:-

By conducting of meeting between the stakeholders and team members helps in engaging of the project work on the oral service that is provided among the eligible and non-eligible patients. Moreover, conducting of meetings would help to resolve certain problems that rise at the time of oral health care service (Bourne, 2016). Conducting of meetings helps in building up of good relationship among the members of team and stakeholders.  

c) Providing of presentation:-

There is a requirement to maintain the proper presentations that would help to engage the stakeholders to make the better working of project work. In order to develop the project planning there is a requirement to communicate with the stakeholders. This would be developing new machinery in the oral health service among the eligible and non eligible patients.

d) Getting connected by social networking:-

Being connected by social networking helps in engaging the stakeholders at the time of development of project planning. Moreover, social networking helps to engaging the stakeholders at the time of making better service of oral health care. 

            There is a requirement to make the better communication between stakeholders and team members at the time of development of project work (Cascetta, Carteni, Pagliara & Montanino, 2015). Moreover, there is a requirement to follow the proper services among the eligible and non-eligible patients. In order to make the better service among patients there is a requirement to make the proper communication planning and helps in engaging the activity of stakeholders.   

Risk management plan:

Risk management plans helps to focus on the upcoming risk rises from the given project on metro north oral health services (Hartmann & Spit, 2016). Risk management plan needs to be developed to make the better service by introducing new machinery that helps to eligible and non-eligible patients.  Project manager needs to mitigate the upcoming risk that rises from the project. Risk management plan contains with the analysis that are based upon both low and high impacts and making a proper plan to mitigate the risk. In order to mitigate the risk there is an involvement of certain strategies that helps to continue the project work properly. In order to reduce the risk management plan the project team leaders needs to review the team of project to reduce the upcoming risk. Moreover, this would help to reduce the upcoming risk and it also includes with various strategy related to risk. In the risk management planning there are certain things that is required to chose to complete the project work. This includes with transferring of risk, accepting of risk, mitigating or controlling of risk and avoiding of risk. This all factors helps in reducing the upcoming risk that happens while doing the project work. 

In this project work made on metro north oral health service, there are various risk rise and needs to manage it properly with the help of efficient project manager. In order to determine the risk, the project manager has divided the risks based on internal and external type. In the internal risk, there lies a schedule or planning of the project work (Hubicki, 2014). The risk would determine unrealistic schedule planning, the risk would lies with poor management of time and risk would rise with at the time of delay made by the teamwork to make the better performance in the health service. In order to mitigate the risk there is a requirement to set a proper strategy on the scheduling of project work. In order to reduce the time by the team member, the project manager needs to follow on development of team skills among the members. 

Moreover, to reduce the time management, the project manager needs to make proper assessment on a regular basis upon the team to finish the task in allocated time. In the internal risk there, also lies with lacks of skills required to manage the task properly and can be reduced with the help of measuring the project control. There also rises a risk of lack of communication among the team members at the time of performing the project work (Snyder, 2014). This can be reduced by providing a proper training and conducting of meetings among the team members by project manager related on health services.  




Mitigating strategy

Needs to implement proper training on the oral health care   among the employee



In order to reduce this problem, project officer needs to   implement proper training on oral health care among the employee.

Practitioner using old technology in oral health care   services



There is a high necessity to introduce the advanced   technology among the patients.






There is certain external risk rise at the time of performing of project work. This lies with lack of support from the stakeholders and team members. This can be reduced with the help of conducting of meetings among the stakeholders with the help of emails. Another external risk rise with new software and programs that is completely unknown among the team at the time of working for the project. This can be mitigated with the help of development in computer programs that is highly required in the health services among the eligible and non-eligible patients.   

Figure: 2 Risk Management Plan

(Source: Kerzner, 2013)

Project budget:

In order to run the project successfully there is requirement to manage the budget. The budget is made to support the project work financially. The project manager needs to allocate the budget by avoiding certain risk that rises from marketing, politically and financially. This factors can fails the project work.

In the given project of Metro North Oral Health Services, QLD there includes generation of ideas that estimates the cost of $ 10,000. The process of planning includes certain budget that includes with the estimation cost of $ 20,000. In order to provide the better service among the eligible and non-eligible patients of oral health care services there is an implementation of resources (Mohammad, van den Broek,  Boots & Wong, 2016). This resource includes varieties of things that depend on machinery, technical tools, health care systems, recruitment of staffs etc. The overall costing of the project budget includes $ 2, 32,000. The project manager needs to focus on the total costing of budget required in the project work. 


Estimated Budget ($)

Amount ($)

Amount ($)

Generation of idea


Planning process


Procurement of resources:

Machinery and Equipments


Technical Tools


Health care systems



Recruitment of staffs


Recruitment of IT Personnel


Initiation of project plan


Assessment of the progress made


Rectification and Controlling of Project plan


Completion of the project plan




Gantt chart: 

In the Gantt chart there includes with the timeline of the project work that helps to complete the project work in a scheduled time. 






Project Introduction



Project Objectives



Collecting resources



Buying Machineries 



Setting Goals



Preparing plan



Implementing Plan






Creation of Final   report



Submission of Final   report



Figure: 3 Gantt Chart

(Source: Burke, 2013)

Quality and evaluation methodology and measures to be used to evaluate the success or not of project:

In order to make the better quality of project there is a requirement to maintain the project evaluation. The proper planning helps in ensuring to meet the better quality of project work and helps to give the better outcomes (Kerzner, 2013). The health service organization needs to provide the better quality of products and service among the patients. The company is based upon the health service among the eligible and non-eligible patients. Moreover, the organization needs to implement various techniques to provide the better quality of service among the patients. The organization provides various services among both eligible and non-eligible patients. The health organization focus to provide the better quality of services that would help the patients to cure the diseases. From the various services provided by the health service organization the most important services provided by them is oral health facilities. 

Metro north oral health services provide an excellent service in all over the areas of Queensland. The oral health services provide the safe, appropriate, sustainable service among the patients. Moreover, the health care organization provides the biggest providers in oral service in Queensland area of Australia. The health service company provides service with the help of excellent facilities, schools, hospitals and community clinic spreading in the community (Burke, 2013). Moreover, the oral health services are provided in adults, adolescents and children. The health service organization maintains a better quality of service by providing dedicates care service provider and excellent equipments. The health service firms provide a free service of dental care among the adults person belonging to the residents of Queensland followed with an issued card. Moreover, free care of dental is provided among the adolescents and children belonging to the community of Queensland (Ong, Wang & Zainon, 2016). 

            The proper evaluation methodology has been carried out in the project work to make the project work more relevant. By taking the better service from the oral health care lies with the eligible and non-eligible patients. In this project work, the evaluation methodology used is Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques. This is the most effective planning in the project work as well as in the organization by providing the better quality of services among the patients. Moreover, TQM helps to implement the better working of project work and helps to rectify any rising problems. 

TQM assist in improving the better quality of products and reducing the cost required to make the project work on oral health services. TQM helps in improving the leadership vision at the time of performing of project work (Posavac, 2015). Moreover, it helps to evaluate and make the effective performance by the management at the time of making of project work. TQM helps in implementing the effective working of teamwork to finish the project work in allocated time (Newton, 2015). Moreover, this helps in achieving the success at the end of project work. TQM helps in focusing on the set goals, objectives that is required to continue the project work.      


          The project work is to develop the business model on Metro North Oral Health Services, QLD. The main purpose of this project includes with establishing a provision among the eligible and non-eligible patients in the oral health care organization. This helps in delivering the services based upon non-standard forms. The project objectives have been made upon the potential forms of non-standard services that provide the provision on the patients groups that includes both eligible and non-eligible groups. The project works also helps in identifying and evaluating of various options that lies on fees structure of the organization. 

This arrangement lies with the non-eligible patients including on collection of fees, levels of fees and criteria of patients. Moreover, the proper project work includes with the set objectives, scope, benefits, project deliverables, communication planning and various activities carried out at the time of engagement of stakeholders. This includes with the risk management planning, making of budget and evaluation of methodology to measure the success of project work.