Business Problem Faced By Signed-Sealed-Delivered

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Title: Information Systems Project Management


For the Signed, Sealed, Delivered case study supplied, produce a professionally formatted document to include the following:
1. Feasibility Analysis
    • Technical Feasibility
    • Economic Feasibility
    • Operational Feasibility
2. Requirements Analysis
    • Functional Specification
    • Non-functional Specification
3. Project constraints
4. Project Work Breakdown Structure

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The study will discuss the business problem faced by Signed, Sealed, Delivered. It will also discuss the benefits received with the implementation of new package.

The Business Problem

The company Signed, Sealed, Delivered was undertaken to fill the gap of international courier and shipping services in the market place. The problem faced by the business was regarding the delivery request from customers. The owner needed some additional help to deliver the packages to respective customers. Hence, another person was hired who can help in picking up packages and pickups. Such steps have helped the business to grow but it added complexity in the business operation regarding the coordination with deliveries and pickups. 

A statement of Purpose

As the company Signed, Sealed, Delivered started growing the owner anticipated in providing further better services to the customers by utilising few technologies which would make the work easier. It will allow maintaining proper communication with the delivery truck so that proper record can be maintained. Besides, the delivery operation will also become more efficient in saving transportation and labour cost by making effective pickup and delivery. This will able them in serving the customer in more prominent way. 

A benefit of New System

The new system was applied in the courier and shipping services where the owner gave preferable time for receiving the delivery. Facilities were given to the customers who prefer in paying monthly bill rather than weekly one. The benefit given to the truck driver was also effective as they can track the address of the recipients. Besides, if there is any cancellation of order or any reschedule activity. The electronic device able the delivery candidate to make good control of the packages and avoid any kind of delays or loss (Aziz and Hikmat, 2015). It also provides opportunity or the company to track the records. The thought came up when the owner was thinking about shipments and packages. 

The System Capabilities and what must be achieved

In the new system where the business will be operated has significant impact as the operation will be under control. The delivery option of truck was categorised by morning and afternoon delivery. The system of using portable digital device will able the driver in viewing his or her scheduled pickups and give the deliveries accordingly. The truck will be able to maintain constant contact with the head office through internet access. Hence, if there is any changes in the pick up or delivery schedule the update can be done on the spot. 

With the implementation of current system, the customers are also able to call the company and request for rescheduling the package. Hence, the customer has to log-in to company’s web page and enter the information according to the options given to them. For example, deliver to, type of services request for, address and others. There are three time delivery option provided in the company webpage such as three hours, overnight and same day services. Moreover, the customers can choose the preferable size and weight of their courier delivery.

By keeping a track on the service of delivery, keeping records of basic address and contact information of the customers are also necessary. Finding a person who will be keeping the records of primary contact is also necessary as most corporate customers prefers in receiving monthly statement. Moreover, the records kept for payment in cash or card is required in making monthly statement. This was an effective idea where a running account is kept for those who depend on monthly payment (Nguyen et al. 2014). Hence, records for last billed, outstanding balance and the payment date and time is recorded that gives exact recording of every minute information. 

With such system, the owner was able to scrutinize the packages which were retrieved. Finding out the kind of delivery taken by the customers is also crucial. If a courier is highly important then it need to be delivered the same day. Keeping records of weight and cost is equally important. 


The proposed system should not have included the picking up of packages in much straightforward process. This would have able the driver to change the customer address by deleting the packages, correcting the address or adding any new packages. Such step can hamper business operation and the financial structure of the company. There might be disputes in addition or deduction of money. Before placing the warehouse candidate into delivery individual role, the owner could have trained the individual to make him comfortable while working with system device. 


Signed, Sealed, Delivered took correct decision to run the business and increase their customer base. However, they need to focus on reschedule scheme and training of employees for making the activities more effective.