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Business Management

Research Philosophy and Practice – C11BU Reassessment: Research Proposal I


Your reassessment assignment in this course is to complete the first part of your research proposal. 

Your reassessment assignment should be 1,500 words ±10%.

Your proposal should contain the following sections:

Framing the Study

  1. Introduction: What is the dissertation about and why is it important? Short overview explaining why anyone would want to undertake this study and why anyone should want to read it. [250 words]
  2. What are your aim and objectives? Summarise what you want to achieve with the entire study (Aim), and the specific, short-term steps you will need to take to achieve this (Objectives). [150 words]
  3. What is the context for the dissertation? Are you applying the theory to a particular business, industry, sector, country, etc.? Why is this an appropriate context? [400 words]
  4. Brief literature review: From your initial review of the literature, what previous research has been carried out in your chosen area of research? What is the theory you are using? Specify and discuss which theoretical body of knowledge you are basing your study within. [700 words]

N.B. Please remember that your coursework should be heavily referenced, drawing on journal articles and books. The number of references will vary, but you should be aiming for around 20-30.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to specify a theoretical framework?

A. You do not need a theoretical framework for the theory section of your assignment. It is just a review of the literature. This may mean when reviewing the papers you have reviewed some existing theoretical framework(s), which is good, as it is part of the literature. However, if you are struggling to find something like this, it is not required.

Q. What is the context of my study?

A. For those struggling with their context, try to avoid looking at something 'too' broad. Don't worry, or make huge changes at this point, just try to have a narrow focus, looking at a particular sector or industry. For example, if looking at SMEs or private sector organisations, then you might want to look more specifically at a particular type, e.g. Finance Industry or Accountancy firms. Make sure that you clearly articulate the rationale (reason) for your choice, and justify this rationale with references to academic sources.

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