Career Episode For Mechanical Engineer: Fula Oil Field Development Project

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Project based on "Fula Oil Field Development Project".

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Name of the project:Fula Oil field development Project, Upstream oil production’s field facilities

Location:Western Area, Republic of Sudan

Year of Commencement: February 2006

Year of Completion: October 2006

Owner of the Project:  Petro Energy E&P 

My Designation:Production Technologist

My Role: I was employed as an Production technologist in the developmental and production department in order to monitor the current activities coupled with the operating standards as per the desired standards.   

Company Profile

The prospective owner of the project is Petro Energy E&P, which is mainly an oil & gas operating company and supposed to operate with the prime objectives is to explore, develop and manufacture oil & gas in block 6. The recurring unit is official built simply by sharing consent with the agreement of Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) that has been performed amidst Ministry of Energy and Mining of Sudan and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). In terms of Sudanese law, the recurring firm is a registered unit and enjoys an office at Al Almorgan province, in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan.  


Project Objective

As it was mentioned earlier, the project is typically situated the basin of Al muglad which is academically considered as the largest sedimentary basin in Sudan and supposed to be extended and aligned with South Sudan. In this regard, Fula oil field project appear to be boosted by a promising production potential that advocates all the governing players from the government along with the principal stakeholders to invest in the projects of excellent capabilities. Furthermore, it can be stated that, from the incipient phase of the project, the economy of Sudan appear to flourish while being able to utilize their national resources and developing opportunities and several other skills.    

Project Background

It is an evident fact that Fula oil project is operated by Petro Energy E&P and the respective span of the oil fields are almost 17,875 square kilometers. In terms of production facilities and additional amenities, the oil fields of Sudan can be categorized such as Moga, Keyi, Jake etc. Apart from that, they appear destined to endow the project with several processing facility, surface treatment skids since they are aligned with several oil-gathering manifolds. The power requirements have been conducted with several gas turbines in order to quench the prospective requirements of power.      

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • I have actively participated in providing several production technology inputs in order to optimize the long-term productions to enhance the ultimate targets and capabilities
  •  I have conducted several shooting activities regarding DFL & SFL which enable me to submerge the determination of depth while using an ECHOMETER
  • I have been the in-charge of monitoring several surface production operations regarding a diverse range of heavy/volatile and oil/water wells
  • I have actively contributed to the process of delivering functional study of wellheads integrity while ensuring the proper arrangement of a x-mass tree.    

Organizational Chart

Engineering Activities

Following the regulations of oil creation building, I coordinated the every day exercises of gathering and examining the creation information of around 160 wells, including oil and gas wells, maker and wells. I arranged and carried out point by point calendar of DFL and SFL for more than 160 oil creating wells and decided the potential work over program I ensured that generation enhancement designs are actualized to accomplish a definitive focuses by close checking of surface offices parameters, liquids gathering manifolds, operations reports, work over reports and shutdown reports. Additionally, it was my primary assignment to be engaged with the procedure of specialized information sources gathering for the wells that are proposed for the utilization of PCPs, PCMs, BPUs, ESPs and Gas lift I utilized my particular building information of well fruition plan and well logging and testing when I go to and followed up the operations of wells intercession, resizing process of the stifle, and base opening cleaning. On everyday schedule, I used to perform field reconnaissance to extensive variety of creation operations for vertical and digressed wells, light and gooey oil wells. Furthermore, I practiced the essentials of development assessment in the evaluation of well deliverability and well information elucidation investigation Besides, I was entrusted with the support in talking about the best possible conveyance of wellheads and X mass tree parts.

Technical challenge

Fula oil field venture had an assortment of generation streamlining approaches, oil improvement and recuperation instruments, From the use of customary lifting with various sorts of downhole pumps to the implantation of gas lift advancements and cyclic steam operations. In April 2006, amid my working movement in the field, I was in a group comprising of a funneling and consumption senior designer, SFS operations chief and two creation building staff. We were performing standard watch around OGM No 13, in which a gathering of light oil wells are accumulated and pumped to the field handling office. 

Technical design Issues

After FN 38 mischance, I went to the execution of new plan identified with level shooting strategy. The plan was set up by the specialized advisor and executed by neighborhood temporary worker. The plan was expecting to connect the packaging channel valve, to a depleting pit located nearby, utilizing 2" steel pipe with a specific end goal to purge the well head before the putting of the ECHOMETER and beginning the level shooting. The utilization of the proposed configuration was constrained to few numbers of wells on the grounds that lone wells under high ESP weight were subjected to configuration test. 

Project Calculations and simulations

Well generation conduct is all around fortified with PipeSem programming., I utilized PipeSem for nodal examinations, stream arrange streamlining and consummation displaying I completed every single vital count of well stream, weight misfortune and creation day by day calculations. I used to play out the required elucidation of work-over report, well down opening wipe out reports, beginning creation tests and execution assessment of well mediation.


I picked up an important information in taking care of day by day field creation operations, figured out how to expertly utilize a few designing programming, gained numerous abilities in tending to basic circumstances and I'm happy to be given the chance to draw in with individuals from everywhere throughout the world and trade the thoughts and skill.