Career Episode For Project On Construction Of Diaphragm Wall For Underground Station At Nandanam & Teynampet For CMRL

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Write a Career Episode for Civil Engineer.

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Project Name: Construction of Diaphragm wall for underground station at Nandanam & Teynampet for CMRL

Time Period: April 2012 to January 2014

Date of start of project: April 2012

Date of completion of project: January 2014

Location of the Project: Chennai, India

Role and Designation During the time of the Project:

Designation- Project Engineer


  • To carry out all the essential supervising activity related to the construction of Diaphragm wall. 
  • To carry out the project plan within the destined time
  • To monitor the project budget as per contractual terms and conditions

Name of the Organization: L&T GeoStructure

Objective: To carry out all the supervision related to the execution of the project

The Need: To allocate the desired work structure to definite departments

The Team: The team consists of third party vendors, supervisors, engineers and semiskilled and unskilled workers.


Nature of the Project:

This is comparatively a bigger project in my career and the project was undertaken under the contractual agreement with Gammon-MMS JV. The project mainly deals with the construction of Diaphragm wall for the underground station at Nandanam & Teynampet for CMRL. The project was located at Chennai, India, I was appointed for executing all the excavation activities related to the project, and I was entitled as Project Engineer during the phase. The major aspect of this project is to quote an alternative mode of transportation, which is economical and financially viable for the underground station at Nandanam & Teynampet for CMRL.

Objective of the project:

Chennai Metropolis is a rapidly growing industry and the volume of traffic is much larger during the peak hours. Therefore, the government of Tamil Nadu decided to create an economical mode of transport to lessen the volume of traffic during peak hours. M/s Chennai Metro Rail Limited has allotted the rail-based project for the construction of an underground channel as a mode of transport. I have completed the following tasks for the execution of the project activity:

  • To construct a diaphragm wall as per the drawing standards and approved methodology
  • Monitoring the project budget as per the company’s needs

Nature of my work:

  1. Preparation of a detailed method statement for the construction diaphragm wall
  2. Supervising all the Construction activity from casting of panel to erection of slabs
  3. Maintaining the erection activities as per the drawing 
  4. To carry out proper investigation as per proposed tasks and project contract

Organizational Structure:


Statement of Duties:

  • I have carried all the work statements as per the technicalities of the project aligning with the project plan and budgetary details of the project.
  • I have maintained all the safety and quality standards as per specifications of the project aligning with the proper set of standards complementary with the project.
  • Maintaining the team working ability and group coordination of all the members to actively execute the work.
  • To follow work breakdown structure as per standards of the project

c)Personal Workplace activity

Engineering knowledge and skills involved in the project work:

            I have implemented previous knowledge on the project work that includes on the various areas that helps to finish the project work. Moreover, there is an involvement of some suppliers that helps to complete the project work in a easier ways. I have made a high coordination with the suppliers of Ultratech RMC, IJM that helps to finish the project task easily. Moreover, I have gained knowledge from the previous project work. I assumed on various techniques and skills that helped to finish the project work easily. Moreover, I have made enough preparation on the planning of the research project work. I have received approval from the project quality control manager about all the documents. Moreover, I have carried out several coordination on the audits that has been made by the head of H.Q. I have provided guidance on the project work based on the British Standard Code of Practice. I have to carry out the planning of quality of project work and safety features that lies in the project work. I have implemented various works on the project that are based on machining and equipments of the project work. I have implemented various meetings with the supervisors to implement the proper safety features among the members working in the project. There is a requirement to follow the proper safety features on the project work that rises from the knowledge that has been gained by me from college at the time of studying of civil engineering. 

Accomplishing the tasks:

It is very important to follow the responsibility and roles by me at the time of carrying out of project work. Moreover, I have maintained a proper duty that is based on the technical issues that rises from the better working of the project. There are certain things that need to keep in mind at the time of carrying out of project work. I have also maintained a proper designing of diaphragm walls on the underground station. Moreover, I have to make a proper calculation on the walls that relates with the dimensions. There are certain requirements of documents that help to complete the project work on the allocated time. Moreover, I have received reports from the supervisors that helps to finish the project work in the allocated time. 

Technical details of working:

There are certain problems that arise from the technical problems in the project work. Moreover, I have received several problems on the project work. I have received problems from the depth of wall, thickness required in the project work. In order to complete the project work, there needs a proper designing of walls based on Auto Cad or Pro-E. 

 Moreover, a drawdown of guiding of walls makes the stopping of jack that rises from the project work. This action makes the project work delay and contributes a high loss in the production work. In order to solve out the problem, there is a requirements to make the high conditions of the ground that rises from the climatic obstacles. There is an involvement of Mat that helps to guide the areas of walls that needs to be considered at the time of building of underground walls. However, I have to implement various solutions that help to make the project work possible with the rising problems. 

Strategy devised on the design work:

There is certain strategy that needs to be followed in the proper designing of work. Moreover, I have implemented strategies that help to finish the project work easily. There are various problems that rises from insufficient labor or funding problems. The proper strategy needs to implement by me to reduce the problems that arise from the project work. Moreover, in the project work, there needs an involvement of supervisors, that helps to implement the proper strategy to run the project work easily. 

Team members working:

The coordination of team members is the main reason for the successful running of the project. The efforts made by my team and the subcontractors involved ensured the timely completion of the targets involved. I made sure that team ethics are properly followed, both horizontally and vertically. I was in the direction of my subordinates for the work details involved and for the proper following of efficient practices. I provided them with proper resolutions for team member’s queries, and assisted them for following of safety methods. I guided my team members in the performance every function of the project. 

d) Summary:

I have achieved the entire milestone in this project through proper utilization of management as well as communication skills. I have performed a series of continuous monitoring as well as the action plan, which is necessary for maintaining a healthy environment in the team, is implemented. I was in the lead position of the project for the completion of all tasks, both before the construction as well as after the construction. I acted as a medium for the linking of the client with my company so that the project is successfully executed.