Career Episode On Chennai Metro Rail Project : Civil Engineer

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Write a Career Episode for Civil Engineer experienced in working as a Project Manager at Chennai Rail Project India. 

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1.1 Introduction

Project Name: Chennai Metro Rail

  1. TIME PERIOD- Jan 2012 to till Date            
  2. Date of start of project: Not Provided
  3. Date of Completion of Project: 15.03.2014
  4. Location of the Project: Chennai, India
  5. Role and Designation: My designation is  Sr. Engineer 

role - I have to undertake all the civil construction activities including Barrette Pile and Roof Slab construction work as per the drawing standards and also have to supervise all the works done by third party vendors so as to enable smooth execution of the project.

  1. Name of the Organization: L&T Geostructure
  2. Objective: To supervise all the project activities and comply the execution work with the drawing standards.
  3. Need: To accomplish an efficient mode of Construction for Chennai
  4. The Team: Consists of several sub- contractors and their workers as well as some permanent workers of our company.

1.2 Background 

Nature of the Project:

The entire project is linked to undertake the Barrette Pile work for the underground station at Nandanam, Teynampet. The main aim of the project is to create an economical and safest means of transport for the people of Chennai with all integral forms of transport. An underlying tunnel is eventually made to lessen the volume of traffic in the main channels during the peak hours. Barrette is rectangular diaphragm that is used for making foundation which are generally deep in nature and made for carrying out reinforcement works where needed. The project is undertaken to carry out a deep excavation work to enable underlying of tunnels in metro stations for smoother transportation facilities. A detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is made during the execution of the project to undergo planning at every stages of the work. 

Objective of the project: 

The project is undertaken under a detailed concept of diaphragm wall and various other civil engineering terms to manufacture an alternative mode of transportation in the heart of Chennai. The project mainly dealt with the construction of an underground station for reducing the traffic and our company L&T GeoStructure was the only contractor for undergoing the construction activity.

Organization Structure

Nature of work area

My role was to vitalize all the execution work as per the drawing standards and approving all the relevant budgets in allocating the work as per the standard budgetary functions.

Official Duties:

  1. To execute the job as per the shop floor drawings and      specific method statements.
  2. Ensuring proper quality and safety standards during the      execution of the project.
  3. Supervising all the activities performed by the      subcontractors and workers for the active participation of all the      members.
  4. Coordination of all the activities and monitoring the      budget of the project for smooth running of the activities.
  5. To prepare all the Management Information’s Systems      Report.

1.3 Personal Engineering Activity

Technical Backdrop of the Work:

I started my work keeping in mind the technical knowledge has acquired during my engineering and as such chalked a brief plan to undertake all the activities as per the industrial standards. At first, I made a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), made a time schedule for the implementation of my plan, and as such included all the team members in the active enforcement of my plan. I have incorporated all the inline technicalities of the project complied with the drawing and informed the authority in advance about the setbacks that will be faced in making ground line activities and deep drilling activities of the rock. I also mentioned the regulatory authority about the rock grade so that they will plan the excavation activities as such. I have also included all the budgetary activities in the Bill of Quantities as such. I have also made a proper layout on the change over activities and swift traffic diversion to avoid the delay of payments by the client in advance. I have analyzed all the probable cash flow activities on monthly basis and implement measures to meet the prescribed objectives. I have also accounted the mobilization of all the equipments and machineries in Nandanam, Teynampet for the acute completion of the project. I have also used several engineering software’s like Staad Pro and AutoCAD for complying the design of the project with approved structural design provided by the company. I have performed all the calculations related to the project by using Staad Pro software for the smooth implementation of the project.

I have also applied my knowledge about procurement by standardizing the different materials obtained from different supplier to ensure the utmost quality of the project. I also ensured the implementation of proper safety standards at the erection site for effective problem solving and negating accidental claims during the running of the project. I have also maintained a quality by appointing good staffs and workers in volunteering the engineering works associated with the project. The financial and economical aspects are well followed for the planning and execution of the work and the total requirements are chalked out at an early stage to do the billing properly. The concrete were of M45 type and consumption of concrete per panel was approximated of nearly 80 cubic meter. All the tools are procured cumulatively from smaller dispense vendors over Chennai.

Tasks allocated to me:

I have to undertake various tasks as per project needs. However, some of the tasks are as followed:

  • To supervise all the construction activities undertaken by subcontractors and third party vendors.
  • To execute all the Barrette Pile and Roof slab casting work.
  • To provide special technical solutions to the workers undergoing the activity.
  • To forecast the cost and do the necessary budgetary allocation.
  • To prepare all the Management Information Systems Report.

Technical Difficulties acquired during the Execution of the Project:

I faced a severe difficulty during the execution of the project. This was during the laying of Barrette Pile where the depth of the foundation was given wrongly in the structural drawing. However, as per the calculations, the depth of foundation was far lesser. Therefore, I discussed the matter with my immediate supervisors and the clients to chalk out a solution. I have also approached the regulatory authority and the design body of the client to enforce the changes in the drawing. Eventually, the changes were successfully implemented in the drawing.

Creative strategies adopted during the execution activity:

  • To deploy the workers at proper destinations during the execution activity.
  • To mobilize all the equipments and setups in the destined locations
  • To duly sign, the work permits before undertaking any erection activity.
  • To take the permission of Safety Officer before undergoing any excavation activity.
  • To engage the immediate superiors and clients with my work to take proper suggestions necessary for any amendments if required.
  • To supervise all the panels and Piles installed in Teynampet Station

Team Working:

To execute a work properly effective participation from all the team members is very necessary. The participation of all the workers including unskilled and semiskilled ones are very much required to smoothly implement any change. Effective accomplishment of the Primary Machinery Department (PMD) and Safety authority is also essential along with the Planning department to avoid any possible obstruction that can cause possible delay of the project work. I took suggestions from all team members and valued their opinion to make an essential link with them. In depth consequences of the concerned managerial staffs are included in the planning activities if the execution is not complied directly with the planning department. Therefore, I have taken necessary suggestions from the planning department in order to comply with the execution activity.

1.4 Summary

It was a great learning experience for me as I have acquired a cumulative experience of Barrette Piling works as specialized by the Building Frameworks and Earth Retaining Structures. I have also learnt about the specification of work and work breakdown structure as per project needs. It has successfully complied the team working capability in me. The overall project is to lay an underground Barette Pile for making a newer transportation network to lessen the volume of traffic during peak hours. The project also deals with overweighing of strategies and techniques to meet the particular goals and it also revolves around the effective participation of all team members for any retrenchment activity. I have learn how to effective supervise all the works and comply with the safety and quality standards to achieve utmost client satisfaction.