Career Episode On Project In L&T India: Civil Engineer

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Write a Career Episode for Civil Engineer experienced in Indian projects.

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Answer :

a) Introduction:

1) Time period: 

a) Date of starting of project work: January 2015

b) Date of completion of project work: March 2016

2) Location of the project: The location of project lies in the state of Gujarat in India. 

3) Your role & designation during the time of project: 

While carrying out the project workI was in the position of “Project Engineer”. I need to solve all the technical related issues that rise in the project work.  

4) Name of the organization: L&T infrastructure


The main objective of project includes for setting up of coal-based power plant at RIL Hazira triangular plot.  

b)The needs:

I need to focus on previous academic knowledge that has been gained from civil engineering field lies with construction methods, sheet piling etc. 

c)The team:

While carrying out the project work, a project team has been introduced to achieve the target of project. This includes with the contractors, laborers both skilled and unskilled person, contractors etc that helps to finish the project work. 

b) Background:

Nature of the overall engineering project: 

I have conducted field investigation on the set location of project and conducted several test on that area. I prepared a proper breakdown structure of carrying out the whole in a systematic manner. I prepared an estimation of the cost required to successfully carry out the project work. I need to make a proper planning of quality in project and the head of quality in charge approved it. I supervised on the required resources and work force for carrying out the operation in a successful manner. 

Objectives of project:

The main objectives of project lies with setting up of coal based power plant that is situated at Tapti river. The flow of river continuously provides erosion in riverbanks. There requires a stockpile method to avoid the erosion of river. In order to complete the project work, there lies a requirement of installation and paintings of sheet piles to avoid the happening erosion. Installation of anchors helps to measure the safety required in the project work. Moreover, casting of capping beams helps to complete the research work. 

Statement of duty:

My responsibility or duty towards the project includes with the following things:

  • I followed proper technical records, machinery and other methods required to continue the project work.
  • I performed a proper designing on the sheet and installation of other materials that is required in the project work. 
  • I maintained a proper coordination with the team leaders or seniors to implement the duty properly related on project work. 
  • I have reviewed all the essential documents related to the project work that would help me in the future aspects. 
  • I used to maintain proper calculation on the stockpiles for getting the exact stability and loads. 

Nature of particular work:

The nature of the particular work depends on working of shore protection in the rivers of Tapti. Moreover, this project work includes all the necessary things that help the project work to complete in a successive manner. There has been requirement of sheet piles that needs to be installed in the shore area to make a proper protection. In the project work, there has requirement to make the stable and safe stockpile for getting the exact load in the project work. 

Chart of the organizational structure:

In order to carry out the project work properly, there is a requirement to follow the proper organizational structure. In the organizational structure, the chairperson or higher authority approves all the necessary documents that lie in project work. In the second phase lies with the engineering and financial sector, this supervises the complete work in the company. From the financial sector there starts with two parts that includes with human resource and administration of the organization. From the engineering sectors, there lies with planning and site engineer of the company.  The company needs to follow the structure to achieve the better performance.  

Organizational structure

c) Personal Engineering Activity:

Applied knowledge of engineering and skills in project work:

While doing the project work, I used several concepts of civil engineering for carrying out the project work in a successive manner. I used all my engineering books whenever required to complete the project work. Moreover, I brought all the knowledge regarding pilling of sheets, anchoring of grounds at the time of project work. Moreover carrying out the designing knowledge in I-beam, cantilever helps to finish the project work easily. I gained knowledge from safety norms that includes in LTGS and RIL. This safety features helps to establish a well shed of covers for properly carrying out the painting and blasting works. I also used the knowledge of concrete beam that requires making the piling of sheet. Moreover, this beam provides a fencing on the piling of sheets to finish the project work. I have implemented safety meetings, audits based on safety, this helps to strengthen the skills and knowledge that rises from the civil engineering field. I have implemented machines and quality equipments to carry out the project work in a successive manner. I need to follow the safety plans of project that has been related with the project work.  

Project work accomplishing:

There are several responsibility and roles that rise from the project work are listed below:

  • I  have been sincerely performed all the duties required to complete the project work. Moreover, I have solved all the technical problems that rises from the project work. 
  • I have taken guidance from my college teacher, in case of severe problems related from the technical calculation or designing. 
  • I made a daily progress report of the project work that lies with various documents and this things needs to be approved by the project supervisor. 
  • I accomplished my responsibility related to the project work based on technical issues that helps to complete the project work on a given time. 
  • I made proper estimation of the total cost required in the project work to complete it. 

Any technical difficulties rising from the project work:

There are certain technical difficulties that rise from the project work and I need to make the solution to solve the technical issues. In the shoreline areas, there is a requirement to maintain piling of sheets that protects the riverbank areas. Moreover, by carrying out the concrete debris on the sea bank areas it becomes clearer to solve the issues. I found that the shore areas includes approximately of 1700m that actually includes with the actual length of about 2300m. In order to make the solution of the less piling sheet, there is a requirement to maintain RIL and LTGS structure. Moreover, by making a sheet piling made of steels builds a proper protection on the riverbanks. There still lies a 600 m lacking of sheet and this could be minimized with the help of reinforcing the piling of sheets based on concentrating members. The piling of sheet’s length can be increased by making the joints grooved in a manner that helps to make the joining of sheets.  Moreover, I have followed the proper designing to get rid of technical problems that rise in the project work. In order to solve this, I have worked on Auto Cad, Stad Pro and Pro E to make the proper designing of sheet in the riverbanks.  

Strategies that need to be make to make the better project work:

I need to implement various strategies that help to finish the project work on the given time. The strategies would include with the technical problems, insufficient labor, electrical problems etc that causes a huge problem to finish the project work on allocated time. Moreover, to reduce the problems, I have implemented proper strategy that helps to finish the project work that has been started by the organization. In order to tackle the situation of technical problems, I have made proper planning on the rising problems and made accurate designing on the piling of sheets that makes the protection from the riverbanks. I have received help from the local contractual labor to get rid from the insufficient labor in the project work.  

Working with team members:

In order to finish the project work, there is a requirement to maintain a proper coordination with the other team members. There is a high necessity to maintain a proper working of team to develop the project work. I have received huge effort from the team members and helped me from the excess problems that rise from the project work. I have worked hard with the contractor's, labors that includes with skilled and semiskilled ones, vendors that lies in the project work. Moreover, there is a requirement to maintain the proper team members to finish the task of project. There is a requirement to maintain proper safety technicians to finish the project work.  

d) Summary: 

From this project work, I have received severe experiences on the piling of sheets to make the riverbank issues. Moreover, I have received the proper arrangement on the HQ team to make the effective management on the teamwork. There is a requirement to make the effective operation on the machinery items that helps to carry out the project work properly. Moreover, I have made proper monitoring to develop the project work and this would help to finish the task on allocated time. I have learnt several designing on the rolling sheets based on Stad Pro that helps to finish the task properly in the given allocated time.