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What is Cassandra?

  1.  CQL- Cassandra query language

  2.  Masterless Architecture with read/write anywhere design
  3.  Continuous availability with no single point of unsucess
  4.  Multi data center and Zone support
  5.  No SPOF
  6.  Multi-DC
  7.  Flexible data model for unstructure, semi structure and structured data
  8.  Linear scalable performance with online expansion 
  9.  Security with integrated authentication
  10.  Operationaly simple
  11.  Written in Java
  12.  High Performance
  13.  Simple to operate
  14.  Distributed and data center aware

Cassandra Architecture:

  1.  A ring has several nodes
  2.  Each node is assigned a partition value.
  3.  Data processing is based on the Partition Key.
  4.  When a client makes a request to a node, it becomes the coordinator for that request
  5.  The coordinator determines which node in the ring should process upon that request

Cassandra Architecture

Unique features Apache Cassandra


Data is distributed across the cluster.
There is no master node; every node can service any request.
Each node contains different data
Supports replication and multiple data centre replication
It has distrributed architecture.
It can support multiple data centres for disaster recovery, redundancy

Easily scalable to various machines without any downtime or interruption to any applications
Tunable consistency
It offers turable consistency for read and write operations.
Mapreduce support

It has Hadoop integration with support for mapreduce, apache pig and apache hive
Query language
It introduces cassandra query language

Finding the Features of Cassandra online service to Cassandra Assignment Help:

1) Robust: Support UDTs, tuples and other complex types.

2) Easy to use: Expose collection data types using relational concepts and standards for existing applications.

3) Codeless Implementation: Optimize performance and compatibility with any application without application changes.

4) Compatible: Certified Data Direct Quality guarantees Apache Cassandra compatibility through explicit testing

5) Fast: Easily load large volumes of data without application code or additional tools that slow performance

Example: Creating Join Queries Using Cassandra

CREATE TABLE   tbl_monthly (
station_id text,
metrix text,
date timestamp,
location text,
max int,
mean int
median int,
min int,
percentile1 int,
percentile5 int,
percentile95 int,
total int,
PRIMARY   KEY((station_id), metric, date)
CREATE TABLE tbl_station   (
station_id text,
location text,