CDR For Mechanical Engineer At Melut Oil Basin Development Project

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Project based on "The Melut Oil Basin Development Project".

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Career episode 1: Summary Statement 

This summary statement has been produced with the aim to establish review of the Melut Oil Basin Development Project. The location of the project is in Sudan republic which began in the year 2004 and was competed in the year of 2006. The project has been owned by the Petrodar Operating Company (PDOC) that is situated in Khartoum. The project has been considered as a major compliance to the smooth, safe and effective transmission of the crude oil south east of Sudan to Port Sudan marine terminal. The project has also been defined as a step to revive the economy of the country. I had to carry out a definite role of carrying out the integrated operations in the pumping station facilities. I remained responsible for proper following and regulation of the HSE standards. I have also been responsible for keeping a look on the processes that maintains compliance with the QA/QC policies. Initial investigation in the site has also been carried out by me to avoid any damages to the environment as well as to avoid incidences. Besides, I also was provided with the role of station operation staff which was bestowed with the function of supervising the daily tasks of operations to carry them out effectively and efficiently. 

The performance data collection was an integral part of the functioning within the project and I was provided with the responsibility to examine them along with the examination of the availability of work units and the process layout. In addition to this, I have also carried out a functioning that involves conduction of investigation to understand occurrence of any faults in the operation and to investigate any deflection from the standard operation matrix. Therefore, it was an important criterion of the functioning so that the functioni9ng is carried out within the designed parameter set such as flows, temperatures, hydraulic profiles and pressures. I also had to focus on the operations of the site in regular basis. Fixed equipments have been taken care of by me in the process that includes observation of the Fuel and Air networks, heating systems, different pumping units, etc. 

I was also appointed to hold a coordination of the major or partial maintenance programs that are upcoming during the functioning in the site. On the other hand, my duty was also to integrate the operations on the site that is allocating the time to the workers to conduct and finish a particular function, to allocate the number of members that would work in the site as well as to allocate the resources for the unforeseen activities. Besides, my duty also integrated production and following of the maintenance schedule so that there is scope of interpretation of the functioning of the on-site activities until the completion of the work. My function during the project has also been conducted in production of the quality assessment in the staffs that are assigned operationally along with the system components and the process progress. Therefore, my functioning within the project was largely instituted with proper onsite functioning as well as the offsite categories. 

Project episode 2: Summary Statement

I have been involved in the functioning experience of the Kosti Power Plant Metering Skid Project. The project has been located in the White Nile State of the Sudan republic. The project was delivered near the ending of the 2015 and had an execution period of one year. My attachment to the project was made through the Petrodar Operating Company that owns the pipeline for taking off the fuel. The project was owned by the joint venture between the Sudanese thermal power generating company (STPG) and the Petrodar Operating Company. The project included a functioning that engaged more than one stature of functioning relating to the associated civil works during the project. Therefore, the project needed to be handled well with all consulting functioning to run the thermal power stations. The main purpose of the project was to reduce on the costs of fuels in running the thermal power plants as well as to grant safety in the course of functioning. 

Within the project I was mainly appointed to carry out the process of executing all the stages of the pre-commissioning and the operations. I was mainly accountable for the gathering of inputs for the project documentation during the execution of the project. Therefore, the functioning I have dealt with in the procedure is an on-site performance job that includes various other processes to perform at a stance. Besides, I was also appointed to look after the Metering Skid equipments as part of the start-up check as well as the piping networks through the hydro-test. Therefore, the main aim of the functioning is to conduct the chain of production that is to ensure the equipment work in order to achieve the specified project requirements. Before starting off with the functioning in my role in the project I studied the criteria for the metering skid design, specifications of the equipments as well as the drawings that has helped me to provide advices on commissioning and testing activities. Therefore, it also could be ensured that the functioning during the project is quite equipped with proper understanding of the HSE standards during the functioning in the process. The safety of the project has also been taken care of during my functioning within the project. Besides, I was also involved in maintaining the safety of the functioning during the implementation of the project. During the project I made it sure through the observation and the implementation project that it meets all the safety standards as well as implementation practices that are best in the industry. I essentially involved in conduction of the survey of the whole functioning area considering the operational and management activities within the project development. During this inspection job I also conducted monitoring of the performance monitoring along with recording of the tests outputs of the equipments. 

During the project it was mostly important that I consider the whole project as one to review the interfaces related to the projects. I also engaged into inspection of the changes that had to be made in order to deviate from the pre-designed models of functioning. in order to confirm the process of integration in the states of the systems I also undertook results investigations that were carried out by the contractors. Therefore, suggesting the correction options was also included in my duty to make the actions compatible to achieve targeted deliverables. In addition to all such functions I was also confronted with the job of maintaining the commissioning log, recording of the comprehensive functional test outcomes and generation of the site observation reports. The recorded data was also accompanied with recommendations for optimizing the operations as well as preparing a list of deficiencies. 

My involvement in the project has helped me to establish the necessary knowledge base and skills for putting out my performance in the project management. This is because of the fact that I received chances to interact with the project team in person as well as interaction with the discipline groups during the preparation of the project documents and troubleshooting. On the other hand, the functioning in the aspects of new project has helped me in understanding several areas of functioning within the mechanical engineering sector. Therefore, the functioning in the stature of project monitoring and conduction the recommendation of the systems have also been entitled in the project development. 

Project episode 3: Summary Statement

The project episode is engaged with the functioning to gain a significant technical experience in the Fula Oil Field project. The project is located on the western area of republic of Sudan. The project integrated drilling functioning, excavations and field development studies that was initiated in the year 2003. My involvement in this project was tenured from the February 2006 to October 2006. 

Within the course of this project I was ushered with a completely new experience of working in the multicultural environment as well as within a multidisciplinary stature. The owner of the project was the Petro Energy E&P an operating company of oil and gas. Within this tenure of working I was provided with few roles and responsibilities that primarily include provision of production technology inputs. I had to ensure within this functioning that the production technology should account for the long term production through optimization of the targets in the functional stature. Therefore, I was engaged with enhancing of the ultimate capabilities of the production field to put into functioning to the ultimate capabilities of the producing field. The primary functional area included undertaking of the SFL and DFL shooting and determination of the submerge depth. I have completed this task with usage of the Echometer through production of wells. I also acquired the data through application of the artificial lift design, re-completion, swell bore clean out and choke sizing. The daily surface production operations of variety of volatile or heavy oil or water wells were also performed by me during the functioning in the project. Besides, the monitoring of all such activities in different location of the sites was also done. 

Evaluation of the productivity behaviour as well as the implementation of the intravenous proposals has also been performed by me through nodal and network analysis software. I also actively contributed in the functional study of the X-mass tree and wellhead integrity. However, the functioning provided knowledge about the technical strains that existed during the functioning. Therefore, the constraints have been identified by me that is related to the surface processing facilities. The course of work demanded a situation of identification of these constraints along with formulation of proper actions that occurred in dealing that occurred with existing problems or the potential ones. Besides, I also ensured that the statistical records that were formulated during the functioning are stored adequately so that the familiarity in maintained with all status and activities. I was also engaged with monitoring of the inventories of the equipments as well as material consumption of the pump components and the wellhead parts. Finally, my functioning is also integrated with preparation and presentation of various periodic and technical activities. The various facets of functioning in the project enhanced the procedure of functioning in the future projects that would again help in introduction to the new sectors of functioning. The site functioning in the new project has helped me to bring about the true essence of functioning in the projects so that the true functioning is integrated in the practical participation in the projects.