Challenges Faced By The International Manager

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1) Assessment Details

The international manager:


Describe, using academic reference, the international challenges and possible opportunities for managers operating in a global environment.

Provide a recent piratical example of an Australian organisation which has faced the challenges of international competition and expansion. You can use companies which have been in recent news, such as Qantas, or Ford for sources.

Give your personal view of how some of the conflict generating and solutions could have been handled in a more effective process.


- Good understanding of international environment, challenges facing managers operating in a global business environment.

- Demonstrate insightful interpretation of the conflicting context and apply relevant frameworks and critique the management solutions.

- A clear logical flow between paragraphs

- Comprehensiveness of argument.

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Answer :


In particular and the massive capital flows can shove the exchange rates away from the different levels that indeed imitate of the competitive relationships within the market among nations if the national economic strategies and the presentations dissimilar in short term. The penetrating and the most significant world trends in the past two periods has faced the rapid and the effective criteria, with the follow up processes based on the sustained growth of the international business segment and the further assisted criteria in a better way (Pantano & Priporas, 2016). The Australian company Appliances Online, based in Sydney predominantly work on home appliances and white goods and they are focusing more towards the international market (UK) so that the services and profitability of the company can increase with time.  

International environment for the business purposes

Monitor the market likelihood and further setting up the e-commerce business in a proper manner can create the considerable marketplace association for the Appliances Online and they focus more to the international market that is UK in order to generate profitability. The company is committed towards the better communication approaches with the suppliers and the warehouse management people and therefore effective transportation implication get initiated so that the entire market efficiency can able to continue in a better way (Picciotto, 2017). As Appliances Online is an e-commerce company so they have a better follow up related to the market growth and development aspects and focus more to the competitors in the market of United Kingdom. Within the international market prospect and their need purposes regarding e-retailing associate with political, economic, social and the technological base that help to systematically proceed for achieving the other market prospect in a suitable manner with UK market (Park et al. 2015)

PEST analysis based on UK market 

Political environment 

The approach of Appliances Online generates with the consideration of facilitating and managing the performance based on the different countries work process segment. As they are engaging with the international market in UK so that the specific purposes of the budget and system based legal restrictions need to follow up in a better way and the different countries have their different engagement with the political association to creating the effective service is quite tough to manage. The political implication in UK and exporting the products is an important consideration that structure the later help and the other market purposes. 

Economic environment 

Contributing the effective needs to the countries that assist things with the industrialized and the emerging UK market for the major variations so that the work association can able to generate in a proper way. The company has initiated with the purposes of GDP and the infrastructure base criteria so that they can able to sell their products to the customers. The combined purposes with the degree of government control do the e- commerce business with the recognition of the further effective segment for the UK market. 

Social environment 

Following the social purposes of UK an effectual thing that Appliances Online has followed and create the purposes so that the actual inclusion of the values and believes of the different criteria, and it is quite tough to manage. Exploring the appropriate segment and the processed purposes need the proper understanding for the level of acceptance that associate with the functional value in a better way within UK. 

Technological environment 

Machines and materials along with the adaptation purposes follow up the technological aspects that influence the further processes of Appliances Online with the effective decision making implications within the UK market. Appliances Online created the standard segment cater the control procedure so that the purposes of global competitive structure as they are spreading their business United Kingdom. By taking the assistance of effective technological implication the company spreads the shipping services in many countries and regulate the warehouse (Izogo & Jayawardhena, 2018)

The competitive submission for the Appliances Online Company generate the idea about the different structure that adjust with the environment for the management of the UK business structure. 

Challenges in the host nation 

The reflective imprint on the effective basis of the decision-making progressions based on the UK market those who are associated with the e-retailing purposes consider the various value assistant that is responsible for the making these composite interrelated decisions for the later development and growth application. The company has measured the economic outcomes in order to manage the overall market determinations and the later presentation that comportment the success progressions in a particular way but the business processes within UK is completely different from the entire thing to manage in a proper way (Lu et al. 2018). The intention to operate the business in different countries attach for the environmental and the community determinations so that the philosophies associated to the area of need, people, community, sourcing and the governance can able to vision and further work in a better manner (Pantano et al. 2018). The multiple working integration cater the suitable base that can bring out the best scenario for the considerable critical elements and the generated implications in a better manner. The significant application cater the perfect base that bring out better performance based indication in order to fulfil the different work structure within the UK market. Appliances Online has produced the better change within the domestic and international market of UK so that they can involve the resources in with the suitable prospect that incorporate the investors planning and the implementation of other responses available within the market. The activities of the planning and the decision making capabilities conduct with the idea that associate in a better manner for marinating the quality and the associative statement (Pantano et al. 2018). The Brexit storm has created different issues that needs constant basis of the innovation purposes and the e-retailing company cannot able to merge things in a particular way. 

Challenges facing by managers operating in a global business environment 

The different competitors in the market reduce the market share and the company cannot able to cope up with the entire situation in a particular way. Appliances conducts with the diverse countries business determinations that follow up the companion for the organized e-retailing working criteria within UK market and further help to manage things in an efficient manner. (Zhang et al. 2015). While generating the business in international market the company has faced different issues related to the supply applications, managing the warehouses and follow up the demand of the customers in different countries (Meng et al. 2017). The different business regulations to the foreign banks creates issues that is quite impossible to adjust for the future purposes. 

The different challenges that the company get to face from the entire thing is –

As the requirements of the people in UK is different so that the supply of the products and services also diversify. Maintaining the strong and the respectful relationship with the suppliers is a difficult thing and inclusion of the delivery and the price structure become more difficult (Contractor et al. 2015). The commitment of the safe products service is become tough for the entire thing that access for the later purposes. Strive for the reduction with the waste management and any of the landfill statement is quite tough for the organization. The source of the services and products need to maintain in a proper way, otherwise the environmental and the social practices generate difficulties (Zhang et al. 2015). The corporate governance purposes along with the Brexit assisted scenario for the different countries is different and it is quite complex to adjust with the further information processes and the information providence for the later criteria and the other things (Subramanian et al. 2015). As the government structure is unrelated from each other so management of the e-retiling purposes and the planning aspects, supply chain progressions and the altered application based on pricing is getting tough to manage including the management of warehouse within UK. 

Managing insightful interpretation of any conflicting situation 

Operate the reflective considerations create the symphonic purposes based on the implementation criteria that connect with the effective strategies and the corporative approaches in a proper way within the UK market (Kim et al. 2017). While working with the different international countries it is necessary to gather the information based on the market proposition and the preferences of the customers so that the entire thing can able to generate with time. As the social, environmental and the technical aspects are different from each other so managing the entire work structure is quite different from each other (Villena et al. 2018). Appliances Online is quite well placed to maintenance the strategies but many a times this company has faced different issues related to the changes of the e-retailing market and the challenges of the supply process management that comes under consideration based on that fact the company has created better augmentation for the management of later purposes (Kandampully et al. 2018).  

Solution of the conflict by applying management framework 

Beginnings in the UK market

Conclusion and recommendation 

The different organization is delivering to the consumers, managing the communication prospect and many other services, by particularly put an insight to the financial instruments that is compulsory. This type of unpreventable growth and enlargement prospect in market interpenetration makes it gradually difficult for any of the country in order to circumvent the substantial external impacts on its economy. Understanding of the income structure of the people of UK and managing the business according to that need can create the overall understanding for the future business integration. Analysis of the UK market position and considering the several association based on the market enlargement consider the future work indication that adjust for the later values and their market integration in a better manner. 

As UK is the stable economy so managing the entire organizational segment is an essential aspect that can generate the further acknowledgement for the planning and implementation basis in a proper manner. The investment policies for the company can produce perfect profitability so that the access and the later projection of the working basis structure in a proper way. Within the implementation process the company can create 2.0-4.0% profit in the next 5 years will the inclusion of proper business model and their association. The prolonged appreciation based on the management of wholesale and supply processes cater the financial discipline that the company has adjusted in order to harmonize the budget planning. The potential employment basis those who are technically sound and can bring a good deal of market presentation by dealing with the customers properly, get generated with the suitable assistance of the further working management so that the workforce can able to conduct. The successful record of the market will initiate by the enhancement of the further market application so that it can consider the economic basis in a particular way. By keeping in mind the competition from the market the entire market collaboration needs to consider in a better way so that the further enhancement can able to project.