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Level 5 Diploma in Business & Management Managing Communication

Unit level 5, Credit value: 15


You work as a human resource coordinator within a large training company. You have been approached by your line manager to develop a training pack. The pack will be used to provide new employees with an induction to the organisation, and support existing employees with CPD.

Evidence for the training pack can be gathered from your own experiences of working within an organisation(s) or from research. The training pack will consist of a number of modules that can be accessed freely by employees. To support your own personal CPD you will also need to demonstrate and evaluate the use of effective communication skills within an organisation.

Activity 1

The first module to be developed will be used as part of the induction process for new employees. The content can be based on research or your own personal experiences and knowledge of information flows within and between organisations.

You will design a presentation and handout, using example case studies and/or real-life examples, which provides:

  • An evaluation of the benefits to stakeholders, functional departments and organisations of different communication channels
  • An analysis of the potential barriers to the effective exchange of information within and between organisations? 

Distinction Task

For a Distinction grade you must extend the presentation and handout materials. You need to include:

  • An analysis of how communication channels have changed over time in a given organisation and their impact on resourcing.

Activity 2

The second module to be produced is intended to support existing employees with their CPD. This will consist of an information pack titled ‘The factors that impact on workplace communication’, and should include:

  • An information sheet explaining how an organisation’s structure can impact upon workplace


  • An information sheet identifying different types of management and leadership styles and the impact they have on workplace communication.
  • An article critiquing the role that technology has in supporting workplace communication, citing appropriate examples and/or case studies. 

Merit Task

For a Merit grade your information pack also needs to include:

  • An impact analysis that assesses what factors affect workplace communication in a named organisation.

The impact analysis can be based on an organisation that the learner is familiar with for example where they work, study or undertake voluntary activities.

Distinction Task

For a Distinction grade you need to undertake:

  • An evaluation of how different management and leadership styles can impact on workplace communication.

Your evaluation must be presented as a presentation with an accompanying handout or a short report.

Activity 3

As part of your own CPD you have decided to put together a portfolio of evidence to present at your next professional development review with your line manager.

You are aware that the ability to communicate effectively is a very important skill in the workplace. The portfolio will include:

  • A detailed description of a situation where own communication skills were used to effectively communicate information
  • A personal development plan that looks at your own communication skills including SMART targets. 

Activity 4

Effective communication in an organisation is essential to ensure that employees at all levels are working efficiently. If the culture and environment of a workplace is developed around good information channels, employees will feel motivated and valued, leading to optimal productivity levels.

You are required to examine this further by undertaking:

  • An assessment and evaluation of internal and external communication channels within an organisation of your choice.

Your assessment should be provided in a report format, and should also include:

  • An evaluation of the effectiveness of these channels
  • Recommendations to improve organisational communication based on the assessment. Merit Task

For a Merit grade your report should also:

  • Identify measures to evaluate the success of the proposals to improve workplace communication.

Guidelines for the Assignment Structure

The following are guidelines for the correct presentation of your assignment:

  1. You must include a Title page which includes your name and surname, your student ID number, the Unit name and number, and the word-count of your assignment*.
  2. Your assignment must include page numbers. It is suggested that you include your name and surname in the footer in every page. Words in the footer do not contribute to your word- count.
  3. Your assignment must include a ‘Table of Contents’. This will be page 2 of your assignment. The Table of Contents must include a list with headings (and sub-headings if appropriate) in numerical order, and also include in numerical order any tables, graphs and/or charts that you present. Such tables, graphs and/or charts need to be given both a numerical value and a title.
  4. You can include an ‘Executive Summary’. This sits after the Table of Contents. Alternatively you can have an ‘Introduction’ as the start of your assignment. This should include relevant details as per this assignment brief.
  5. Following the different sections asked of you from the assignment brief it is expected that you include a ‘List of references’. References should be cited according to the Harvard Referencing System. Please refer to your ‘MBS Notes for Academic referencing’ guide found on your online learning space for proper referencing both in-text and in the reference-list.
  6. The last section of the assignment is the ‘Appendix’ which should include only relevant material.
  7. Care must be taken to write grammatically correct English language.
  8. *The word-count for this assignment is 3,000 words (minimum 2,500 words; maximum 3,500 words). Assignments falling outside of this range will be returned unmarked. The word-count comprises all words in your assignment including tables, numbers and diagrams; and excluding the Table of Contents, the Reference list and the Appendices.
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