Change Management In Improving Quality Of Care: Flinders Medical Centre Assessment Item 3 Answer

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Murdoch University

Assessment item 3  

Assessment type Group Presentation / Podcast (equivalent to 1500 words)  


Students have to prepare a 10min podcast on er.aspest-ei-the group Case Study or Policy Analysis. A podcast is a digital audio files which can be download in order to listen to it. There are various Podcast about various topics. For example, chec. ABC Health Report link ,

The purpose of this exercise is to assess students understanding of the problem chosen and presentation of the literature about it, and possible recommendation.

The podcast will also provide an opportunity for students to receive feedback form their supervisor. Students are required to submit a written version of the podcast (e.g. powerpoint slides) and both the oral and written versions are included in the grading.

Marking Guidelines:

Organization (10 points) The type of presentation is appropriate for the topic and audience. Information is presented in a logical sequence.

Content (10 points) Introduction is attention-getting, lays out the problem well, and establishes a framework for the rest of the presentation. Presentation contains accurate information. Material included is relevant to the overall message/purpose. Appropriate amount of material is prepared. and points made reflect well their relative importance. There is an obvious conclusion summarizing the presentation.

Presentation (10 points) Speakers use a clear, audible voice. The podcast is informative, effective, and not distracting. Information is well communicated.  

Summative/ Summative formative 

Demonstrates Content: 

- Integrate the styles and attributes of effective health industry outcomes leaders 

- Enhance abilities in outlining the need for different forms of team work activities and understand the relationship between structure and processes 

- Enhance skills in written and oral communication individually and in group - co-operation, collaboration and reflection  

Weighting: 30 

Individual/group: Group 

Cohort Internal and External (some internal group a. external students must submit their presentation with audio embedded)

1.13urdoch University


All students are to submit written assignments (essay and article critique) through the LMS. Instructions for essay submission are at 

When submitting assignments electronically, please use the Electronic Cover Sheet available at (scroll down to 2.4).

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In this present era, the patterns to offer healthcare facilities to the customers are continually changing. Moreover, customers are demanding more personalised healthcare services from their organisation. The number of organisations involving in the health and social care sector is steadily increasing; therefore the rate of competition is growing in the health care sector. In that context, maintaining sustainability has become mandatory for the healthcare organisation with the help of the process of redesigning. For offering more effective services to satisfy the need of customers, change is occurring in the healthcare sector at a rapid pace. However, implementation of a change is not sufficient for a healthcare sector to achieve better productivity, for making the transition successful, it is always necessary for managing the change. This is because, most of the change creates resistance from the employees; therefore, for generating the intended outcome, developing better change management is always necessary. This assignment is designed to describe the importance of change management in improving the quality of care. The case study has revealed the fact that Flinders medical centre is one of the general hospitals which have the capacity of 500 beds and they are situated in the Southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.  

The change that Flinders medical centres wanted to implement is a redesigning process to improve the process of emergency. The second changes that are implemented by the organisation are improving patient safety, and the third change that is implementing in the organisation is standardising and sustaining the whole process of change. Better change management needs to be implemented in the healthcare organisation because it can help the organisation in implementing the change with betterment. Better change management can help the management of Flinders medical centre in minimising the employee resistance, improving employee productivity, morale as well as the quality of work.

For managing change, escalating the clear vision to the employees is necessary so that they can understand the necessity of change. Moreover, implementing participative leadership strategy is essential to manage transition (Hayes, 2018). This is because; involving participative leadership strategy involves employees in change that helps them in understanding the need for replacement. Along with that, offering interactive training is also necessary. The issue that limits the successful change implementation is lack of knowledge among professional (Santana et al. 2015). For improving the knowledge and satisfying the employees, offering interactive training is important.