Changes In Australian Eating Habits And Patterns

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Subject Code and Title: EGY101 Exploring Gastronomy

Learning Outcomes: a) Define gastronomy and explain the role, history and development of eating and drinking globally. b) Identify the roles of gastronomic heritage and the culture of food and drink in society. c) Outline the development of gastronomic tourism in an Australian and global context and the influence of emerging trends.


Globally, gastronomy has evolved significantly throughout history and will continue to do so in the present and future. This is often caused by a number of external factors within society that impact on eating habits & patterns, cooking practices and food availability. Conversely, food can also contribute to social, economic and political changes. This assessment will allow students to explore issues that have or are currently contributing to the development of cuisine in a number of different regions. This assessment will also allow student to develop their research skills and gain an understanding of the interrelationship between food and society.


Students are required to submit a blog post to the learning portal at the end of Modules 2, 3 & 4 (a total of three (3) blog posts overall). Each blog post must be created using the learning portal blogging tool. For each blog post students should select one (1) topic from the list below and use this as the focus of their discussion. Students should include images or other multimedia (referenced appropriately) in each post to support and illustrate their points of discussion. In addition, each blog post must be supported by both academic & non-academic sources.

Blog post topics (select one (1) for each blog post:

1. Choose one (1) of the following cuisines and discuss its history & development: 

 Louisiana creole cuisine (influence of multiculturalism) 

 Vietnamese cuisine (influence of French colonisation) 

 Italian-American cuisine (influence of migration) 

 Spanish cuisine (influence of the Moorish conquest) 

 Southern-American cuisine (influence of European colonisation)

2. Outline an emerging trend (consumer, technology, economic, etc.) and discuss the current & potential future implications of this trend on gastronomic tourism within Australia and New Zealand.

3. Select a food item introduced to Europe through the Colombian exchange and discuss its impact on European cuisine & society.

4. Discuss some of the major changes in Australian eating habits & patterns from colonial times to modern day.

5. Explain the term ‘gastrodiplomacy’ and outline a gastrodiplomatic campaign/strategy launched by a country of your choice. 

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Blog Writing:

Major changes in Australian eating habits & patterns from colonial times to modern day.

Hi all,

Eating pattern has been the most attractive thing for any culture and to know about the eating pattern is also interesting. Australian culture has been the most diverse cuisine but the eating habits are changing from the older days. Coffee has been the most used consumption to give anyone the sakes. 

In older time beef was been had by people the most but now it is replaced by eating chicken and even they started consuming enough vegetables which keep them healthy. 

Taking away food has been reduced they cook their evening food at the home.  In the colonial period people use to have more salted pork, rice and dried peas and it was included by the seasonal fruits and vegetables with the seafood but now when it comes to modern period as the immigrants have been increased in that region so they have started with multiple cuisines from all over the region so people can easily adjust in Australia. Even the ingredients such as cheese, garlic, zucchini, and olive oil have been imported from the region like Greece and Italy which was not done during colonial time. 

Vietnamese cuisine has been the healthier cuisine and this has been ethnic cuisine in Australia. Electric menus which are majority found in pubs and clubs have been the Australia biggest change and the menu generally includes the dishes such as pasta, laksa, bangers and mash and crème caramel. 

Restaurant have started including the combos in the one plate so people can have fusion of different flavors and techniques and this tend to be more accepted by the people as they can try different cuisine at one time and they can have different taste of different foods.

Spag bog that is spaghetti Bolognese is the national dish of Australia while in colonial period their native food was parrot pie and possum curry.

Cost cutting which took place and ingredients got cheaper and there were many shortcuts used as continuous process of bread was started and the flour’s production was very less done even sliced, wrapped loaves were less produced. Jerseys which was considered as the superior milk was still in demand but as the product started being cheaper this milk started having low quality which can harm the person of that region who’s consuming this milk. 

Chicken production which is working on grazing soon changed in chicken production.

Diet of Australian’s people got changed as there was an arrival of Italy people and entry of Greeks which gave an introduction of food like zucchinis, capsicums, eggplants, globe artichokes and the previously maligned garlic.   

Multinational companies which were having more larger firm was now no more used by them but it got replaced by food factories in each cities of Australia and that can be a loss for a country as  companies are the asset of any country and this can never be neglected so that can be bit risky for the country. 

Technology played an important role in changing the food patterns in this region. Homes started having fridge so that they can consume fish, ice-cream, packets of peas which were once done by old ice chest which was not effective (SYMONS,2014). Television started having the advertisement and it marketed the products like branded vegetables, fruits, drinks, biscuits, snacks and, eventually, takeaway chains. 

But during these changes it even resulted in obesity in that region and sometimes changes are good for everyone but if changes have negative impact than it is not good for anyone so we have to be careful by having changes.

colonial dynamics and post-colonial dynamics


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