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Identify and analyse the role of leaders and managers in achieving personal and entity goals. 

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A) Different types of change happen in the organization of New Zealand.  Identify one change that happens in New Zealand.

The organizational change in the company provides the framework that provides a new business planning and helps to form exact structure and changes in the management. The organizational change helps in properly carrying out the operation and helps in better practice of the working. There are two changes happens among the employee while taking change of company (Walton, 2015). These are unplanned and planned changes that helps in the progresses of firm. In the planned change, helps in bringing up new decisions that are based on exact goals and activity. In the unplanned change are often unseen by the management but the changes occurs.  The organizational change helps in bringing the development of the firm. In the development of the company makes in improving the approach of the workers and brings a high human aspect. Organizational development brings the new methods of training programs that are useful for the staff to improve their performance. In this company changes, there is an involvement of certain forces (Radineh, 2017).

This is internal and external forces. In the external forces, there is a change of certain factors. It is involved in the change of technology, diversity workforce, changes happens in political and social issues. In the internal forces, there is the change in working of management, expectation of the staff after the performance. These changes in the firm are based on the consultation, proper training and perfect research work. In this assessment, this organizational change happens in the New Zealand small medium enterprises that are Omega Car Yard. The Omega Car Yard is a small enterprises that needs a high changes in the development of company (Deakins & North, 2016). These changes help the company to make restructure of vehicles and bring the employee to follow a new process of selling of vehicles among the customer in New Zealand. This new thinking of the firm in changes would bring a high profit and helps in the progress of the firm. Moreover, Omega Car Yard uses the second hand vehicle and transforms car into a new model easily available to the customer (Omega Cars | Used Japanese Cars. 2017).       

There are three different types of changes in the small organization of New Zealand. These are developmental, transformational and transitional changes that helps in the growth of the small medium enterprises in New Zealand. These three changes are very much important for the improvement and development of the small firms that is Omega Car Yard. The management of the company might understand these different changes. This particular one changes needs to be focused by the firm in order to progress and to bring up huge profit. This change helps in bringing of new strategies that are useful from company's point of view (Łobacz, Głodek, Stawasz & Niedzielski, 2016). This change is related to the process, culture and people of the firm. This change brings new thinking of the strategies and planning in the leadership. 

In the developmental changes are applicable in a group, individual or in the whole company. This provides high training and focus on the fixed strategies that are based on communication and skills of the employee. 

In the transformational change, helps in bringing changes in environment and in working areas. These changes motivate the leaders to improve the operations of the company. This motivational works from the leaders helps in encouraging the workers on their performance. In the transformational changes brings change in cultural problem or issues related to human beings. The transitional changes are recognized by the management especially the leaders. This recognition brings the new changes that are occurred from the existing problem. This existing problems need to be solved to create enough opportunity for the workers at the time of operation in management. A transitional change brings change in the present condition of the management and brings the development of working. 

The one change those are applicable for the small medium enterprises in New Zealand. A developmental change occurs in the Omega Car Yard enterprises in New Zealand. This developmental change helps in bringing improvement of the method, skill, performance that has been used to fulfill the future and present needs. Developmental changes are the improvement made from the changes that are already been applied in practice. These improvements are based on the present operation that is vehicles which is focused by the company of Omega Car Yard. The focus of this change is to increase the performance of the work based on previous practice. This developmental change produces a high level of performance among the staffs. This process is the simplest process to bring a huge change in the working and develops the performance of the workers (Jurado, 2016). The developmental change brings a high shifting in the market environment by implementing continuous improvement in the working skills. There are certain problems related to these changes, this lies with many variables and unpredictable’s numbers.

 The organization leaders can better start this change in the development that provides by information and performance of the workers. This performance helps in achieving set goals of the organization (Researchgate, 2017). While bringing this change in the development, there are certain assumptions made to bring the changes that could be helpful for the firm. There are two assumptions that provide the change. The employee based on the capacity of improving their set work makes the first assumptions. Second assumptions are based on the improvements could work with the help of proper training programs, resources, motivation from the management. These two assumptions help in bringing a high change in the development of the company (Jain et al. 2017) 

Developmental changes are applicable among the group, individual or in whole company. There are different techniques that are applied in bringing improvement while practicing the primary change. These are as follows:-

a) The management might provide high enrichment in job. 

b) The company management might ensure high production and increase sales of the product.

c) The firm might start building up capable team, in order for the better performance of the given task. 

d) A high training programs needs to be implementing by the management to increase the communication, interpersonal skills of the employee.   


B) Evaluating the main drivers of changes that happens in New Zealand SME. 


There are various changes in the drivers that help in developing of small medium enterprises in New Zealand. The companies’ needs to grow based on different networks in the diversity (Evans & Tran-Nam, 2014). In order to bring the development the management are committed to bring a high development and training programs for the employees betterment. Hence, it is an important factor for the growing and non-growing company to identify the main problems and helps in the possible driver to make the changes for the development of small medium enterprises (SME). This change helps in the development of the company and as well, as brings a high sustaining condition at the tough time. The proper understanding of the driver helps in bringing the change in the small medium enterprises in New Zealand. This change helps the SME to engage more in the allocated task. In order to move in the operation paradigm, the company needs to move high based on the set strategy and keeping in mind about the impact caused by the environment (Benson-Rea & Stringer, 2015)

A large-scale movement in the strategy helps in bringing the given task easier for the employee. This strategic change takes time, information, knowledge to achieve the success after completion of the results. This change helps in bringing the better results of the company involving with the skills, knowledge of the staff. There involves certain steps to carry out the process in the successful manner. The organizational changes are brought by the large-scale change of the company that helps the company to increase profit. The changing process helps in the involvement of the skill and knowledge of the workers that helps the growth of the company (Hong, Oxley, McCann & Le, 2016). This are involved with the process that helps the firm to progress in successful path. These steps are as follows:-

a) The development of a high strategy creates the vision statement of firm. 

b) The action based on the empowering policy.

c) The vision statement might be communicated properly among the staff, in order to increase the progress of the firm. 

d) This step also involves in getting a high urgency of the task given by the management. 

This changes helps in bringing the new operating condition of environment that are could be achieved by the changes. The effective changes help in making the good working of the organization.

In this case, the change would help the small medium enterprises that are Omega Car Yard to work more efficiently (Lindsay, 2015). While the change is applied on the specified company based on the innovation in technology and globalization, it is very crucial to keep in mind about different steps, in order to make the company in a large-scale progress for future as well for the current stages. This driver of changes is mainly brought to increase the profit in future stages of company. These changes are brought by the leaders in the management to create enough opportunities for the workers and to tackle the problems that rise at the time operation.

There is an involvement of the phase model of sustainability, which form three waves that helps in creating the values in limiters, creators, destroyers. The firm uses waves to bring certain changes that are used to increase the company’s profit. The change initiatives planning are made by much company for the desire of saving the cost and increase the efficiency. These initiatives are brought with the help of practice in sustainable level. By making the changes, the company brings into reducing the cost and high increase of the efficiency. The efficiency is concerned with the sustainability of the firm. Moreover, the company seeks in the reducing cost of the product to improve the working of the management. This changes in the drivers would help in the development of small medium enterprises especially Omega Car Yard. 

The technology innovation helps in bringing the profit especially in the small medium enterprises in New Zealand. The driver of change helps in increasing the opportunity of business in the medium enterprises. Moreover, the small medium enterprises could easily reduce the cost efficiency. The main drivers of changes help Omega car Yard Company to increase the profit by redesigning the second hand vehicles with the involvement of technologies. This helps the firm to spread rapidly among the customers of New Zealand. The innovation would bring new challenges for the small medium enterprises. This business sometimes does not bring development in products, systems and services. There is a huge necessity to bring the changes that helps in the development of the small medium enterprises in New Zealand (Legg, Olsen, Laird & Hasle, 2015). The engagement of small medium enterprises could be improved by the involvement of business plan. This changes are focused by the management of the company especially leaders. The changes in the small medium enterprises makes in the development and increase the progress.   

The small medium enterprise in New Zealand has increased their working to reach in the hands of many customers. The use of innovation in technology helps in the development of small business company. Moreover, this change helps to reduce the cost efficiency and increase the production of organization. The government has implemented new planning for the development of the small medium enterprises. The changes helps firm to bring new planning and strategy that help among the employee. These are based on the communication and training program that helps to bring high amount of profit at the time of selling of products. 

There are certain models that help to carry out the change of drivers. These are as follows:-

a) The environmental factors of the company help to make with certain forces such as technology, politics, social etc.

b) The imperatives of business help in providing the outline of the firm that helps in bringing success.

c) The imperatives of the culture support the company working with different employees. 

d) The successful requirement of market helps in fulfills the needs of consumers.

e) The exact mindset of the staffs and leaders helps in bringing the better performance of the company.   


C) Describing the role of leadership in managing change within this New Zealand SME.

Leadership comes along with responsibility. In any enterprise, a leader is supposed to command and to handle every upcoming dynamic in the organization. Leaders not only manage the employees but also it manages change within the organization. Leading is all about setting some goals and directing how to achieve those goals and ensuring that the direction are being followed.  The nature of how leading depends on the perspective of the situation, on one's point of view, and on the nature and needs of those involved in it. Leaders are someone that shows path and manages any kind of changes that comes across their path. (Rotimi, 2016)

Leader is an art of making someone complete any task that the leader want to complete. Managing things properly helps the enterprise to get success in upcoming future. Leaders set the direction; one needs to use management skills to guide their people to the right destination, in a smooth and well-organized way.

Managing changes in an enterprise is very hard. Usually changes are not acceptable by people every time. Hence, taking change as a challenge, a leader needs to handle and communicate to everyone in the enterprise. The changes in the society and the changes that the company is going through, the leaders need to manage it and to cope up with it to maintain sustainability. Some changes can be good and some can be bad. On the other hand, developmental changes, that the small medium enterprise, Omega Car Yard enterprise in New Zealand which is bringing improvement and that the leaders are managing it properly. Managing changes which is an essential role of leaders. Transformation can also be a change in the environment of working area. 

   The four perspective of change are:

-           Task of managing change

-          Area of professional practice

-          Body of knowledge

-          Control mechanism 

  The implementation of sustainability within an enterprise is more than a mere public relations exercise. Sustainability comes into action when there is a dynamic leader in the enterprise. It takes a leader to convert an enterprise into a sustainable and responsible enterprise. (MacKenzie,2013).  These features can be in-house that is managerial and organizational or peripheral that is stakeholders’ demands. Attending to these internal and external factors is not an effortless task. Time and market obstacle, that needs to overcome. However, the most decisive victory factor for sustainability is a proper leadership in the enterprise. Leadership means protecting the loyalty of management starting from the very top and developing a system of enticement to reward leaders at all stages to build up and move forward for the approval of sustainability practices. It also wants to have the capability to act in response of being flexible to alter and to engage in conversation with different members of enterprise. (Siddiqui, Ahmed, 2016).  Significance and scope of such features will contrast, reflecting to the context in which an enterprise functions. Internal factors which can establish sustainability in an enterprise, which embarks on a planned approach to business sustainability. Their assistance enhances business presentation and to maintain the long-term wellbeing of the enterprise. 

            Many large and medium-sized enterprises that have started to include sustainability into their business strategies. However, they report on their proposal in many ways that are not easy to recognize and evaluate. To establish clear and user-friendly methods and some tools to determine the improvement that an enterprise, are making in the direction of sustainability. A good leader deals with all these development, improvement and changes in an enterprise. Managing all the changes that can be internal change or external change is taken care and executed by a leadership. Efficient leaders recognize that their support is critical to achievement and entrust to their part. When change is compulsory in downsizing situations, the most significant determination of getting through the difficulty, is the capability of leadership to lead well. Role of a leader in managing changes in an enterprise comprises building a good rapport with the higher-level management as well as with the lower level employees. A number of forces that trigger first awareness and then action catalyze it. 

            SMEs – Examples of Changes

  • Structural changes ( restructuring)
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Internationalization
  • IT based process of change (i.e. technology upgrade, procurement, ERPs)  
  • Cultural change
  • Growth 

             These indications for change more often than not originate in the enterprises surroundings or marketplace. Such indications can comprise courageous moves by competitors, new technology, or shifts in government policies. Failures in the performance of a leader’s own enterprise can also indicate the necessity for revolution. No matter what their sources are, these procedures involve the enterprise to act in response. Often indications for amend happens without leaders noticing it. However, it is a leader’s responsibility to keep a check on every amends, which is happening within the enterprise. Leaders may take delivery of an indication for any change. They take action on it without considering its inference or without being grateful for what transformation in the enterprise the indication is requiring.  It is significant for leaders to appreciate what constrain change in the enterprise.  

            Leaders are to supervise change successfully for the growth of the enterprise. It is also important that leaders understand the complete wideness of today’s drivers for change and is capable to react to each of them properly, not just for today, but also for the enterprise’s future success. The literature on the subject matter point towards that the environment.

of the change which is less important to the opinion of that employee's is regarding the skill, ability, and reliability of senior and middle management. It is the understanding that leaders are becoming much more familiar to interpretation of the trends in their changing atmosphere and, from this, generate new business for the enterprise. Leaders make strategies to take action more appropriately to the changes. Leaders are making great step in changing how their enterprise are well thought-out and run to accomplish these new business strategies. Leadership is managing the changes inside and outside the enterprise and coping up with those changes from time to time.