CHCCCS007 Develop And Implement Service Programs Assessment Task 2 Answer

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Assessment Cover Sheet

Qualification TitleCHC52015 Diploma of Community Services
Unit CodeCHCCCS007
Unit TitleDevelop and implement service programs.
Assessment TaskTask Two – Case studies

Assessment Task 2: Case Studies

Case Study Instructions

  • Read the scenarios and answer the questions below for each of the scenarios.
No.The student’s assessment shows evidence of the following:
1Section 1 - Scenario 1

Max is a young man living in a youth hostel. He is not happy with his case worker visiting on Thursday afternoons because he wants to go footy training at this time. He doesn’t know how to raise it with his case worker who is very busy and says she is only able to visit Thursdays when she is in the area. Max takes part in a focus group, which has been set up by a project worker to gain feedback about the hostel program, where he raises the issue of the clash.

Required Evidence
Q1What are two processes that could have been put in place for Max to act earlier?
Q2How could Max’s issue get included in management processes?
Q3How could the program be modified to meets Max’s needs? Provide two suggestions.

2Section 2 - Scenario 2

Peter is a support worker in a disability service. Sally, a new person he is interviewing and developing an individual plan with, uses a wheelchair.

Required Evidence
Q1What sort of things should he be asking about to assess Sally’s individual needs? List at least four topics.
Q2What are two possible barriers that could limit Sally’s participation?
Q3What are two preferences that may impact on Sally’s personal plan?
Q4How can Peter make sure Sally is able to give feedback on the service she receives and that it is acted on? Identify at least two strategies.

3Section 3 - Scenario 3

You are a project worker in a community house. A new program has been developed to encourage the growth of community gardens in the neighbourhood. Local government, the local primary school and a local nursery are all partners in the project.
One of the objectives of the program is to integrate some newly arrived refugees into the program. The refugees are from Syria.

Required Evidence
Q1How might you ensure staff are culturally aware in relation to people from Syria and what type of external group might you draw on to facilitate this?
Q2What methods could you use to communicate roles and responsibilities to the local nursery staff?
Q3What are two documents you may develop as part of the program planning to set up the gardens and recruit participants?

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