CHCCOM003 Communication And Event Plan And Event Promotion Assessment 1 Answer

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CHCCOM003 Develop Workplace Communication Strategies

Assessment 1

Assessment Type
Communication and Event Plan and Event Promotion
Aligned Learning Outcomes
1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, P.E, K.E
Part A: Communications and event plan – 400 words Part B: Promotional Materials – Three (3) examples
Part C: PowerPoint presentation – 300 – 500 words

Assessment 1 Details and Instructions


The Ballimore Community Centre (Appendix A) has received a funding grant to run a program in Social Inclusion Week. This will culminate in the Ballimore Diversity and Social Inclusion event to be held in a local park. This will include spray painting, band competition, sporting events, hula hooping and hip-hop dancing workshops; and displays by local agencies, clubs and societies. Local businesses and community groups will be invited to set up food stalls in the park. The event is being officially hosted by the Ballimore Advisory Committee.

You have been employed by the Ballimore Community Centre as the Event Manager and included in your job is responsibility for all communications for this event. You liaise with all members of staff for the event and meet regularly with the Ballimore Advisory Committee for planning.

Organisational event management processes need to be undertaken to host this event including risk assessments. You are required to adhere to all legal and ethical principles and codes of practice in preparation of any communication regarding this event and management of activities on the day. You are planning to prepare a media report of the day’s activities and employ an official photographer for the day.

For this assessment you are to assume the Ballimore Community Centre is located in your local area and works with other local services. You are to create a communications plan (part A), promotional materials (part B) and a staff communications briefing (part C) for this event. You are to begin your plans at least 3 months out from the event, and the event date should fall in the next Social Inclusion week for your state.

Part A

Create a communication and an event plan for this event. As part of the event plan include:

  • An outline summary of the planned event;
  • A PEST analysis of this event in terms of the significance of running a Social Inclusion event;
  • A SWOT analysis of your organisation in terms of running this event;
  • A financial budget for the event including why it will be financially beneficial to run this event;
  • Any internal and external information you need to conduct this event;
  • Identify any potential conflicting or competing interests when planning this even. As part of the communication plan Include:
  • All the different groups you wish to communicate with,
  • What information you would like to communicate to them,
  • How you will communicate with them,
  • When this would be communicated (expressed for instance as the number of weeks or days before the event) and
  • Who is responsible for each communication?
  • Any legal or ethical considerations you may need to consider in terms of privacy, duty of care, discrimination, consent and mandatory reporting

Groups you will need to communicate with are to include residents in the local area, local services and institutions working with the community, local businesses that residents utilise, local government representatives and the local media.

A proforma for this communications and event plan is provided in Appendix B.

Part B

Generate at least three examples of different promotional materials (for instance, a poster design, newsletter or webpage) you will use to communicate your event to different groups. At least one of your promotional strategies must include digital media. One of these should also be specifically aimed at communicating with local residents who utilise the services at the Ballimore Community Centre.

Part C

Develop a briefing (3-5 minutes) of your communications and event plan with examples of your communications materials (Part B) to present at a staff meeting in at the Ballimore Community Centre. In the briefing you’ll describe:

  • What the event or program is, why you consider this event to be particularly important for the agency clients;
  • Your communications plan for promoting this event, including examples of the promotional materials you have prepared;
  • Describe why each of these communication methods are appropriate for each group;
  • Outline key roles each member of staff will play in promoting the event
  • Demonstrate to your staff members how to communicate the promotion of this event, ask them to practise this, and mentor them in this process
  • Present your financial budget for the event including why this would be a good investment.
  • Request feedback from your colleagues on your communication and events plan.

This pitch is to be presented on a presentation platform like PowerPoint to the class and a PDF of the slides uploaded into the class space. The presentation will be presented in the classroom as a simulated work environment.

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