CHCCOM003 Workplace Communication Strategy Review Assessment 3 Answer

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Assessment 3

Assessment Type
Workplace Communication Strategy Review Short answer questions
Aligned Learning Outcomes
1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.2, 2.3, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2, P.E, K.E
700 – 900 words

Assessment 3 Details and InstructionsScenario

You have been provided with feedback from another service that your organisation has had some “bad press” in the local newspaper. You are a provider of home help services to the elderly and people with a disability. The newspaper article states a couple of your potential clients have been interviewed and report long waiting times for their assessment. In addition, the media report indicates that once they are assessed, the clients are waiting a long time before they receive any service. The term “long time” is not defined but the article includes an interview with an elderly person who needs assistance with shopping and general cleaning.

You recently became aware that there has been an issue with a non – performing staff member however your team leader did not report these concerns to you for a few months. The team leader was following what she thought was a good performance management plan and did not want to bother you with this issue as she thought she had it under control. You further find out that this staff member has been communicating via Facebook on her dissatisfaction with the organisation as an employer.

The supervisor is concerned about this negative communication as funding requirements establish a target number of clients that need to be serviced and this target has not been reached as it nears the end of the funding year.

You are required to answer the following questions relating to the scenario above.

  1. Identify internal and external communication processes that are in play here in this situation?
  2. Identify any legal and ethical breaches that have occurred.
  3. Identify conflicting interests the team leader had in relation to communication with both the supervisor and her staff member?
  4. Identify the communication protocols that should have been in place and may not have been adhered to in this scenario?
  5. Discuss how the supervisor could address the potential backlash from this media release in terms of other service providers, potential clients and funders?
  6. Identify what changes may need to be implemented to the organisation’s communication plan and policy in order to meet the needs and goals of the organisation. What resources may be needed to support these changes?
  7. Write a brief outline of “lessons learnt” in relation to this scenario and identify ways that the organisation might develop and implement a continuous improvement plan to ensure positive communication processes and protocols are adhered to by all staff (300 words).
  8. Discuss how the supervisor might seek feedback to assess the success of implementing the communication objectives as set out in the above plan.
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