CHCDIV003 Manage And Promote Diversity Assessment Task 1 Answer

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Assessment Cover Sheet

This document must be signed by the student for each assessment completed. Submission of Assessments will not be accepted for marking/review without a completed and signed Assessment Cover Sheet.

Qualification TitleCHC52015 Diploma of Community Services
Unit CodeCHCDIV003
Unit TitleManage and promote diversity.

Assessment Task 1: Questions

Question 1Provide two definitions of diversity and outline how these are relevant for the requirements of workplace diversity.
Question 2List the key areas of diversity and explain the characteristics of culture, ethnicity and race as they apply to diversity.
Question 3Explain what it means to have a disability, according to Australian law.
Question 4Outline the key characteristics of religious or spiritual beliefs as they apply to diversity.
Question 5What does gender equity mean?
Question 6What does the term intersex mean? How does being intersex differ from identifying as a male or female?
Question 7List the four generations and two key characteristics of each.
Question 8Explain what sexual orientation means and list the common terms used to describe sexual identity.
Question 9Outline the benefits of workplace diversity.
Question 10Outline two diversity practices and how they will impact the workplace.
Question 11How can diversity practices within a workplace impact on your personal behaviour and interpersonal experiences?
Question 12How can learning about others’ differences affect our perception and social expectations of self and others?
Question 13Outline the concept of cultural awareness.
Question 14Outline the concept of cultural safety.
Question 15Outline the concept of cultural competence.
Question 16Outline the role of leaders and managers in encouraging diversity in workplace practices and service delivery.
Question 17Outline two ways to ensure equitable activities are provided to diverse clients.
Question 18Describe the principle of inclusivity and list three practices that can be applied to ensure inclusivity in the workplace.
Question 19Describe the types of work planning and practice that support diversity in the workplace.
Question 20Outline two cross-cultural communication strategies and how you can use them in the workplace
Question 21Describe two barriers to inclusivity in the workplace.

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