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assessment 2 of 3 – Case Study


This assessment has been designed to allow you to demonstrate:

This assessment gives you the opportunity to:

collected and documented observations of at least three different children, including:

children's behavior and learning

children’s play preferences

strengths, interests, and relationships

applied information to educational practice, including:

sharing information with families, educators, children, experts, and specialists

collaborating with families to plan for children’s individual needs

using information gathered to inform planning

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Answer :

Part 2 – Reflective Questions

  1. Identify 2      strategies you would implement to ensure documentation can be shared with families

The first strategy would be to document in the presentable manner and mention all the observation in a  step by step approach along with the photos and the related matter.

The second strategy is to share a micro schedule and al the activities, the related matter should be handled every week.

  1. Identify 2      confidentially practices you would need to consider to ensure that      information was shared appropriately. 

All the file, information and the related minute details should be shared in the closed doors and the parents.

Confidentiality practices would also abided by taking note and co-ordinating with the parents or the guardian.

The rest of the video, images and general things can be shared through social media.

Part 3 – Using evidence to inform the practice

  1. Choose one child that you observed
  2. Create a learning experience plan for that one child
  3. Implement the learning experience at your service. 
  4. Have your Supervisor sign to prove you have implemented

Learning Experiences Planning and Reflection Format

The format can be used over two weeks or two sessions of experience.

Name:                                                                       Written By            Date: 20th July 2019 

Name of Experience or play area:Setting: Centre Staff Initials ___Educator________________

(Reason why you are providing this experience   where the possible link to observations)
Learning processes
Child’s predicted interactions/role,
(What will the children say and do?)
Intentional Teaching
Your predicted interactions/role
(what will you say and do)
(What happened – Reflect on area, equipment,   children's reaction, goal, and your response).

To improve the learning activity of the child of the   Isa, 5 years who studies in the Covent school.
Exploring-: Inquisitor keep on asking questions, such as the concept of day and night, move around,   etc.
Investigating-: Keeps on checking the car   movement and the tires how it moves.
Enquiry-: Ensures   timely involvement and keeps on asking questions.
Trial and Error-: By understanding the hot food   and cold, through touching and feeling it ( Pollitt, 2018).
Hypothesising-: To relate to the hypothetical   situation and relating to it.
Experimentation-:   Through identifying fruits and vegetables.
Discovering-: By analyzing with the lens of   colors, shapes, colors and normal attributes.
Researching-: By including the images, videos   and demanded an in-depth analysis.
Investigating-: To frequently research the   required toys, analyzing the frequent questions of why and how.
Metacognition-: To understand from the lens of the children   upbringing and how they are defining within the given scope of knowledge and   learning concepts.
Growth orientation -: TO progress with the knowledge upscale and to   understand the periodic reviews.
My predicted style would be of the guider, mentor   and to answer all the questions only after the child has figured it out.

To have the desired goals, I would be encouraging,   interactive session and also be building through pictorials, audios, and   videos which can help to achieve the goals.

There is predicted interactions need to be estimated   through how it would interact.  
The child is inquisitive and the main aims to answer   all the queries.
To reflect on   the children reactions, goals related to the course outcomes.
The idea   surrounds the key learning which would be interactive and reflective as to   how the child is approaching the matter.

Specific Learning Outcomes and related Goal/s
To upscale her   knowledge.
Make her more   aware of the surroundings
Improve her   learning through the interactive style.

How did you encourage the children’s co-construction of this play   environment
Resources Required
Involve the family extended.
Encourage the child to sing, participate, dance and   contribute significantly.
Limit your child watching and more of the   television.
Learn to have a positive attitude towards the key   learning.
Child abiding by homework and developing enhanced   interactive skills set.

Books, Papers, Tools and the required whiteboards.

More resources required such as mats, colors,   pictorial images, board papers and also the desired aims, objectives developed   on to the stage and presented through customs and songs.

Identify how you will use this experience to support the development   of cultural competence
. Cultural   competence supports the experience by showing on television, dance   competition cross-cultural and the roles presented on it. It is cultural   competence through the role of reversals and fancy dress completion, learning   how the different groups learn and also expand their curves, with the inputs.   Understanding the cultural language, dress style and their contribution of   the religion, ethnic groups, and the related parameters.

Learning Experiences Planning and Reflection Format

Example: Original experience: Format A (Part 2)

The format can be used over two weeks or two sessions of experience.

List the changes implementedReflection
How did the   changes support children’s learning? Did the changes affect their responses?Provide 1   example of how you followed the child's lead in the playHow did you   encourage children’s decision making?Identify 1   example of how you encouraged, and acknowledged children’s attempts at   participating and persevering in challenging experiences.
The changes implemented would   be learning and growing, in the desired curves.
Maintaining a decorum, discipline   and abiding by the onset changes.
Changes in behavior and the   desired methodology in practicing it.
To relate to the required   characteristics and the skills.
Change support the children's   learning through the tools, pictorial images and showing through the various   activities.
Mentoring and guiding it through   the behavior of the child
The child can learn through the   interactive skill zone and also learning how there can be the child lead ways   in the play, that can improve the mathematical language. It would be more   inclined towards the step approaches and finding a resolution such as what   would come after the skip counting fooling a pattern. Through   the learning play-based activity.Through the prizes, gifts and   also honoring how the child showed enthusiastically and participating in the   given style. It would also be a challenging experience to determine the   related impacts by showing child support.
Provide 1   strategy you used to manage children's challenging behavior.Reflect on   yourself as an educator. What did you do well and what skills & knowledge   could you improve for next time.
List the   learning which may have occurred during these experiences. Please be specific   with an example.
Future   planning
Where to from here? Give a reason for your choice.
The strategy was to be patient,   vocal and at the same time to be engaging in pushing the child and contribute   effectively, it would be important to relate with the overall reflection of   the child.I was patient in understanding   the child evaluation related to the given understanding of the related   knowledge. How it would be an effective approach for the tried and tested   relation and creating an overall impact.
 To work on the approach and the key   learning-based interactive style, such as making the child learn the odd and   even concept through the pattern drawn on the mat. 


The concepts have to be   advanced and take up-te higher level, such as making the child hop every   after 2 numbers, would make her learn the addition concept and the   multiplication.
At every point, the   circumstances need to be addressed with the recorded learning and   contribution to it (Piasta, 2017).
The future planning would   include more of the integrated style leaving which would include the   curriculum of the course. Such as in making the child learn the planets and   they revolve, one child would be made as a Sun, while others as the Mercury,   Venus, Neptune, etc and they would be asked to revolve. the Moon around the   Earth would be asked to revolve around the earth in the same orbit, and this   would be recorded, helping the child to learn and relate with it (MacNevin,   2017).