CHCPRP003 Reflect On And Improve Own Professional Practice Assessment 1

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Reflect on and improve own professional practice

Assessment Task 1 of 4

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To demonstrate competency in this unit, you must be assessed as satisfactory in each of the following assessment tasks.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required by educators working with children to ensure

What the student can expect to learn by studying this unit of competency

The candidate must show evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit, manage tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the job role. There must be demonstrated evidence that the candidate has completed the following tasks at least once:

 communicatedpositivelyandrespectfullyandinteractedeffectivelywithatleastthree children, including:

  •   active listening
  •   considerationofachild’sage,activities,interests,cultureandneeds
  •   interpretingnon-verbalcuesofchildren
  •   respondingtodistressinwaysthatmeetsthechild’sneed
  •   communicationofcareandrespectthroughallinteractions
  •   assessedandrespondedappropriatelytobehavioursofconcern
  •   encouragedchildrentorespectsimilaritiesanddifferencesbetweeneachother
  •   involvedandencouragedchildrenindecision-makingandplanning


Provide a definition for “reflective practice”. Write in 75 words.


List five ways reflective practice can help you as an early childhood professional. Write in 100 words.


Describe each stage of the Reflective Process in Action. Write in 50 words each topic.


  1. a)  Collect information.
  2. b)  Question/Analyse.
  3. c)  Plan.
  4. d)  Act/Do.
  5. e)  Review.

To complete this task, refer to (pp. 85) of your textbook ‘The Big Picture’ and your reading.

a) b) Managing Negative Employee Reactions to Feedback

What can constructive feedback assist others to do? Write in 75 words.
Read each statement and with reference to the reading identify the type of negative response to the feedback being provided and a reason for choice. Write in 75 words in each section.


Type of response and the reason for your choice
Aaron is often late for work and is reminded by his supervisor of the importance of arriving at work 10
Aaron’s response: ‘It’s not my fault, my flatmate takes so long on the shower and I end up missing my bus!’

minutes prior to the allocated shift time.

Gemma is always behind in her daily tasks. She finds it difficult to manage her time effectively. Gemma’s colleague suggests that she create a timetable of her daily tasks to help her to better manage her time.
Gemma’s response: ‘I don’t need your advice thanks very much. You’re not my boss!’

Kirra has difficulty controlling the preschool children when reading a story. Her colleague shares the strategies she uses to manage the children during group experiences.
Kirra’s response: Kirra listens and says ‘thanks for the advice. ’As her colleague walks away Kirra rolls her eyes.

c) Read each statement and with reference to the reading rewrite each statement so that it is delivered in a positive manner.

Rewritten statement
Disrespectful: ‘Oh for goodness sake John, how many times do I need to tell that you need to check the allergies chart before the meals are served!’

Poor timing: Erin is assisting children to gather their belongings as they are being collected by their parents. Erin’s supervisor says in front of several parents: ‘Erin, why haven’t you folded the clothes in the dryer. I shouldn’t have to come chasing you to get your jobs done!’

Attacking: ‘Jaida I want to talk to you about your documentation. It’s full of spelling mistakes and some of it doesn’t even make sense. If you can’t use basic grammar and spell correctly, I suggest you do your documentation on the computer. At least it will look professional even if it is rubbish!’


Describe the three main functions of supervision (Educational, Support, Administrative/Managerial). Write in 100 words.


To complete this task, you must access the following website:

• ECA:


In relation to the ECA’s Learning Hub– ‘About us’:
a) What is the Learning Hub? Write in 50 words.


  1. b)  What is included on the Learning Hub? Write in 50 words.
  2. c)  What and who does ECA advocate for? Write in 75 words.
  3. d)  Go to ‘Babies and Toddlers: Amazing Learners’ and describe what learning materials
    are available on this site. Write in 75 words.
  4. e)  Suggest how the videos and information booklet be used as a professional
    development tool for a team of educators. Write in 75 words.


The Early Childhood services industry is constantly changing. Provide three examples of how you can keep up to date with current and industry developments. Write in 75 words.


Have you ever used a mentor to support your professional development? If yes, explain how this helped you achieve your personal or professional goals.

If you have not had the opportunity to use a mentor, explain why having a mentor would be helpful to you in your future career as early childhood educator.

Write in 100 words.


Locate a Code of Practice that relates to your future preferred job as early childhood educator.

This may be a code of practice from a workplace, or you may find one on the Internet (for example, Code of Practice – child abuse, child safety, child welfare.

Now answer the following questions.

  •   What is the name of the Code of Practice you have chosen? Write in 10 words.
  •   What is the purpose of the Code of Practice? Write in 50 words.
  •   How the Code of Practice guide the educator to do their job? Write in 75 words.
  •   Who has the Code of Practice been prepared by? What is their role in the industry? Write in 75 words.
    List three examples of where you could go to network with other industry professionals. Write in 50 words.
    What additional training could you undertake to complement or enhance your current skills early childhood educator? List at least three examples. Write in 50 words.


What is your preferred learning style? Explain why you think this works for you. Write in 75 words.


Consider two of your peers with whom you work closely on a regular basis and who learn in very different ways to you. (This could be a work colleague, a fellow student, or a person you have worked with in another capacity.)

For each peer, identify their learning style and how they can be helped to improve their learning experience.

Write in 50 words per section.

1 23


Explain how we learn through feedback and reflection. Write in 75 words.


  1. a)  In approximately 200 words, describe a time when you developed a plan to achieve a personal or professional goal.
    Were your goals achieved? Explain why or why not. How did you measure your progress?
  2. b)  Consider your goal in regards to your study for this qualification.
    Write your goal in the table below, then complete the table to explain why your goal is ‘SMART”. Write in 50 words in each section.
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