CHCPRP003 Reflect On And Improve Own Professional Practice Assessment Task 2

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Reflect on and improve own professional practice

Assessment Task 2 of 4

You are to read two case studies and answer the questions.

 Access to textbooks, learning materials and the Internet for research.

 Read all the observations provided and answer the questions WHEN AND WHERE DO STUDENTS NEED TO DO THIS?

  •   Class-based students will do this task in the classroom or as homework – advise students as to which is required.
  •   Workplace-based students will do this task in their own time
  •   Provide students with the due date for this assessment so they can write it in their
    Student Assessment Booklet. WHAT DO STUDENTS HAVE TO SUBMIT?
     Answers to each question. INSTRUCTIONS:
    Look at each case study and then answer the questions that follow Answers to each question
Read each statement and identify two ethical values or processes being applied by the educator, using the bank of options below and give a reason for your choice.
Respect  Democracy  Integrity  Inclusivity  Justice
Courage Honesty Education Cultural responsiveness
Social Responsiveness
Ethical values/processes
The educator in the preschool room intervenes when she overhears Ellie and Mia telling Komali she can’t play with them because she has black skin.

When a heated debate occurs in a team meeting, one educator defends the rights of the parents to make a decision not to immunise their child.

After an accident in the room because of rough play between a few children one educator told all of the children they had to pack away and sit quietly for 15 minutes. The other educator in the room argued that this was unfair as only a few children were involved in the incident. This incident was reported to


Gita (19 years) has two months to go until she completes her Certificate 3 Traineeship. Gita has completed all of her theory tasks and is now finalising her last workplace tasks. She has progressed well through the course and is pleased with her results. Unfortunately, her mentor and supervisor, Layla, has had to take unexpected sick leave and will not return to the service until next year. Layla’s replacement, Tom (27 years) has been working in children’s services for six years and has a Diploma. Tom is undertaking his EC teaching degree part-time. This is Tom’s first supervisory role. Gita is very outgoing and bubbly and finds it difficult to relate to Tom who is quiet and serious.

To finalise her workplace tasks Gita is required to complete a series of planned experiences with the preschool group. Tom must approve Gita’s plans and observe and comment on her experiences.

Gita is confident that her plans reflect the interests of the children and meet the diverse needs of the group. She uses the same planning format she has been using all year and is shocked when told by Tom that her work is unsatisfactory.

Tom: ‘Gita, these plans are not detailed enough. I can’t see what you’re trying to achieve with the children. What are they learning? How are they being challenged? Your learning outcomes are vague. It seems to me you just haven’t put in much thought or effort. You’ll need to do them again and give them to me tomorrow morning for my approval. I hope you put in a better effort this time! Do you have any questions?’

Gita is so taken aback by what Tom has said that she shakes her head. Tom walks away leaving Gita to ponder his feedback.

Gita begins to cry – she feels that Tom’s feedback was harsh and unjust. As she reflects on what Tom said she begins to feel angry. What right does he have to speak to her like that? He doesn’t know her or the children. Layla had always been full of praise for her work. She certainly never criticised her planning. Gita decides that Tom is just throwing his weight around and she is the unfortunate victim.

As soon as she gets home Gita rings her friend Carla, who is an experienced EC teacher for advice.

 Assume the role of Carla who will provide advice for Gita:

  1. a)  Gita says that she is going to tell Tom his comments are unfair. She is angry and wants
    him to know that Layla has never given her such negative feedback. Write two pieces of
    advice you could give to her?
  2. b)  What advice could you give Gita about what she could now say to Tom (and how she could say it) to address her concerns?
  3. c)  Gita asks you if she should make any changes to her plans before talking to Tom. How would you respond and why?
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