Child Trafficking In China

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What are the solutions to end Child Trafficking?

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There are countless fiendish practices of human beings, that still questions the whole world about human civilization. Among all those, child trafficking is one of the worst practices that is still being carried out behind the mask of the so called human civilization. Most of the countries in the world are more or less involved in this despicable act, and to mention a few of them would really be worthwhile. Developed countries like Russia, China are involved in such loathsome activities, that human beings are forced to question their own existence as the smartest species on earth. Even Belarus, Venezuela and Iran are some countries who continue to practice in spite of the declaration of several laws and acts against child trafficking. There is a global racket of child traffickers that operate the whole system around the world. It is the responsibility of the United Nations Organization to act and take strict measures to diminish child trafficking.

It has become a global business for the child traffickers and the cartels all over the world. Children from the age of five to fourteen generally become the victims of this grotesque activity. This happens generally to children belonging from poor financial background and those who dwell in local slums. The child traffickers deploy those children in prostitution, forced labour and to some extent they often trade with the body organs of such underprivileged children. Countermeasures are mandatory in order to check this plague, which has become a real issue of significance in this society.        

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What are the solutions to end Child Trafficking?

According to the Human trafficking Centre Trafficking is “the recruitment or movement of someone within or across the borders through the abuse of power or position with the intend of forced exploitation, commercial or otherwise.” Though marginalized groups, displaced persons and minorities are vulnerable to human trafficking, it is crystal clear that children with broken family structure are victims of such situations (Shen, 2016). It is important to analyse few solutions or measures necessary to stop child trafficking that is the burning issue of our society today.

It is necessary to shed some light on the available information of Child trafficking in China. 

Firstly, it is important for the Chinese Government to enlighten the World with more information of the child trafficking cases existing in the country(Lockwood, 2017). Chinese government does not provide much information about the traffickers. Society is still under darkness regarding this issue. In order to resolve the issue public needs to know more about the issue. Chinese government though has adopted few laws from other countries and have revised the existing laws to handle this grave issue the laws have not enforced strictly yet. Anti-trafficking laws of China still does not criminalize all forms of human trafficking (Lockwood, 2017). The problem is gradually worsening because the laws are not enforced as strictly as it should be. According to a january 30 MPS article, Zhang Xinfeng implemented the trafficking plan with further measures which includes the raising awareness plan( Investigating and researching on the current number of trafficking crimes associated with Child trafficking can proved to be helpful in reporting the criminal cases. Each local criminal investigation is another way to solve the issue. It will further help in handling the gang-related crimes of trafficking children ( Chin, 2014). 

The states in which children trafficking occur to a great extent need to identified and recognized so that government can take effective measure against it. A detailed survey and several research works will help mitigating the issue. Enlargement of the crackdowns and strengthening punishment of the child traffickers are the best possible measures that can resolve this issue. Implementing several policies can combat trafficking inside China. China’s National plan of Action on Combating in Women and Children mandates focuses on few measures like establishment of a ministerial level joint meeting and national information and reporting system (Shen, 2016). National information and reporting system was established in order to improve the mechanism for information collection and exchange in order to combat the crime. It is necessary to generate a database based on the DNA information of the trafficked children and it is also necessary to generate a database based on the DNA information of the criminal suspects. This can be helpful for the Chinese government to identify the criminals as well as the trafficking victims(Rafferty, 2013). 

In order to combat child trafficking in China, and the countries where this activity is perpetuated without any resistance from the governments, or any institutional body, it becomes imperative for the governments and the guardians of the children to become aware of the necessity of . education(Lockwood, 2017). It is only by the means of the provision of proper education, that such a plague can  be eradicated from the world. Trafficking related crime can be fought by building awareness and education among the public and Law enforcement personnel (Shen, 2016). The crimes can be prevented by abolishing poverty, vocational training and education. The government needs to  Focus on the relief and rehabilitation of the rescued children by increasing the number of children who receive training, medical help and educational aid and increasing the number of rehabilitation centers and children’s homes as well as training agencies(Lockwood, 2017). 

Rescued children of school age must be returned and their mental health should also be taken under consideration with utmost concern. Children needs to be reintegrated into the society and different agencies should also strengthen the registration, management and protection of those children. The agencies needs to focus on the specialized archives and track the living conditions of the children (Shen, 2016). Both the physical and mental health of the victims needs to be dealt with utmost concern. The schools can also focus on the self protection of the children to fight their childlike gullibility of what the criminals take advantage. With the help of education the rate of child trafficking is expected to decrease but major actions on the part of the Government is required for that.

Public security agencies in states which are facing the major issues because of the trafficking problem should strengthen their efforts to combat trafficking. Launching anti-trafficking campaigns helps to aware the people of the society (Chin, 2014). Agencies can also investigate and punish the units who use child labor illegally. Different units or individuals who buy and sell or introduce abducted and trafficked children and engage them forcefully in sexual acts or labor need to face prosecution for their administrative and criminal liabilities(Lockwood, 2017).

Most importantly China needs to make strengthening international cooperation among police, United Nations of agencies. Different international entities need to be associated along with strong border control and entry-exit certificate inspection (Chin, 2014). Different laws need to be implemented in order to maintain the transparency of the entry-exit inspection. Cracking down on illegal activities including crossing the national border is also necessary. Border areas need special attention. Awareness regarding the laws needs to be spread and prevention measures needs to be enforced. Identification of such crimes is also an important factor. Supervision on the labor market needs to be improved (Lockwood, 2017). To prevent the child trafficking it is necessary to create awareness among different strata of society. The government, media, different NGOs play major role in combating child trafficking. In order to prevent child trafficking there needs to be a convergence of the Child Welfare Department and Rural action Groups also needs to participate. The traffickers need to be punished from the village level. Imprisonment needs to be mandatory action against the traffickers (Chin, 2014).

Social media can also be used as an effective weapon to abolish child trafficking. Both the government and public can fight trafficking by cooperating with each other. Implementation of the laws can only proved to be fruitful if the people are well aware of the laws and are willing to take action against this heinous practice(Lockwood, 2017). Some local police stations use Weibo accounts in order to raise awareness of this issue. Social media is a convenient medium not only as a platform for collecting information, it is also a helpful platform of conveying the measures and implementations among the public (Chin, 2014). A professor of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences initiated an act of kindness by opting for a campaign entitled as ‘Save Child beggars by taking photos of them’(Rafferty, 2013). 

This was an active way to accumulate the power that thousands of Weibo users have. This campaign attracts the attention on the misery of the child beggars who are the worst victims of human trafficking. Thousands of photographs featuring the misery of the child beggars and it proved to be effective as within a few months few children had been rescued and given back to their families. This step successfully raised the public concern and the severe problems of the victims came under the sight of the society. It also helped in enforcing lawful actions against the traffickers of the locality (Rafferty, 2016). This instance proves that social media can be used as a weapon to fight against such social illness.

From the evaluation it is evident that different measures and active enforcement of law are the primary factors that can help in the prevention of child trafficking. China is the largest country of Asia and the child trafficking of Asia concentrates largely on the trafficking happening in China. It is necessary to fight the prevalent situation and criminal activities need to be controlled with imposing powerful law against trafficking. Enforcement of powerful laws and basic social awareness can consider being primary aspects helpful in fighting this issue. Anti-trafficking campaigns and inclusion of self defense in the course work of different schools are helpful to make the children more concerned about their own safety. It is important that the children to some extent understand the importance and can be safe from the traffickers. Increasing information transparency also plays a vital role as it helps to build the knowledge of trafficking and also make the society aware of the facts.


Children are considered to be the future of any civilization. Child trafficking is a heinous mode of crime that not only destroys the future of the society but it also destabilizes both the physical and the mental health of the children. It is evident from the study that child trafficking is a grave issue that is existing in China. Children trafficking not only violate the basic human rights of children but it also it affects the wellbeing of their future. It is evident from the evaluation that imposing and implementing powerful laws against child trafficking and child labor are the major measures need to be taken under consideration by the Government. Gender inequality among the children is one of the major issues existing in China and it catalyzes the children trafficking as parents often engage in illegal adoption. From the data analysis few evident that child trafficking victimizes the children and have an adverse effect on their future. 

Illegal adoption of the trafficked children is  further problematical to the scenario. The impacts on the victims of children trafficking and the possible solutions offered in this study evidently suggest that these children need to be rescued from such agony. The major resolving process can be functioned by active cooperation of the Government. Lack of official data hinders the progress of the research works on this issue. Transparency regarding the information of child trafficking can also help the researchers who are willing to work on this issue. Several research works will help this issue to become a major public concern from being a social taboo and it will pave the way for future development of the victims.