Christchurch Ltd: Memorandum On Accounting Requirement

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Question 1

Christchurch Ltd is a large Australian retail company. The management of Christchurch Ltd are currently evaluating a number of investments that could be made by the company in the near future. These investments are: 

· Purchase 10% of the issued shares of Greymouth Ltd as a long-term investment. Greymouth Ltd is a successful company that has been very profitable over the past five years. Because it is expected that profits will continue to increase in the future, Greymouth Ltd’s share price has been steadily increasing along with dividend payments. 

· Purchase 40% of the issued shares of Wellington Ltd as a long-term investment. Wellington Ltd is also expected to be profitable in the future and its share price is expected to increase.

 · Purchase the assets and liabilities of Nelson Ltd for cash. Nelson Ltd has developed new digital technology that it has patented. Christchurch Ltd believes that obtaining this patented technology would give it a significant competitive advantage. 

· Purchase 80% of the issued shares of Hastings Ltd as a long-term investment. Hastings Ltd has a number of very valuable customer contracts. In addition, access to Hastings Ltd’s retail outlets would benefit Christchurch Ltd’s proposed plans for expansion. 


The management of Christchurch Ltd has asked you, as one of the company’s accountants, to prepare a memorandum to be distributed to the company’s shareholders that explains the accounting requirements for each of these investments. You are also asked to make any necessary references to the relevant accounting standards. An example of the memorandum format is included at the end of this assignment.

Question 2  5 marks

The latest versions of Australian accounting standards issued by the AASB are available on the AASB website:

 Review the current accounting standards on the AASB website and select two accounting standards that are not examined in this unit and which you consider might be important for you to have some knowledge about in your future role as a professional accountant.


(a) For each of the two accounting standards, explain why you selected that particular accounting standard. That is, explain why knowledge of the requirements of that particular accounting standard might be important or relevant to you as a professional accountant.

 (b) Identify and explain at least four activities that you could undertake once you have graduated to learn about the requirements of these two accounting standards.

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Memorandum format

Question One requires you to write a Memorandum. An example of a Memorandum, which you can use as a template, is shown on the following page


DATE:1 June 2018

TO:Students in ACCT19061 Advanced Financial Accounting

FROM:D. Keene

SUBJECT:Format for a Memorandum

A Memorandum is a formal written document that, as in this example, is headed at the top by MEMORANDUM in bold and centered. Below this are: (1) the date in full; (2) the person to whom the Memo is addressed; (3) the name of the person sending the Memo; and (4) a subject line that indicates the subject matter.

The body of the Memorandum begins with an introduction that identifies the subject and provides an overview of the contents. The length of the introduction should be no more than one paragraph but it depends on the needs of the reader: how much do they already know about the subject? This is followed by the discussion which moves through the points to be made in a logical order. At the end is a conclusion that reinforces and reiterates the main points made in the discussion.


The body of the Memorandum consists of a series of paragraphs that begin flush with the left-hand margin. One-and-a-half line spacing should be used and paragraphs should be separated by a space. A Memorandum does not contain a salutation (for example, ‘Dear Rebecca’) or a complimentary close (for example, ‘Yours Sincerely’ or ‘Regards’). Headings can be used to organize the material but these should not be overused. Headings should, as the example above indicates, be in bold so that they clearly stand out.

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Subject: Explanation for accounting Requirements by proposing the plan

The purchase consideration for the organization Christchurch Ltd has been evaluated. The evaluation has been made as per the consequences of the investment that are emancipated with the directives and policies entailed within the firm so as to generate higher profitability in the firm. 

The instances from the purchase of the 10% regarding the shares issued for Greymouth Ltd which has made the long term investments to accompany the justification of successful assessment with very much profitable perspectives in the last five financial period. The assessment has been derived from the regulations that will have to be derived from the issues of the shares made by the company. The shares are issued as per the initial public offerings by the companies. Therefore, it is judged that the issuing the shares and steady increase in the future value of the share price will depict that the requirement of the balance sheet has been needed in order to judge the specification through perceiving the business opportunities. The identification are needed to be empowered so that the firm can capitalize the judgement upon the following financial records which will estimate the current valuation required in understanding the business opportunities. It will be helpful to identify the profitability as the 10% share issued will generate the dividend payment of the firm by making proper settlement. In order to justify these progressive factors, better opportunities will have to be induced so as to control the functions of the business are needed to be assessed.

The purchase considerations of 40% has issued through determining the shares regarding the Wellington Ltd which has enabled the factors by which the firm can easily formulate the financial considerations with the activities of long term investments. In order to make the instances fruitful, it is evident in underpinning the profitable judgement for the future period is highly necessary. The share price has been deemed to enhance and thus the judgement has been made to reveal the opportunities in executing the process through which the business operations are needed to be enhanced. Thus the requirement of proper allotment of shares with the application is highly necessary. This will induce the formulation of different techniques that will increase the valuable features regarding the business associated within the firm. In order to justify the aspects of these important reserves, the judgement of accompanying this investment has identified the considerations upon identifying the share price that has to be controlled according to the variable assessment. Therefore, the significance has to maintain the features in order to enhance the suitability for proclaiming the assets that are required by the firm. Thus the importance regarding this assessment will entail that the firm will be highly sufficed with proper investments in the long run. 

The purchase upon the assets as well as liabilities has empowered the aspects in determining the business operation for the organization Nelson Ltd. The evaluation has entailed that the cash of the company has been utilized through developing the digital technologies which has been accustomed with the patent through intervening the aspects with the activation of prolonged reserves within the business. It will generate excessive competitive advantages in maintain the business that can augment the financial position of the firm. Moreover, the adjustments will be enhanced through identifying the features of the business that can easily formulate the business operations by successfully entailing the business regulations successfully. It will be determined from the techniques of evaluation that can generate higher volume of the reserves in maintaining cash flow. Therefore, the development will be assessed in accordance to the variation secured from developing the balance assessed from the justified approaches. On the other hand, the predominant effect upon the cash and their valuation has recommended about the concentration that will evaluate the feasibility enhanced from the overall perception belonging to the company’s overall assets and also the liabilities successfully. Therefore the adherence of the financial assets and liabilities will deem to maintain the balance sheet and other income statement required to inhibit the judgement regarding the account maintenance. 

The expansion plan for any investments within an organization is highly essential. It always depicts about the determination considering the activities judged from the essential movements of the shares that has been issued by determining the functions of the business. The opportunities gathered by Hastings Ltd has inhibited the through valuation that continues the judgement from assuming the facts that has necessarily influenced the persistent characteristics in maintaining solution through which the financial distress has to be evaluated. It will be enhanced through judging the factors that are required in maintaining the business for the Hastings Ltd. It will be valuable for the respective customers in maintain the valuation and assessment for regulating the operations of the business. It can be said that the planning purpose of the expansion regarding the business will be identified with the directives that can issue various perception in the business. 

Question 2

The standards accompanying the ASB 123 has focussed about the aspects of borrowing cost which signifies about the interest along with other costs which encounters with the entity by incurring the connection with the aspects through maintaining the borrowing regarding the funds. The qualification of the assets has been valued through the necessary steps that have taken the substantial effect of the time by entailing judgement that has maintained the readiness for the intended usage of sales. Therefore, the financial charges with the leases have recognised the aspects through maintaining the exchanges with proper differences that has aroused form the foreign currency and their currency (Schaltegger & Burritt, 2017). The significance has entailed about the intervention of AASB 124 through deriving the related party and the disclosure which has incorporated with the IAS 24 that has issued through the IASB as the compliance has ensured with the application of the non profit guidance that are generally enhanced the purpose of maintaining the financial statements. The objectives has settled the standard for ensuring the financial statement which has contained effective disclosure that are necessary for drawing the attention in making the possibility for strengthening the financial position and assessment of entire outstanding balance including the commitments (Mnif Sellami & Tahari, 2017).