Class Participation On Effective Communication In Contemporary Firms Assignment 1 Answer

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All assignment due dates are in the class schedule in this syllabus, so—short of major personal emergencies—there are no excuses, no extensions, and no exceptions.

Please speak to the instructor as early as possible about any major conflicts or schedule problems that you anticipate in order to work something out if possible.


Students often want to know how to succeed in a class or with a particular instructor. It usually comes down to the three Ps—preparation, participation, and professionalism. Further explanation of this part of the course can be found in the Assignment document under Assignment 1: Preparation/Professionalism/Participation.


During most weeks, we will be discussing the cases listed in the syllabus. Come prepared to answer the questions listed for each case (see class schedule). Your ability to add to the discussion is part of the participation points you receive for the week.



Total Point Value: 20 points per week

Type of Assignment: Individual

Audience for Assignment: Colleagues and instructor

Assignment Objective: Demonstrate that you can communicate effectively in contemporary forms to business audiences, including colleagues, supervisors, and clients, in appropriate ways about business issues.

Procedure: Complete asynchronous work 24 hours prior to the live session and attend live sessions every week, participating as described in the grading rubric.


This critical element is measured by completing the live session preparation homework each week. Each week, this syllabus serves as a roadmap of what must be done before a live session begins. All asynchronous content must be viewed, and any questions, file uploads, and so on requested during the asynchronous time must be completed. Any questions you have from readings and video should be posed to the course wall so your instructor can address them individually or in the live session. You will have homework assignments to complete each week, which, taken together, should form a rather complete basis for the course deliverables. Learning is best accomplished by doing.

The intent is not to create busywork but to ensure you have ample opportunity to apply your leadership knowledge to your understanding of your own context. See the assignment table for the maximum points for each assignment.


Attendance is critical to your success. Participation from each student is critical to the success of this online course. This course often uses in-class cases to practice the concepts discussed in recordings and readings. You may be asked to work in a group and share your conclusions in open dialogs with the class. An online course does not work unless you are an active contributor to this class. You all have something to contribute to our success. You should be paying close attention in class as evidenced by the video. At the end of each course, your instructor will be noting who contributed during the live session. Over the five sessions, your participation in the live sessions is worth 10% of your total grade, which means even if you score a perfect 100% on every assignment but never contribute to the live sessions, you will not receive an A.

  • You are expected to be in the live sessions each week. Our class is different without you, and we lose your perspective if you don’t attend.
  • Evidence-based comments: That is, when you comment on something in class, back up your comment with cited evidence supporting your opinion.


Students should conduct themselves so as not to disrupt the class, including but not limited to arriving on time, not conducting side conversations (chats) with other students, not doing work for other classes, and minimizing noise distractions to the class as a whole. Your contributions during the live sessions are expected (see above). Your contributions should be on topic and professional in nature. In short, conduct yourselves as if this were your place of employment and you want to remain employed.

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