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Clinical Reasoning Applied to Betty's Case

Written Assignment 1: Response 2 

Weight: 30%

Length: 750 words

Learning Outcomes

This assessment will allow the student to demonstrate competence in the following unit learning outcomes

2. critically analyse and utilise a range of assessment techniques and apply evidence based clinical reasoning in theory, clinical and simulated environments;

5. critique the history of prevention, public health and the evolution of health promotion in local, national and international contexts; and

6 demonstrate respectful and skillful interprofessional teamwork that values the contributions of each member of the health care team, to the management of chronic health problems.



Betty has recently been diagnosed with Colorectal cancer and undergone a series of treatments for her disease. Following surgery and chemotherapy, Betty experiences severe nausea and vomiting. Throughout Betty's diagnosis and treatment for bowel cancer, she will have a number of health professionals involved in her care. Betty is but one of many people each year diagnosed with bowel cancer, and these statistics are expected to increase with cancer diagnoses on the increase worldwide. Considering these issues answer the following questions:


1) Discuss the assessments including associated assessment tools for assessing Betty's nausea and vomiting. Your discussion should include information from the Betty case study (approx 250 words).

2) Identify two health care team members (other than nurses and doctors) involved in Betty's care in the community and discuss their primary role in the management of Betty's condition. Your discussion should include information from the Betty case study (approx 250 words).

3) Briefly outline key health promotion and prevention strategies that are in place in Australia to address cancer as a public health issue. Your discussion should focus on Cancers in general and consider the most prevalent strategies to address modifiable risk factors for the development of cancer (approx 250 words).


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