CNA151 Health And Health Care In Australia: Assessment Task 2 Answer

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Assessment Task 2

Case Study

Carla is a 54-year old woman who was born in a small coastal mining town. Her parents died when she was little, so she was raised by an older aunt. Her aunt did not know how to read and Carla struggled in school. She married John while in her late teens and had two children by the time she was 21 years old. Carla and her husband separated just after the birth of their second child. Carla had sole-parent responsibilities for the children.

Initially John helped financially, but when the youngest was only 5 years old the mine he worked in closed and he could not find consistent employment. He was working in a casual position when he sustained a head injury at work. John had felt okay at the time of the accident and was embarrassed and worried about the job, so did not report it or get treatment. Afterwards, he became forgetful and later developed depression. Despite being divorced, Carla takes care of John in times of crisis.

Carla had no trouble finding work when the children were little. She worked in grocery and retail positions around town. She and her neighbours shared childcare duties and would work opposite shifts. As the children grew up she found it harder and harder to stay employed and money kept getting tighter. With the closure of the mine, other businesses in town turned over quickly and more and more people left town. Many of Carla's life long friends have moved away. Currently, she volunteers at the RSPCA and makes a little money cleaning at the post office and the town hall.

Carla's children grew up and moved to the city looking for employment. Neither of them did well at school, but her son Robbie finished Grade 12. Her daughter Annie lives with her boyfriend Josh in a tiny one room apartment. Josh is working and going to school in the evenings. They are struggling to make ends meet. Annie is pregnant and has developed gestational diabetes. She feels very tired all the time and wants Carla to move to the city too. Carla wants to be closer to help her daughter but the cost of visits on public transport is prohibitive. Carla saves money for visits by eating toast for her evening meal, but can still only afford to visit monthly. Annie and Josh are excited about the baby but also worried about how they are going to be able to afford rent when the baby arrives. Josh is thinking about quitting school.

Assessment Task

  1. Examine the socio-demographic characteristics of the individuals in this case study.
  2. Identify key social determinants of health that are evident in the case study and explain their impact on the individuals in the case study.
  3. Select one of the social determinants identified and propose the best way(s) to address this issue in order to have an i mpact at a population level.
  4. Explore how health professionals can work to address social determinants of health.

Assessment Criteria

Criterion 1 - Analysis of the social determinants of health supported with

relevant literature, evidence and health data to the case study.

Criterion 2 - Justify a population level strategy or strategies engaging health

promotion theory to realistically address a relevant health determinant.

Criterion 3 - Explain ways in which health care professionals contribute to

addressing social determinants of health.

Criterion 4 - Demonstrate academic writing skills.

Word limit - 1200 words (+/- 10% i.e. 120 words). The word limit does not include your reference list. Please review how to cite and reference using the Havard System.

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