College Students Movie Review: Cultural Differences Assessment 4 Answer

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TOPIC:Cultural Differences – College Movie
Assignment 4Written & oral. 
Reflection paper - demonstrate what you have learned about values, perceptions, biases and group dynamics. 
Class discussion – demonstrates your ability to listen and response to different cultural values as well as express understand and express your own.
VALUE:   10%Includes written submission and demonstration of learning in the discussion class after the movie.


Objective links to the outcome and competency on course outline.
2.1 Identify characteristics of various cultures.
2.2 Describe how the differences in non-verbal behaviors, context, and attitude affect cross-cultural communication.
2.3 Explain how managerial approaches are affected by cultural diversity.
3.2 Identify potential challenges as a result of different cultures.

All questions are to be answered clearly and concisely in number bullet format and submitted in hard copy. 

Please use Calibri body or Arial narrow 12 pt. font with 1.5 spacing, number answers, and 

  1. Using bullets, please list and describe 5 things from the movie that resonated with you and why. (ie caused you ahha or moments that cause you to reflect on behaviors or conversations)
  2. List and describe 3 values and subsequent behaviors that you saw in the movie that offended you.
  3. For you, who was the worst character and give 3 reasons why?
  4. For you who was the best character and give 3 reasons why?
  5. Did this movie do anything to change your perceptions on racial bias? Why or why not?

For classroom discussion only, reflected on some of your own behaviors that may be considered bias, how did you come to have these biases? 

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Answer :

College Students Movie Review

Answer 1

In the movie, I have observed, how each of the characters was stereotyping each other and blaming at convenience as per the concern. 

  • The most “Ahha” moment during the movie,  was when Judith has described, that even when so many people are dying due to the pesticides, but her known cousins and people are dying due to the racial and cultural groups or systems and its unbiased schools.  
  •  The other "moments" was when the Khanh, described that even he is Vietnamese, but he is often referred to as the Asian person..  The perception formed is the stereotyping of a person and not relating to an individual as a single group (Russell, 2018)
  • The third “aha” moment was when the two students interacting with Mark Mason, mentions that even if they have an Asian name they have to use an American name such as “Helen Ye, to be part of the culture.
  • The fourth moment was when “Mark” and Brian discussing how based on the color the groups are segregated and also divided, for example when talking about the white color group, they are provided the most of the access and grants, while for the Brian he mentioned how the black color groups people are considered to be gangsters and are always looked down.
  • The "aha" moment was when the Judith, Tammy, and Khanh were discussing, what they visualize when someone says he/she is a Mexican American, African American or simply rationalizing by saying "not that kind of Indian". It indicates how the groups are formed based on the perception (Quillian, 2017).

Answer 2

The three values which one can see are the-:

  • Upbringing and stereotyping should be correlated. Going in the past, it would transform and continue in the coming future.  There would not be a sense of individualization and identification based on an individual.
  • The second value, was the respect which a group or any individuals when referring to a certain group such as "African” forms perception.
  • The third value is kindness when somebody is making a racial joke or referring to someone ascent.. Stereotyping based on the someone ascent and forgiving or ignoring the attitude, when receiving any stereotyping. 

The three behaviors which have been  an offended way the-:

  • When the reporters typecast the news by saying that Racial incidents ranging instead of regularly reporting it as how the two citizens were attacked in Georgia, Based on how the news is broadcasted, presented and reported, it creates mixed views and feelings relate to the content.
  • The other behavior which was seen, when stereotyping that white people are the gangsters as observed, the rights are decided based on the person's color, caste, and creed.
  • Lastly, when referring or discussing an individual such as “Khanh Tram" and mentioning he is an Asian, belonging in a group instead of taking him as an individual. Every person should be perceived as a unique person having their own individuality (Hudson, 2017)

Answer 3

As per me, Mark was the worst character as the kind of blames, segregation and the discussion pointers he has presented were lame and not in line with the cultural diversity topic.

  • Each of the characters was well convinced, presentable and had a convincing thought, while Mark had more like a perception thought, which was presented confusingly. 
  • As every individual in the discussion are presenting their unbiased and the rational thoughts, which are thought to provoke and engaging, only Mark presents in a dual manner, such as when he says that "Whites are gangster" or the whites have all sort of the privileges or rights to do their part, becomes wrong(Goering, 2018).
  • Lastly, his narrow thoughts when he mention how he has never seen "any black growing up", is discouraging and demotivating for the audience to listen. 

Answer 4

The best character in the movie was Judith, who has detailed about her daily struggle and provided detailed unbiased information from the everyday scenarios (Gibbons, 2019).

  • The opening line of the character was how the people are dying due to the pesticides, but due to the type of the schools, systems and the culture, they are killing more each other. 
  • The second thought was well explained that even when she faced so much discrimination and racial problems, still she survived managed to complete her studies and send back her money home to help her mom and sister. She was kind and considerate, along with fulfilling compassion towards life. 
  • Lastly, even if she has said so much from her experience how she experienced unbiased issues, racial discrimination, and various other problems, still she has shown a positive side in comparison. 

Answer 5

In my view, while it is convenient to segregate people based on their groups, individuality and as per the convenience, understanding the people as an individuality, belongingness and how the people should be viewed (Edelman 2017)

  • Every culture is enriching and upon researching one can find new and fascinating things. Instead of only finding a negative trait and being judgmental about it. 
  • At the same time, instead of forming a notion, wrong ideas and have a thought-provoking conversation, it is important to avoid any racial comments. 
  • Every simple individual and person should be treated in the same manner as they are respected and perceived as. It is also important to discuss the information or any peculiar custom, one has a heart about upfront instead of forming a  wrong perception about it (Russell, 2018)

Contribution to class discussions

While the entire movie was very thought-provoking and to engage, but some of the facts were disturbing and even offending such as thinking how the Latinos always work in the groups as they can be attacked at anytime (Goering, 2018). Most of the people can die from other diseases, but popularly they are killed due to racial thoughts, slurring, and discrimination. Overall, the ideas and discussion presented by various presenters were an eye-opener, but it is important to note how to have a free discussion and communication, which is not based on the body behavior, attitude and depending on the set cultural beliefs a person has formed and conveying. For example, if someone continuously says "you are a black person" or every dark-skinned person never progresses, can cause demotivating thoughts. Due to such thoughts, it creates confusion, disharmony and also results in forming a  negative relationship.