Communication Issues In Gilbane Company: Assessment 3 Answer

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Assessment 3: Report

Group/individual: I Group

Word count/Time provided: 3500 words

Weighting: 20%

Unit Learning Outcomes: ULO-1, UL0-2, ULO-3, UL0-4

Course Learning Outcomes: CLO-1, CLO-2, CLO-5, CLO-7, CLO-8, CLO-9

Graduate Attributes: GA2, GA7, GA8, GA11

Assessment Details:

The Team Project is meant to help you apply what you learn in the course to a project that your team will evaluate. This is a group project. Students will form groups of around four/five. Group should identify a case project. You should choose any professional project (not personal, like planning a wedding) to study. This project may be at your current place of work, but it cannot be one where the company already has PM documents developed (this relies on your academic integrity).

NOTE: Spelling, grammar, and punctuation ALWAYS count!! Instructions: Here are the deliverables that your Project Team will need to produce:

1. Select a project at your target company 2. Provide background of the case project 3. Develop Risk Management Plan including Risk Register, Risk Quadrant Analysis, and risk mitigation plan 4. Develop Quality Management Plan including at least 5 total metrics (qualitative and/or quantitative) 5. Develop Procurement Management Plan. Make a plan (including delivery system, contract type, procurement method) for acquiring something from 1-2 contractors or vendors 6. Develop Stakeholder Management Plan including conflict management plan.

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Answer :


Gilbane company involve many shareholders and involve in  various construction project. This raises the ambiguity in communication and process of information wwhich impact relationship among different stakeholder holding the projects. The most common issues in Gilbane building company is by the construction manager in getting information or relaying communication of construction team. The existing project management team is working on managing/ solving the issues at various the stages of the projects. The usual outcome are reworking on the issues due to miscommunication and delay information given to the parties.

the Gilbane Building Company has been found to be extremely divided with reported cases of delays by the customers and the contractual workers due to paper work in business operations. In recent scenario, it has been witnessed that vulnerability has spread among various stakeholders and their interest, along with their business and political goals. On the other hand, risk-contracting models of exchange have been found to lack management of such conditions. Exposure to paperless business communication will further progress affecting these activities and can be taken as high level of relationship amalgamation among all stakeholders and improved organizational performance.

The data are huge in carrying out every construction project. It has to be more precise and gain good control over the construction information flow. Some of the construction industry has adopted a way of effectively circulated the information rather than that conventional paper format (Orantes-Jimenez,, 2015). Bring  a paper less environment  on construction location has an effort by construction manager from past decades. Bringing in use the digital document management softwares, construction companies can transmit the information from any part of the world as completing stage of the project, progress in the work and effective communication or flow of information to every level of the group. Gilbane Building Company brought approach for uplifting paperless environment in construction industry. The company can able to target the achieve data by bringing in the advantage of technologies which has spread so fast in todays generation like the electronic media of tablet and ipads. These gadgets has facility of storing and saving the design of the construction, field workers to show how the model would be, many more technique not image before. The advantage of being paper less is enormous. It reduces the costing, helps in streamline the information and decision and increases the team work among the hierarchy. Without fail it gives every bit of detail about the project updates between all the workers and ignores the non productive informations. Delay in the project management process cause poor performiance as per standard. Managing of project comes normally from the experience of the person who has performed out the task efficiently and in the same industry for long years. This kind of practices brings large shift in management practices and built important impact on coordination and controlling the flow of industry information (Li, & Hu, 2017).

There is a formation of a iBuild venture  which will be used to convey the task details, daily reports, meeting minute and construction drawings also.. And the task collision board will be coordinating the venture primarily, and the compromise from the all the members of the organization. There are a lot of harmful elements that are related to the construction project in Gilbane Building company in reality such as cumbersom administartion of , issues related to the government it in power, weather conditions etc. In addition to this, there have been blunders of judgment in the economy, controversies related to the mechanical development, the limitations to advance technological adaptation, and other natural hindrances (Ugale,,2017). In order to accomplish good and favorable results for the project, it is important that the best form of methodology must be used to fight these harmful elements and threats.


Project manager

 Project team




2.  Project charter

 Three phases in the project charter which comprises of the documentation, development of iBuild software and training of  IT manager, team leader, the project team 

 The project group is supposed to deliver the following results:

  • Complete the process of improvement in the conveyance showing effective results, that the plan meets the requirement according to the plan.
  • Faster construction activities with effective practical results as mentioned in the development plan
  • Consent amongst all the partners of the project, both external and internal towards the completion of the project at general level including its development, movement and portability such as cargo and shipment.


Project charter

Project charter 2

3. Procurement Management process

When a wide variety of assets have been obtained in a venture, it is said that it has been successfully dealt with. In many cases a formal contract is required for the transaction to take place. Therefore, at administration of a formal and fundamental contract with relevant information is absolute necessity. Different contracts & agreements attract different types of practices by the contractual workers. All these must be coordinated well with the requirements of the venture. Such as the procedures of commencing the project, assessing the necessary requirements, arranging for the resources etc (Lawal, 2016).  In addition to this, mapping the contract as per the planned schedule is a basic requirement. In Gilbane building company, to implement iBuild software, its improtant to pay attention procurement management plan.

Procurement management plan Conducting and managing the procurement Controlling the procurementClosing the procurement
 Identifying the seller from whom the resources will be procured and arranging for the required documentation for  both the buyer and the seller.
4-5 IT companies will be contacted who will be able to fullfill the requireemnt of software development
 Obtaining quotations from   potential sellers, replying to their queries, selecting the best suitable  seller and offering him the contract.

Through emails, meetings and telephonic conversations, quotation will be obtained. Lowest quote with quality will be accepted
 It is basically referred to as managing the relationships between the buyer and the sellers, monitoring their performance as per the Contract schedule and making any modifications wherever required
A contract will be made which will bind both parties. It will also help to monitor the progress of vendor work of software development
This refers to completing the the purchase of all elements required for the project completion

In this phase, software development wil be completed. The company will install software and provide user training to relevant stakeholders.

It is necessary that the contract at the proprietor level is legally binding and all the standards are met as per the legal authority requirements. It is also necessary that the percentage of risk involved is perceived well before hand. So, that the agreement that is being accepted by both the Gilbane Building company and IT company is clear and precise. The risk is basically dependent upon the reliability of IT Company. Also, the scope of the project must be extremely clear to all the parties. In absence of clarity will result in the agreement being   modified or altered in the later stages. Therefore, the contract must be acceptable by both parties. So, that they are energized and willing to work for the organization.  The goals and objectives of the vendor company should be consistent with the goals of the organization as per the Contract. So, that there is reliability and trust amongst the team. In other words, it is necessary that the organization must focus upon winning the task rather than letting down the other Rival organization.

The final goal of introducing paperless business operations the Gilbane building company must be kept in mind at all times, rather than just offering aggressive attitude towards the project team and other employees for delay and lack of communication. Therefore, the staff and the team members must be supported and provided with appropriate time and data. The offer made to the client must be best possible deal. So, that it becomes compelling and attractive. Hence, it is necessary that the planning is done keeping in mind all the factors and a sufficient time spend for the requirement expected from IT company.

In the interest of the best possible deal quatation from vendor, it is important that the management and planning of the project is efficient and effective. Ventures that have wide scope should be characterized along with the growth of the project and the agreement must be flexible enough to make space for the modified outcome. If the relationship between the client and the contractor is not smooth, then the venture will suffer accordingly.

Fixed price contract

 It is up to the contractor to determine the cost of the project based on the assessment made by his team, as per the Contract requirement. The rate has to be specified for the work that needs to be done in the contract (De Marco, 2018).. It is often seen, that there is rivalry between the workers who are deployed on a temporary basis by the contractor for a specific task and those who are permanently appointed by proprietor for all his Ventures. Therefore, the rate decided by the team should be based on the requirement of the software development.All this should be made clear before the project commences.

Lum Sum Contract

This contract is the total set of contract which helps in completing the extent work.  Such contract is generally used in the field of electrical, mechanism and process establishment. Such agreement brings the easy way for customer like the last cost, various varieties, the beginning, and competition from different buyers, which in a way guarantee the cost is affordable. This gives a platform for contractual worker to give the work efficiently. Work finishes faster, nature of work has value. There is less observation required as per the data. However, lum sum contracts are not suitable for Gilban Building Company to implement paperless process.

4. Risk Management

4.1 Risk framework

Bringing chnages in already established routines brings more risk and susceptible than numerous other aspect of construction management company like Gilbane Building company. It increases the risk faced by management. In this, employees are involved and the cost bear by management, the organization is the last payer of the risk (Sharma & Ram, 2016). It is tough to get the employees to work and adjust in new business processes. They might show  resistance to new business process. Time plays important role in fulfilling requirement of fast development. Cost, time and quality all aspects of organizational performance get affected if employees refuse to accept new process. Cost involves getting incentives in finishing the task in span period of time. Quality involve special estimate involves security and right for the reason (Aziz,. The importance of this relate from customer to customer. Most of the output of any unfavourable condition ends up with cost. 

The type of risk and susceptible describes the situation where real situation dip down from the real fact of figure. Following are process of risk assesment.

1.Establish the context

2.Identify the risk

3.Analyse the risk

4.Evaluate the risk

5.Treat the risk

risk assessment

Identify riskAnalysing riskEvaluate risk
It take care of every single influence of risk to the organisation. It involves the seeing the future by knowing the occurrence of the risk involved.Arrangement of the risk by which risk can be taken care and assessing the higher or lower risk. Its cost benefit analysis of risk.
Communication and consultationTreatment of riskMonitoring
This involve the measures of issue happening or less raise of issues or bringing the high issues to low .It is an increasing process where characterized are allocate are conveyedMonitoring means to take measures at actual. To take such step the risk monitoring at every stage and related information bring in notice.  

With all the factors highlighting about the risk is ready for the venture. General occurrences of dangers are noticed while development of venture as follows:

  1. Postponing of software development
  2. Resistence by employees
  3. Fail to complete the project under predetermind conditions or cost/
  4. Fail to provide effective user training
  5. Data theft
  6. Security attack

4.2 Risk Register

Risk register is compliation of all risk and their potential impact on organization(Mace,,2015).

risk register

4.5 Risk Matrix

Risk Matrix is pictorial represenation of risk and their potential impacts(Knutson,  & Huettel, 2015).

Qualitative Risk: Possibility of risk if the cause is l/m/h

Qualitative risk does not take statically risk in account to calculate the chance of occurrence and distribution.

It helps the choice creators to identify the impact and chances

Judge the risk scale on the basis of likelihood and impact.

Very low            Low                  Medium              High                   Very High               
Very low




Very high


4.6 Risk Management Technique

During partnership being in touch with corporate establish the process is more complicated than exchanging the risk to an outsider by protection contract. Risk is fluctuation and need constant observation. Administration takes responsibility till the end of the project. Assigning the risk are taken care process and monitoring keeping the risk factors. Reaction to the risk or mix four fundamental points

  1. Maintaining risk
  2. Low Risk
  3. replace risk
  4. Risk avoidance
Factor in riskMeasures in risk
Management mistake carried by employeesEmployee as best individual, appreciated, meeting with group, audits , adjustment within the system by knowing how and when
Discrepancies in timetable and costInvestigation case of business, reuse of the same process,  adjustment in time table and more time on plan setting
Need and assigned requirement donot matchMutual understanding between both parties, not accepting the situation in early start of the business, case study of business
Lack of engineering, quality and implementation
Reproduction, standards, showcasing, tuning

Adjustment as per the situation ariseData coverage, changes in increments, shift in the process of administration, shuffle in stakeholders
Problem in the setupRecreating, designing of getting better
Problem with odd jobs done by work externallyIssue rises with the odd job take on interior area

5.Quality management

5.1 PDCA cycle

There are many approched which can be implemented for the Gilbane building company. Deming cycle of PDCA is choosen for the current project to maintan the quality (Pietrzak, & Paliszkiewicz, 2015).. There are four components in PDCA cycle.

a. Do- Implement the paperless operations

b. Check- measuring the results with the established standards

c. Act-Make action plan to close the gap between expected and actual performance

d. Plan- Plan the upcoming cycle for better performance.

5.2 Five measurement of quality management

Cost of quality- Explanation of this matrix is same as the matrix of sounds. Acquiring the cost by the organization in bring out the output of quality product. For more simplifying these cost incurred two main categories:- 1. Good quality cost 2. Poor quality cost. In the case of Gilbane company, project manager should calculate the cost of implement the quality management and compare it with poor quality due to lack of proper quality management. There is no use of paperless system if iBuild doesn’t perform with quality

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). 

Quality of the product is an important role player in the industry. Major businesses are affected by the quality of work. The way of calculating OEE formula:

 OEE = Availability × Efficiency × Quality

Firstly, OEE calculates the frequency of asset is reachable to the end user. Secondly, when a commodity is being taken place for the end user, OEE calculates the asset bring out the maximum productivity. Thirdly for those products or services that are produced ,OEE calculates in percentage the quality specifications.

In the case of Gilbane Building House

Availability is accessibility of iBuild to employees or stakeholders.

Efficiency is reduction os paper in project communication

Quality is performance of iBuild to provide timely information.

3.Percentage of products in compliance. 

One of the critical matrix method used by various industries to supervise are like medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fmcg. Not only the above, the industry like automotive, aerospace, and defense are also adopting this method and help plays an important role. It calculates the percentage of the product goes with the rule of government norms and guidelines. Sometimes it is difficult for organization to update their employees with the new technology. In the case of Gilbane building company, iBuild shouldn’t breach any governemnt law and regulation specifically data bearch, privacy law and confidentiality laws.

4.On-time and complete delvery of product

The product quality cannot be considered at par if the final delivery of the services are  delayed.  The one time completion shipments matrix graph is easy to learn by this technology whereas different companies have different ways to see the matrix

LNS Research say this metric defines the percentage of on time product delivery which comprise with no issues. In the case of present project, smooth flow of information without delay to releavnt stakeholders.

5.New products introduction (NPI). 

NPI as a metric tells about the brief knowledge of  new product first time comes into market when is the accurate time to come with the volume and end user.  

The percentage of profit depends not only how efficiently the industry is marketing the product but also how essentially the industry is touching the NPI target. In the case of Gilbane building company, introducing paperless process is new initiative in construction management.

6. Stakeholder management plan

6.1 Stakeholder Analysis

Management of Gilbane building house is have method and various mode of handling the effect of negative aura and bring the positive change in the environment. It include four steps

  1. To appoint creditable person
  2. Knowing their interest and impact
  3. Design and handle communication 
  4. Able to convince the stakeholder

Questions to consider when assessing stakeholders are:

  1. How the work been carried out after appointing stakeholder?
  2. Will the appointed person encouraging, unsupportive or two minded?
  3. What would be their prospect of looking and managing?
  4. What perspective impresses the stakeholder in the project?
  5.  Who will select the stakeholder? 

There will be two types of stakeholders i.e. Internal and externals. The internal stakholder for current project is employees, project team, project manager and management, owner.

External stakeholders are vendors, government, clients, sub contractors etc.

6.2 Stakeholder Mapping

Its process of research and discussion about the overall ability of stakeholder to influenece the project and to implement appropriate strategies to get maximum support from stakeholders (Reed & Curzon, 2015).

This type of Program helps the stakeholder in mapping the project and the level of program, defines the responsibility and action of the manager of the project and manager of the program individually.

The maps were design to keep in consideration where the stakeholder interest lying. The interest of project manager should be appointment as per the design project level map, and those who have interest in multiple projects or in carrying the business should designated in programme level map. Such stakeholders who like to be a part of multiple projects should distinguish their liking and pressure respectively. Interest of stakeholder plays an important role in distinguish which programme to lead to for effective usage.

We can keep stakeholders of Gilban company to following matrix

Keep informed
Project team
Project manager

Manage closely
Sub contractors


Keep informaed
Government and other law agencies.

6.3 Stakeholder communication plan

InfluenceImpactObjectivesModesFrequencyStrategy to get support
OwnerHighHighOrganizational performanceMeetings,reportsOnce in weekKeep them informed about project progress
Project teamHighHighProject performanceMeeting, phone, emailsdailyKeep them satisfied
VendorsLowLowPerformance managementEMailsOnce a weekMonitor them
ClientshighLowEnd servicesEmails and meetingsOnce in monthMonitor them
GovernmentLowHighLaw and orderEmailsAs requiredKeep them informed

BY this method a communication management process can be set or design to bring effective measure in the Gilbane Building company. Right strategies and responsibility are designated to get the support from stakeholder working in the company in mapping the responsibility to carry out the task efficiently.

BY this method it is clear that stakeholders assign only one communication management plan and no confusion of shuffling messages. To avoid the flow of communication errors in the organization and end user.

The documentation of stakeholder will be taken care by programme support with the help of communication officer if needed. It also built bridge between corporate communications or portfolio support function, which one comes in to the picture.


With the constant shift in technology and its application are rapidly taking place by something better approached and more handy. The recent three project management software system have confirmed that it is workable from paper based job site to shift to electronic job site. From the use of paper to the use of technology, the journey has come with more specific and reliable data to present to the management and in front of end user. By adopting such technology its has helped in lowing the cost of the organization, brings up effective communication and increase the capability of decision making  which has resulted in  efficiency among teamwork , reduces redoing of work, trust. In short period of time it has swayed in jobsite. Gilbane has increase/ uplift the bar from standard paper filled form to large screen monitor, the revolution of paperless plan has ruled. The mobility in the industry has gazed the speed from lock box kiosks with set of drawing to laptops on rolling carts to ipads and tablets where drawing stored in cloud. The information stored in the form of pdf and cloud has bring the life of designer and field workers to see the project content and association that never has seen before. Centralized data has played an important role in making the information more vital to different constituents. By learning small small things and approving the project management more crystal clear. This technology has shown lots of waste that has come out from the communication silos and the process involved in redoing the work has almost to zero. Some benefits cannot bring into notice like owner relaxation regarding flow of management of project, initiatives of new business and more risk factors involved. Author’s is more focusing on the cost and profit benefit process by project management software system. Which will bring a major help to any competitive industry to use and to examine quantify the cost saving to the industry.