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Which communication theories that you have researched and applied, provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event?

Draw on the materials and subject matter of Module One and the skills developed through Module Two. With reference to three communication theories (or concepts, or aspects of theories), analyse the communication event you have observed. In your essay compare and contrast the usefulness of the selected communication theories / concepts for analysing the event. Reference the essay correctly (using in-text referencing as well as a list of references at the end of your essay), in Harvard style using the SCU Library online Harvard Referencing Guide.

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Assessment 2: Communication Theory


The article is about identifying the communication theories which applies to modern day communication. The conversation between a business owner and an upcoming franchisee head in a cafe over a business expansion proposal will be evaluated in my analysis. The communication theory which has been applied to this assignment is public opinion process which talks about the quality of an individual in convincing the other person within a short period of time (Pang et al. 2018). During the analysis journals and books were consulted and the observations have been said in details in the rest of the assignment. 

Communication Event 

The event which has been observed live is basically the discussion between is the proposal of a franchise chain to partner with an already existing business in the outskirts of Australia is the focal point of this discussion. The aspect of kinesics has been bare minimum a in a formal discussion there is no question of a physical touch between the two individuals and as usual there was none (Kim, Krishna and Dhanesh, 2019). Both of them were seated in a chair opposite to each other, with a laptop and coffee and talking in a slightly informal tone at times. The tone and pitch of the franchise owner was tensed as he was looking for the deal to get started which would give him brisk business throughout the year. The gestures and facial expression of the established business owner was also positive and energetic while the franchisee owner was little tensed owing to the insecurity regarding that deal. So as far as paralanguage was concerned both of them maintained formal tone which is in sync with the public opinion process theory which harped on convincing people (Zakakis et al. 2019). Here the franchisee owner was trying his best to pitch for a collaborative business plan which would help him to thrive in the retail sector. 

There was a great disruption in the form of noise and music as the café was playing songs and live performances were on. Furthermore people talking about lot of things in close vicinity of the two individuals were distracting the two individuals a lot and often they were bending forward to clearly listen to each other’s voice which was problem in the whole conversation. There was severe perceived attribution errors as the desperation of the franchisee owner must have sent signals to the enterprise owner that his current state of trade is not sufficient and is not n a sustainable growth momentum. Often these issues make people build a completely wrong image in the minds of the people and tend to misguide most individuals (Ferguson, 2018). The feedback from both parties was positive it seemed as instead of getting into arguments or heated discussion they maintained extremely cordial behavior all throughout the discussion which lasted for 30 minutes and they were actively listening to each other. Sometimes during the end the flow of discussion were hampered and the business owner was observing his mobile phone while the franchisee owner was speaking on. The last five minutes the communication seemed broken and was not the same as was happening previously. 

Event Analysis and positioning 

The theory of public opinion process depends on four major factors which include opinion, belief, attitude and value. The discussion as mentioned above has been smooth flowing as apart from opinion, the other three characteristics of attitude, value and belief were pretty similar for both individuals as they are entrepreneurs and are looking to strike big deals and establish their brands further. As DeVito (2019), noted the difference of opinion is common in any discussion and until the end results are assessed it is nearly impossible to realize whether the clashes and conflict of opinions have negatively impacted the result or not. The concept of collective dynamics comes into play during discussions when “public perceptions are opinionated as similar to individual thought process” which might hamper the communication system with pre-conceived notions (Frandsen and Johansen, 2018). Moreover the agenda setting theory is also observed in this conversation as the sole purpose of these two individuals meeting each other is to speak out about the growth prospects each one will have in building up their respective careers and move closer towards their vision. 

The learning from this research has been extremely great for the researcher has learnt a lot about observational learning and applying theories into real life events has improved the practical knowledge. Focusing on two individuals has allowed the researcher to gain a deep insight into the minds of enterprise owners and the way they feel like dealing with upcoming ventures (Pickett, 2019). However if the timing and scope would have been little longer then a lot more detailing was possible. Furthermore applying communication theories has opened up the scope of further research in live communication analysis, and the researcher would look forward to observe multiple discussions and analyze the ways through which it is moving. 


The most useful insight has come from the agenda setting theory which has helped in understanding the importance of convincing and pitching prospective individuals about goals and objectives of business and convincing them to collaborate with the proposal. It will help a long way in generating ideas about dealing with people and the formal way of talking has been an important lesson in realizing most of the deals that happen outside the workplace and moreover the observational skills have also improved quite a bit.