COMP2003 Analyse And Document Security For SME Assessment 3 Answer

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Unit Securing Networks

Unit code COMP2003

Assignment 3 Analyse and document security for a SME Group assignment

Task Description

In assignment 1, you have successfully implemented the network in Packet Tracer and performed important steps to secure the network.

Now they have called you to assist them with their updated network after a security breach.

They believe that the break-in occurred through either:

  1. one of their servers
  2. through sniffing data in transport from the remote network to the main network.
  3. the Wi-Fi one of the employees decided to bring and connect. The intruder got a lot of data including confidential files and a copy of usernames and password from the servers so they would like you to assist them upgrade their security more.

You will need to complete the following tasks

  • Task 1: Consider the network and devise strategies that will secure the following:
  1. the remote office’s connection to the main office as it is not using any encryption.
  2. remote access to the servers so passwords are not sent over the wire in clear text.
  3. encrypted Wi-Fi for employees.

You must provide at least 2 (two) options for each.

  • Task 2: To ensure that this doesn’t occur again and assist with analysis you must advise why a monitoring service would benefit them and provide a suggestion as to what the service will monitor.
  • Task 3: Conduct a vulnerability analysis on the servers using OpenVAS. Each person must conduct one analysis, one server per person. Servers are in the VM’s folder at the COMP2003 Google share.

With your colleague you will need to share the results of your audit and compare them before producing the report.

Assignment 2 marking guidelines

The following are the major assessment criteria of this assignment

Task 1: Network Encryption

  • Select a suitable network encryption architecture for each problem and justify the selection
  • Advise how each option provides an improvement to the security
  • Provide a conclusion as to which option would be best

Task 2: Network monitoring

  • Correctly identify the devices to be monitored
  • Advise why you think the devices should be monitored
  • Advise which system you propose to monitor with.

Task 3: Network vulnerability scanning

  • Provide a brief overview of the history of OpenVAS and its commercial cousin.
  • Provide a copy of the OpenVAS report (screenshot or PDF) with the top 5 results.
  • Determine the possible server that had the breach and what you believe was the attack vector.

(Check the OpenVAS lab)

Format and Presentation

Final Report

Each student will need to provide a final report to the organisation which must also contain your colleague’s information and provide your own conclusions.

Task 1: You are required to record a short video clip (10 min max) to explain your task 1. In the video, you will:

  • Provide your details e.g. your name, student id, year and the unit you are studying
  • Provide a short description of your options
  • Provide your final conclusion of which option you would choose and why.

Finally, publish your video on YouTube or some other place to store your recording. Use the unlisted option if you do not want the video to be viewed in public. Copy the link to your video and paste it under the task-1 section of the document template provided with this assignment

You will also need to provide a written version of the same information.

network diagram

Task 2 and Task 3: You must provide a report to the client. Use the template provided with this assignment for this tas

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