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Assessment Task 3: Company Analysis

In this individual assessment you will select a company from the industry you have analysed as a team in Assessment 1 and develop a new and/or revised strategy for this organisation in Australia1. The focus in your analysis should particularly be on understanding the internal environment of this organisation and developing a new and/or revised strategy that logically flows from this analysis. Overall your work should result in a series of actionable strategy recommendations for this company.

You may choose your specific company but you MUST obtain approval from your lecturer before beginning your assessment. This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment, so you must choose a different company in the industry from those of your team members

Written report: 2500 Words (+/- 10%), excluding Cover Page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, References, and Appendices.
Unit learning outcomes:
Completing this assessment will help you achieve the following unit learning outcome:
  1. Assess external and internal business environments that contribute to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.
  2. Communicate complex information that relates to an organisations strategy formulation and implementation.
  3. Create strategic options for the future of an organisation that fit the external and internal environments.
Course learning outcomes:
Completing this assessment will help you achieve the following course learning outcome/s:
  1. Communicate business knowledge, concepts and advice persuasively and clearly in both written and oral formats, using relevant technology [AQF7 S4]
  2. Demonstrate effective written communication, suitable for a given context, medium and intended audience.


Before starting this assessment, you should have read the relevant chapter/s of the textbook. You are also expected to search for information beyond your textbook.


As an individual strategy consultant you have been contacted by a company from the industry you have analysed with your fellow strategy consultants (in Assessment Task 1). This company wants you to develop a new and/or revised strategy to compete in this industry within Australia. The client company can be an existing competitor, but also an overseas company that might consider entering the Australian market.

If Assessment 1 has been conducted for an industry in Sri Lanka, this context should be the focus in this final assessment (so that both analyses will match).

Based on your comprehensive analysis of this company you are to report to the company’s board of directors on the strategic options available and the one you would recommend for the company to pursue. You will need to take into account the company’s current situation and its ability to implement the strategy.

You will need to address the following issues:

  • Describe the company’s current strategic approach by discussing its business-level strategy, corporate-level strategy, international-level strategy, and cooperative strategies.
  • Identify key strategic strengths and weaknesses of this company (using tools such as the value chain, VRIN/VRIO framework, core competencies and the BCG matrix).
  • Develop and evaluate at least three new strategic options in-depth.
  • Provide some actionable recommendations for your preferred strategic option.

In researching and presenting your analysis:

  • Use relevant market intelligence databases, media reports and company resources (see the Library website) to support and justify your observations. At least 10 different references should be included in your analysis.
  • Use relevant strategic frameworks, models (e.g. BCG matrix, dynamic SWOT, evaluation models).
  • Make sure your written report is professionally presented. Make sure that the report is cohesive, analytical, and does not have conflicting information.
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