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Competency Demonstration Report (CPD): Electrical Engineer

University: University Of Nairobi


Write Competency Demonstration Report (CPD) for an Electrical Engineer CDR?



After the completion of my engineering, my aim was to cater technical competence in my project activities, which eventually helped me in acquiring the given qualities: 

  • Retaining and enhancing effectiveness in the workplace
  • Maintaining technical domain
  • Help, influence and lead others
  • Successfully deal with the changes in the professional scenario
  • Serving the community in an evident manner

Trainings undertaken: 

  1. Title of Training: GFA

Roles Performed:

Energy Consumption Data Bases and Energy Audits of Public Buildings

Knowledge Gathered: 

  • Knowledge of maintaining Databases
  • Proper Auditing practices to cater the changes in billing aspects of an organization
  • Efficient Energy Management practices
  • Title of Training: Jordan Engineering Association

Roles Performed: Construction supervision

Knowledge gathered: 

  • To use the elements of project management in an effective manner
  • To optimize the existing resource parameters in a convenient manner
  • Planning and Quality Control of the Project
  • Construction Division
  • Title of Training: Energy Efficiency in Public buildings

Roles Performed:

Photo Voltaic System Design and specification 

Knowledge gathered:

  • To understand the specific elements of Photo Voltaic system design
  • To maintain energy efficiency scenario in the public buildings
  • Title of Training: JMTS

Departments Involved:

  • Planning and Optimization division
  • Performance and Quality division

Roles Performed:

  • Planning the entire project schedule in a relevant manner
  • Obtaining the Project deliverables
  • Optimizing the existing constraints to obtain the utmost result

Knowledge Gathered:

  • To understand the primary linkage of the project activities
  • To analyze the effect of constraints in obtaining the end result of the project

Further Studies:

 I am planning to opt my M.Tech degree from the University of Jordan very shortly

Final Year Project: 

I have completed my final year project under the topic “Security in Computer Networks”

Personal Development Courses: 

I have conducted a variety of personal development courses to brush up my skills about the practical field, which are listed in the columns below:

  • Comprehensive Undergraduate Courses in Computer Networks
  • Internet Protocols and Java Network Programming
  • Ms Excel and Ms Access Applications
  • Web Page Designing using HTML
  • Basic Knowledge of Java
  • Oracle 10g DBA
  • Oracle SQL Knowledge

Services to the Engineering Profession

Ministry of Education, Ammam, Jordan from December 2011 to present date

  • Conducting site surveys and electrical maintenance in schools and service buildings
  • Participation of site handover and work delivery committees
  • Auditing contractor bills of quantity
  • Supervising maintenance and construction projects

UtilNet- Telecommunication Engineer

  • Building of modular schema for fixed telecommunication networks for inventory and documentation purpose
  • Reading manuals and preparing telecommunication equipments
  • Coordinating between the team members to obtain the desirable deliverables

Education Competency:  

  • University of Jordan: Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from 2001-2006
  • Al-Khansa’a Secondary School: Higher Secondary degree
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