Competency Demonstration Report (CPD): Electrical Engineer

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University: University Of Nairobi


Write Competency Demonstration Report (CPD) for an Electrical Engineer CDR?

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After the completion of my engineering, my aim was to cater technical competence in my project activities, which eventually helped me in acquiring the given qualities: 

  • Retaining and enhancing effectiveness in the workplace
  • Maintaining technical domain
  • Help, influence and lead others
  • Successfully deal with the changes in the professional scenario
  • Serving the community in an evident manner

Trainings undertaken: 

  1. Title of Training: GFA

Roles Performed:

Energy Consumption Data Bases and Energy Audits of Public Buildings

Knowledge Gathered: 

  • Knowledge of maintaining Databases
  • Proper Auditing practices to cater the changes in billing aspects of an organization
  • Efficient Energy Management practices
  • Title of Training: Jordan Engineering Association

Roles Performed: Construction supervision

Knowledge gathered: 

  • To use the elements of project management in an effective manner
  • To optimize the existing resource parameters in a convenient manner
  • Planning and Quality Control of the Project
  • Construction Division
  • Title of Training: Energy Efficiency in Public buildings

Roles Performed:

Photo Voltaic System Design and specification 

Knowledge gathered:

  • To understand the specific elements of Photo Voltaic system design
  • To maintain energy efficiency scenario in the public buildings
  • Title of Training: JMTS

Departments Involved:

  • Planning and Optimization division
  • Performance and Quality division

Roles Performed:

  • Planning the entire project schedule in a relevant manner
  • Obtaining the Project deliverables
  • Optimizing the existing constraints to obtain the utmost result

Knowledge Gathered:

  • To understand the primary linkage of the project activities
  • To analyze the effect of constraints in obtaining the end result of the project

Further Studies:

 I am planning to opt my M.Tech degree from the University of Jordan very shortly

Final Year Project: 

I have completed my final year project under the topic “Security in Computer Networks”

Personal Development Courses: 

I have conducted a variety of personal development courses to brush up my skills about the practical field, which are listed in the columns below:

  • Comprehensive Undergraduate Courses in Computer Networks
  • Internet Protocols and Java Network Programming
  • Ms Excel and Ms Access Applications
  • Web Page Designing using HTML
  • Basic Knowledge of Java
  • Oracle 10g DBA
  • Oracle SQL Knowledge

Services to the Engineering Profession

Ministry of Education, Ammam, Jordan from December 2011 to present date

  • Conducting site surveys and electrical maintenance in schools and service buildings
  • Participation of site handover and work delivery committees
  • Auditing contractor bills of quantity
  • Supervising maintenance and construction projects

UtilNet- Telecommunication Engineer

  • Building of modular schema for fixed telecommunication networks for inventory and documentation purpose
  • Reading manuals and preparing telecommunication equipments
  • Coordinating between the team members to obtain the desirable deliverables

Education Competency:  

  • University of Jordan: Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from 2001-2006
  • Al-Khansa’a Secondary School: Higher Secondary degree