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Assessment 3 -Written Assignment of 2500 words (50%) due in week 9 In this assignment, you are required to introduce a conflict situation that occurred within your workplace and provide a critical review of the situation including the following issues: • The event that led or resulted in the conflict situation; • Your position in the institution/ward/workplace (i.e. RN, Associate Charge Nurse, Charge Nurse...) • Measures you applied to seek immediate resolution; • Leadership style employed in the management approach/es that you took to resolve the conflict • The outcome/s for the patient (s) and/or staff Change/s that took place, as a result, to eliminate the probability for a similar event to arise • Recommendations for improving the outcomes and/or preventing a similar situation from occurring again.
Assessment criteria • Select a minimum of 7 literature/refereed articles that provide the strongest evidence for your topic. Your articles must be < 7 years old. • USE APA FORMAT. APA website. 

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Conflict can be known to create a sort of difference between the two or more people or facts within the group or departments. It could substantially be due to the variation in attitudes, behaviors along facing a value, beliefs or goals (Chávez, 2015).  It would also substantially create differences in the workplace, conflicts faced on account of the organization of the conflicts, which can be due to the two sources which include a staff to staff interaction along with facing a manager to staff interaction that could be aimed at the different timing. It would be caused by the external or internal that could be realistic to note the positive or negative. The conflicts defined within the health professionals would be related to an internal along with the external conflicts every day. As a nurse, one has to think over the deliverables of the best results and at the same time, one has to match with the ways to consider the relevant ways to connect with conflict management. Overall, there can be a system in terms of the conflict that would exist within the health care setting, The conflicts would cause a long term professional along with an interpersonal relationship would cause would the negative impact on patient care that would result in the gap in communication that would create a transfer accurate information. Conflicts are considered to be an issue due to the interpersonal conflict along with an ability to compromise patient care that could result in the strategies to its resolution(Chávez, 2015).

Conflict Situation

In a closed setup, and experience related to an interpersonal conflict that would create a disagreement that would exist in between the two persons or subgroups wth respect to a nursing organization. If not adequately resolved, it would result in a significant bitterness along with dissatisfaction. Due to the interpersonal conflict, it would also create a conflicting situation for an altered interpersonal relationship that would exist among peers or coworkers. The relationship also has been observed between the connected nurses or the peers, that have to access the situation positively (Chávez, 2015). It would have to be dealt with following the significant role that could cause it significant conflicts and to find an appropriate resolution. It also has to match with an adequate measure that would have to be attained concerning the causing and identifying a conflict resolution effectively. It also has to match with the relationships that could be pleasant along with the understanding of how one can deal with the stress on account of good relationships. Often the individuals can also resort to a difficult task along with the attainment of the challenges that could be seen in the jobs, emotional support along with the well beings of the daily lives and it would be necessary to derive a companionship on account of shared activities. The conflict would be caused due to the no relationship or misunderstanding, that would be essentially caused due to the conflict along with derived distress and ineffective accompanied working environment. 

As a nurse, in a close experience, the health care organizations should be able to overcome the complex form of any recruitment, lack of resources along with systematically being following the communication skills or facing the work overload. It would also be subjected to the complex interpersonal dynamics that could result in terms of colleagues along with facing the challenges policies that would be resulting in terms of identity and at the same time of job satisfaction that would distinguish would be based on the employees and patient satisfaction which can make a concrete based on the standard care that would be improved (Nieuwboer, 2019). It is also reflective of conflict encountered that could be caused on account of the professional RN, which can focus on the interpersonal conflict that would equally be challenging to the problematic type that would be stress would be derived in terms of conflict experiencing creating an edge to the workplace. In a system, it would create a challenge of how there can be that could result in the manager that can pay less attention. It could be due to any reason or could be simply due to the busy schedule and it can also be a creation to adoption of the avoidance style that could simplify the poor work-related attitudes along with facing a psychological states on account of the job dissatisfaction, organizational commitment and be facing a turnover intensions, negative emotions or simply due to the emotional exhaustion. This is also on account due to the nurse to identify and create it as a source of conflict that would impact patient care along with an ability to meet the conflict due to lack of strategies faced that could result in the effectiveness of the health care setting.

Immediate Resolutions

It is important to create immediate resolutions, one has to proactively lookout for the steps and actions (Nzinga, 2019). It was during my Diploma in Nursing perusal, which I faced in an intensive care unit while joining the hospital, as it was a ten bedded unit, and due to each nurse joining the three staff, there was other one medical officer and it would include one manager for each floor. In here the nurses’ turnover was showing how the employees were unable to coordinate and also have to experience an reasons that would cause a poor communication faced on account of the coworkers, physician’s attitude that could be seen visibly conflicting in the nurses along with facing a lack of cooperation such as exploiting the nurses and also necessary pulling legs  and also be causing a low emotional exhaustion along with the lack of respect faced by the colleagues. It is also important to ensure, that how there can be a concrete seller initiate to ensure there can be a focus on the patients. At the same time, it would also be how one can face consequent suffering on account of the delayed care and dissatisfaction. The conflicting area was the lack of coordination and facing a consequent issue that could be faced by the physician and how the female patient has to face the urinary tract infection along with the diabetic Mellitus. As the patient is not catheterized it has subsequently also caused during the patient admission. Another way to think is how one can be experiencing a patient insulin dose that has been identically being missed by the nurse. It has caused how the nurse would eventually be faced on account of the issues that can create an issue in between the physician along with the nurses on duty. Subsequently, the patient's condition has also throughout worse and deteriorated cause due to the conflict as shown in the health care workers that have been subsequently been admitted for ten days. Another way to identify the problem was the complaint from any staff that could be a result of the interpersonal problems and it would be how the manager ignored along with an edge to face the avoidance strategy that has further worsened the situation. The nurse manager also had an autocratic style while enabling matching with the staff members and it would have been listed as an issue due to this,  subsequently, the three staff nurses left the job and it included me (Storey, 2019).

Leadership style

Strong and effective leadership styles are the prominent cause noticed in terms of the components concerning any health care success. It would be faced on account of the leadership approaches (Sarto, 2015). As noticed in terms of the transformational leadership theory, that can be faced ideally in terms of the importance that could be faced due to the interpersonal relationship. Another theory applicable here is of the Maslow’s higher level of needs that could be subsequently be faced due to the self-esteem along with facing self-actualization that could be notably be seen in the achievement, respect along with facing the confidence, creativity, problem-solving or the other notably issues in acceptance. Leaders have to also substantially be seen in terms of a vision, creating a strategy that could help to overcome conflicts and how it would be based on an accomplishment towards a cause of the changes concerning the vision. Nurse leaders can also be facing the challenges while noting how there can be concrete evidence to relate with the motivating factor towards staff to function that would work beyond any self-interest. There has to be a notable evaluation to note, how there has to be an adequate knowledge and skills concerning the subordinates that could be anticipated with respect to the participation. It has to be substantially be aimed to relate with the need of knowledge that can hold to be effective leadership and it could be aimed in terms of the direction of transformational leadership style that can help to note, how there would-be subsequent interpretation that would help to note, to know oneself, to relate with the job and also value addict  to the organization and it includes the business and the world. Another would be “effectively implementation that could be core effective in terms of the transformational leadership that would be representing to the priorities, shared valve along with holding the subsequent perceived common goals along with the reasonable effective along with the health care environment. It would be assessed in terms of the transformational leaders’ regular that would be team goals that can be represented with the focus on the use of rewards that would be held in terms of the cooperative behaviors (Chávez, 2015). That would be confronting disagreement, team members that would be motivated that would be interpreted in terms of the opposing views along with the assessment of the co-workers on the reliable information along with the best ideas (Swanwick,  2017).


Another way to identify how the nurses and the manager can together be able to substantially be able to establish a good interpersonal relationship that could represent the organization for productivity along with the ability to achieve the desired goals. As noticed, from the above scenario there have been multiple issues concerning the conflict caused by coworkers, and physicians. Eventually, the result was observed as an impact on patient care, and as the patient suffered on account of the interpersonal conflicts faced in the unit. Subsequently, the patients along with the employees have to face the consequences of the lack of job satisfaction along with an inability of the managerial style while dealing with the issues (Rosser, 2017). Another way to identify the problem was seen in the interpersonal conflict that has notably been seen in the health care organizations. As the problems were noticeably observed in the workplace the nurses have to also face the consequences of it, such as the distressing events, along with facing a violent language or the non-supportive behavior caused on account of the physician (24.4% prevalence) along with the colleague or supervisor (23.4% prevalence). To represent, the highlighted issue there has been a true representation of the identical situation that has been noted to uncertain and how one can be able to cope with the type of environment. Here, the nurses can also face the conflict with the physicians due to the negative impact as per their profession, as notably seen on account of the increased feeling of exhaustion due to the nursing profession. Another way to identify how there can be a lack of job satisfaction could be faced due to the intensions that could be faced due to the nursing profession. Conflict can be caused due to coworkers or with a supervisor eventually be causing personal and organizational outcomes. It is also the manager eventually causing in terms avoidance strategy faced due to conflict, that could be identically be faced concerning the non-strategic style that can benefit the interpersonal relationship on account of the coworkers.  


Change to think about avoiding the issues would be how one can relate to self-valves and how to manage the situation that can be concrete that could enhance the interpersonal relationships. It is also how some issues, to protect self-valves, to manage the situation and to enhance the interpersonal relationship. Conflict among nurses hurts the retention of qualified staff and patient outcomes, and the shortage of nurses due to job dissatisfaction as a result of workplace conflict creating a stressful along with the unpleasant environment.

It is also how the patient would be subsequently be facing an alarming dose on account of the leader along with experiencing an out of control or the issue of the immediate skillful strategies that can be identified along with facing the matter implemented accordingly, to avoid any further damage. Another way of showing how there can be a crucial component aimed in terms of organization that could be representing to the good relationship along with facing a lack of communication skills on account of coworkers, that would be poor and a source of a conflict. So, far, as per the close evaluation, there has been a 60 – 80 % of conflict that has been faced by the organization on account of the poor relationship faced and also due to the lack of the 25 – 40% that have been spending in resolving conflict. 


The recommendation  would be done through the assessment of the Situational Analysis of Management which would create a wider model of management behavior. This would equally be represented in terms of managerial behavior that can show a sign of positivity or negativity concerning the specific situation. There would be an estimation would be depicting the three dimensions with respect to the theory as showing the first one to be the task orientation, under which the manager would be directed with respect to the subordinates’ efforts that can eventually be  achieved through  the goal reflected in the organizing, planning along with facing the controlling. Another way to look over it would be the relationship orientation, that could be presented as per the manager that would be reflecting in the personal job relations concerning the mutual trust along with the respect for employees and facing due to the concerns (Short, 2017). Effectiveness is eventually be faced on account of the manager that can represent in terms of the output requirements along with his/her position; a managerial style that would likely be effective or less effective that could be dependent as per the situation. It is also how the manager can be represented to the third dimension of effectiveness caused due to the lack of management style that would be faced by the situation.