Contemporary Conflicts And The Past Era Of Colonization

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Topic: Conflict induced displacement

Western influence and effect on conflict/colonialism

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Conflict-induced displacement

Western influence and effect on conflict/colonialism


Colonialism or colonization is the practice that evolves the full or the partial political control of one country over other countries (Horst, & Grabska, 2015). In most part of the world the colonization was observed and for that numerous conflicts took place. The purpose of the paper is to provide effective understanding regarding the contemporary conflicts and the past era of colonization. The paper will also discuss the linkage between the past era of colonization and contemporary conflicts in the modern world. The analysis of the colonial empire and the present condition of the world will be discussed in the paper.

Recent and contemporary conflicts 

Individuals, the transnational criminal organization as well as the terrorist network have a huge impact over the world like never before. They have become the center of gravity for all the conflicts in the recent world. In the recent world the conflicts that took place in the countries like Libya, then Afghanistan, Syria as well as Iraq show that failing for understanding the human dimension of the wars that cost lives, resources as well the political capital (Bohnet, Cottier, & Hug, 2018). Most of the contemporary conflicts is due to the social tension that is generally amplified due to the unparalleled access to communication technologies. In the recent world, contemporary conflicts have reached the highest skill where the terrorist activity and other cruel activity have reached the utmost position.

There is numerous contemporary conflict that took place within the year 2018 is the US-Saudi-Iran Rivalry then the nuclear and missile testing of North Korea (Monterescu, & Rabinowitz, 2016). There are also conflicts like the Rohingya Crisis that took place in Myanmar and Bangladesh and even the conflicts of Yemen. It can be seen that the situation in Syria the war took place for the long seven years and still it is not over yet. In the recent world, most of the contemporary conflicts are regarding the religion and the cast of the people (Van der Ploeg, & Vanclay, 2017). It is the fact that currently most of the conflicts are revolving around the communities and their relation to each other rather than to revolve around the particular interest of the states. Political activities are highly involved with the conflicts that took place in the recent year. In most part of the world, some of the political leaders just for their interest create contemporary conflicts regarding nationalism and other factors to create violent conflict within the community.

Past era of colonization 

Colonization is the process which supports the central system of the power to dominate the surrounding land along with the components. Colonialism in the west is the political-economic phenomenon where the numerous European nation explored, settled, conquered as well as exploited the most part of the world. The era of the modern colonialism primarily began in the era of 1500 which follow the European discoveries of the sea route that is around the southern coast of Africa (Cohen, 2018). The opening phase of the European colonization is also known as the Age of Discovery. It can be seen that the colonial age generally provides an idea regarding the two kind of empire that is the colonial empire and the trading empire. Colonial empire is the facts where the conquered lands are being settled by the winning nations (Young, 2018). On the other hand, the trading empire was the fact that was primarily concerned with the establishment as well as protection for the trade routes.

The dual world deal in their respective field where the colonial empire deal with the lands and trading empire deal with the trade routes and commercialization. The seventeenth century is considered to be the Dutch Golden Age as this time the Dutch empire flourish as the wealthiest in the world (Monterescu, & Rabinowitz, 2016). During this era, the development of the country and their economic growth was high and also they provide valuable development all over the world. This was the time when people learn about the trading and the economic growth process and also the communication with the two or more countries. After the Dutch Golden Age, it can be seen that the British Empire rose and became the supremacy all over the world (Dougherty, & Rubin, 2016). World War II was the primary activity that brought the end to the colonization period by dividing all the countries and creating a huge disturbance within the world.

The linkage between contemporary conflict and past era of colonization 

The past-colonization and the contemporary conflicts have some of the vital linkages which effectively shows that the world and the mentality of the people have not changed a much over the years. One of the major contemporary conflicts is the racism and it can be depicted that the root cause of this issue is within the colonialism of the slave trade (Young, 2018). It is the fact that the idea of the backward and the inferior is the concept that took place at the time of colonialism. In the case of Africa, it can be seen that the colonialism have a huge impact on the political as well as the economic condition of modern Africa. This is due to the fact that the country has faced the brutal than the exploitative as well as the oppressive form of the colonialism and for that the system created a negative impact on the country. The conflict in the modern world is due to lack of proper communication but the misunderstood and the wrong activity took part in the world from the colonial era (Van der Ploeg, & Vanclay, 2017). This is the major concept that in the colonial era the two World War took place that destroyed the connection and the trading facilities among the countries. 

The colonial era created huge disturbance among the two group of people and from that era only the idea of trade slave and other empire factor took place. This is the primary thing which is still present among the people and for that most of the modern conflict took place (Dougherty, & Rubin, 2016). Post-colonialism also have a huge impact on the middle-east regarding the political factor. The post-colonial state was considered to be the states that were imposed from the top down and at the same time, they were also weak for carrying the policies within the state. This is the condition in recent years also where the people are unable to carry out the rules and regulation of government and states and for that, the war or terrorism is high within the world. Cultural-conflict which is one of the vital and the crucial conflict in the present world has the root connected with the colonialism (Bohnet, Cottier, & Hug, 2018). The primary factor that is responsible for the appearance of the cultural-conflict is the urbanization. The situation of the people either in the colonial period or in the present day are almost the same.  

The colonial empire performs their harsh activity and they become more and more rich and powerful by exploiting the week countries. This situation creates discrimination of slave and masters among the rich and the poor people which is still present in the world. In the recent world people are highly concern regarding their religion and their origin and for that, they get along in war (Jones, 2016). Moreover, it is the fact that colonialism is not the cause of racism but it reinforces that fact that European is the dominant race and for that European was considered to be the superior whereas, other to be the subordinate. The impact of colonialism is huge over the world which shows various obligation and impact on the development of the conflict in the contemporary world.

The social urbanization in most parts of the world emerged with the tremendous level of the cultural diversity and for that new pattern of social behavior has emerged in the colonial period (Jones, 2016). This new social behavior was the negative concept that has a huge impact on the adult as well as the youth. Due to the negative behavior, the rich started to think of them as the superior and for that, they have the power to torcher lower people (Horst, & Grabska, 2015). It is the rise of war and still on the present day people fight for their rights of living in the country. The act of terrorism has increased due to the fact that Islam country once was the most prominent during the colonial period but gradually they lose their position which creates disturbance all over the world. Most of the war is regarding the establishment of the position in the world and this has been started from the colonial period.


The paper concludes that the colonial period have provided a various source of development and the enrichment for the world but at the same time, it provokes to create racism and discrimination all over the world. The paper also concludes that due to most of the colonial activities the conflict in the present day has been developed. The analysis provided within the paper also evaluates that contemporary conflict is mostly due to social and cultural behavior which is primarily derived from the colonization of the world.