Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Under CDR Of A Civil Engineer

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Write Continuous Professional Development (CPD) under CDR of a Civil Engineer.

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CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development that is usually referred to the means of enhancing the academic experiences and of sustaining the prevalent technical expertise in order to facilitate the engineering career. CPD encourages the maintenance of  a chartered status with relevant technical skills which eventually assists the engineer to develop a professional network.

The activities prescribed by CPD intend to upgrade the knowledge and to sharpen the skill of judgment in the specified discipline of the engineer and can be summarized as;

  • Sustain technical expertise
  • Enhance efficiency 
  • Develop ability to assist, influence and set examples
  • To cope with abrupt career changes
  • Serve the community effectively

Engineers Australia has developed a virtual destination in order to pursue the continuous professional development and it is called myCPD. This site is laden with relevant information on multiple courses and can be exploited as an effective tool for affirming the engineering career.

Engineers Australia, apart from the diverse virtual resources and myCPD, has maintained a sound communication with the participants via eNews, email and division newsletters in order to make the participants aware about their CPD activities. In addition to that, it has cited several events calendar comprises of contemporary engineering seminars, technical presentations and conferences. Engineers Australia sincerely maintains a balanced virtual library with relevant technical articles and journals. The creative collaboration with numerous professional networks enables them to communicate with peers from domestic and foreign quarters. It requires a pedantic awareness of the chartered professionals about the obligation of satisfying the Continuing Professional Development Policy.

 Career Episode 1: Summary Statement

The project is desired to accomplish several constructional and excavation activities including Roof Slab and Barrette file construction, which is destined to finish at 15.03.2014. The prior site is located in Chennai and is conducted under the expert patronization of L&T Geostructure, which is a leading organization in this field. The concern of this summary is to address the learner with an evaluation sheet of the achievements of the corresponding project in accordance with the designed competency criteria. In addition to that, the project also reflects the performance statistics of this specific approach towards excavation since it is also associated with the evaluation of the respective project. As the project intends to assess an cost effective yet safe substitute of the busiest streets prone to accidents it have eventuallytaken up many effective steps in order to make their trains more safer for the people. The metro arranges for different kind of trains that serve the purposes of the people. The trains make the journeys comfortable for the people. Metro serves a more economical transport facility. The project for the metro excavation has used most modern tools and techniques. These tools and techniques have been used to make the metro excavation work faster so that the people can get the facility as soon as possible. The company has been performing in other projects on a previous basis. The project required many staffs for the fulfilling the construction work. This led to generation of huge employment around the place. 

Career episode 2: 

The project5 is mainly related he build up piling sheets to make the thermal power plant safe from the erosion caused by the river. The piling sheets shall help in making the plant safe and so the maintenance cost for the power plant shall be less than before. The Tapti River mainly causes the erosions. The manage3ment for the whole project work had been carried in a sincere manner. The monitoring f9r the whole project work had also been carried in a sincere manner. The stockpile method has been used for building up this whole structure. The stad pro technique has been used for setting up the rolling sheets that have been used for t5ye majority o the construction work. The technique has helped in making the sheets more flexible and erosion free. This fact shall help in saving the power plant from the corrosion that is been caused by the river to all the structure or building standing by its riverbanks. 

The use of rolling sheets for the structure shows the use of high techniques of building many structures by the company. The company uses the most modern kind of building techniques in order to make the building stronger. The incorporation of many machines and tools can be well seen in this project. The worker associated with the construction work also helped a lot in proper completion of the project work. It can be well said that the whole project work has overall helped in the socio economic development of the place. Due to the project, the level of employment have raised at that period.

Career episode 3: 

L&T Geostructre hereby aims to employ every possible mean in order to monitor the project expenditure and track the violators of time norms. CMRL affiliated this excavation for installing Diaphragm wall in metro stations since it has exercised the faculty of supervision at its proportion. In addition to that, the workers are able to allocate the deliverables within destined deadline, which reflects the rigidity of principles of CMRL. Financially it is comparatively big project under the agreement with Gammon-MMS JV that intends to address the severe issue of vehicle congestion by proposing a cost-effective yet safe mode of transport as substitute. It can be cited as a integral part of activity outcome of this project that it has able to reduce the traffic congestion considerably. Moreover, the contractors are able to sustain their technical expertise when they employ sound technical tools, significantly, in some cardinal cases like panel casting in order to facilitate the erection of slabs. In order to ensure immaculate graphical execution of the components of excavation they have deployed the latest design software. The sound collaborative atmosphere with Ultratech RMC enables the project with punctual allocation of resources altogether keeping a critical eye towards the safety of the subordinates. The installed apparatus recommends a better approach towards excavation when they condition the diaphragm in accordance with the ceasing potential of the jack. They introduce a mat as a guide of the underground wall in order to combat with the climatic hindrances such as stagnation of earth. It can be concluded from this survey that the sound blend of every integral ingredient along with a firm resolution attracts tremendous mass participation and the spirit of evolving technical skills retains the essence of that participation.