Core Activities Related To The Role Of The Office Administrator

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Question :

From the case study you are required to describe four core activities relating to the role of the office administrator. One activity must relate to information management and one activity must relate to meeting. Reference should be made to how the office administrator plan, organised and co-ordinates the four chosen activities.
From the case study, or real work situation you should evaluate two current working practices from both an employer and employee perspective. you are also required to identify and describe four causes of work related stress and evaluate two coping strategies which can be used to deal with work related stress.

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Answer :

Question “1”: Core activities of office administrator:

1- Organizing meetings:

- Office administrator requires to ensure thatmeetings are regularly arranged in order to ensure productive outcomes. 

- Arranged meetings needs to be focused upon the solution.

- Office administrators need to convey in the workplace regarding whose participation is required.

- It is important for the office administrator to have enough time to monitor the participation (Currie et al, 2017).

2- Information management:

- Office administrator needs to ensure the up gradation of  the information system 

- It is important for him or her to implement clear procedures in order to retrieve and maintain important information for the company database.

- Administrator needs to ensure a particular guideline that are to be followed.

- Maintenance and ensure the relevance and accuracy of the information.

3-Mail procedures 

- It is significant that office administrator checks the mail on a regular basis.

- Office administrator needs to be concerned so that the customer complaints are not misplaced.

- Customer request needs to be forwarded to the right person in order to avoid delay in the process.

- Administrator needs to ensure that no outgoing mail is mislaid or remain on the desk without being posted.

4- Health and Safety 

- Office administrator needs to be aware of the health and safety regulation and related organizational policies.

- The responsibility of Employees’ health and safety remains upon the administrator (Currie et al, 2017).

-Administrator needs to arrange training program regarding the health and safety of the employees for both the management and the staff.

-It is important for the administrator to ensure that the training procedure is within the policies of the organization and does not break any rule.

Question “2”: Evaluating two working practices:

1- Job share 

Benefits (from employer perspective):

- Flexibility regarding sickness and absence 

- Maintains productivity of the organization 

Benefits (from employee perspective):

- The assigned work is done (Milliken et al, 2015)

- Less complaint regarding sudden delay in delivery from customers 

Disadvantages (from employer perspective):

- Difficult to manage 

- Complex process

Disadvantages (from employee perspective):

- Without proper communication among job sharers deadlines can be missed

- Difficult to take account of the job sharers on daily basis (Milliken et al, 2015)

2- Tele-working

Benefits (from employer perspective):

- Cost efficient 

- Benefits (from employee perspective):

- Enables employees the facility to work from home

Disadvantages (from employer perspective):

- Difficult to monitor

- Chances of miscommunication among the workers 

Disadvantages (from employee perspective):

- Decreased number of employees in office 

- Employees can fail to perform effectively without monitoring

Question “3”: Causes of work-related stress:

1- Excessive workloads and hectic deadlines are the moot causes of work related stress.

2- Lack of control on the work activities

3- Blame culture in the workplace that indicates towards the tendency of blaming co-workers and it makes the employees afraid of making mistakes and also admitting the mistake (Gross, 2017).

4- Bullying or harassment is another issue that causes the workers stress and they tend to dislike their workplace. It often results into severe depression (Gross, 2017). 

Question “4”: Strategies to deal with work-related stress:

1- Effective time management can help to fight the stress as the works with effective time management can be done with much ease and it also paves the path for better productivity in workplace and also helps in achieving appreciation (Hegg-Deloye et al, 2014). 

2- Developing interpersonal skills in order to effectively communicate with colleagues help in the stress release. It also helps in fighting bullying and harassment. Support from the co-workers often helps in getting work done easily.