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Introduction During the course we have looked at a variety of analytical tools including SWOT analysis, PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces. We have also reviewed marketing strategy for multinational companies. Within this context it is inevitable that ethical issues can make corporate decision making complex. The Friedman and Freeman debate traditionally argues that corporate social responsibility has an inherent tension between the ‘stakeholder’ and ‘shareholder’ views of the company. TASK You are asked to choose the CSR programme of a major multinational company from the list below and write an essay to answer the following proposition: ‘CSR is a voluntary concept that is as meaningless as the stakeholder/shareholder debate.’ Boots Kenco Ryanair Marks & Spencers Primark Nike Volkswagon The essay must contain clear evidence of research, you should use a variety of academic and factual sources of information such as recent publications (journals, books) and news, and link your discussion to this research,

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Corporate social responsibility refers to the initiatives taken by a corporation with the objective of taking responsibility of the company’s activities and its impact on the environment. The impact of CSR is huge on the society as it helps to prioritize the interests of the society. It is extremely important that present day corporate organizations understand the importance and impact of CSR and formulate strong and effective CSR policies. It is important for a present day organization to remain focused on delivering high quality service for the society.Corporate social obligation choices are exceptionally essential for the organization as it includes the majority of the partners of the association. CSR likewise considers the partners that are not financially profited by the association. As these choices are key for the association to manufacture a brand picture and consent to the enactments that may have been passed by the administration, it is imperative to actualize a CSR strategy in the association.

Debate on usefulness of CSR

 ‘CSR is a voluntary concept that is as meaningless as the stakeholder/shareholder debate’. Several management researchers have indicated that CSR should not be imposed on organizations as this would result in them not taking it in the right spirit. Companies would then focus only on adhering to regulations and ensuring that minimum amount of regulatory CSR. CSR should be based on awareness and consciousness. 

All things considered CSR choices are of key significance there is an incredible level of association by the initiative gathering and best administration. Authority assemble plans the action and furthermore gives rules on how it should be actualized. Administration assemble chooses the regions in which it might want to help and work and the execution is left to the lower and center administration. It may choose the territories like instruction, tyke mind, condition, seniority, pharmaceutical, topography and so forth. It offers rules to the execution administration to actualize the action. Initiative group gives the vision for the movement; henceforth the administration group significantly affects the CSR exercises of the association (Williams and Siegels, 2001). 

Regarding the initiative hypotheses talked about in addresses, the remarks by Chin, Bambrick and Treviño (2013) more lined up with the behavioral speculations of authority (i.e. the idea that pioneers are 'hard-wired') than they are with possibility speculations of authority (i.e. the thought that pioneers are adaptable and versatile). There are for the most part two kinds of administration, one write is the place the authority group is exceptionally liberal and the other sort is the place the initiative group is extremely traditionalist. 

Moderate administration for the most part is hard-wired. Budgetary execution of the association is critical for them before settling on any CSR choice. They ordinarily don't prefer to adjust politically. Preservationist administration group for the most part chooses the CSR motivation. It is normally a best down approach is taken after. The authority group is close by on control of the CSR movement. 

Liberal administration is much more adaptable and versatile to the thoughts. Typically the liberal authority group calls for thoughts from the lower and center level administration and waitlists thoughts and makes a plan for the CSR. There is much more assignment of duties in usage of CSR. The lower and center administration have the adaptability to pick the best approach to execute the CSR venture out of the wide zones given to them. There is much greater inclusion from the lower and center administration. Liberal initiative likewise not exceptionally execution situated while actualizing the CSR action. They don't waver the political ramifications of the CSR movement. 

Administrative prerequisites more often than not choose where it is obligatory for association to have or not to have CSR. Parcel of presumed associations step up with regards to begin CSR before any controls is upheld. They are typically pioneers to the business who might want to beginning of the CSR action. There are times when associations have executed CSR exercises and later they have moved toward becoming laws for that nation. In promoter run organizations the promoter himself is effectively engaged with the CSR movement. 

CSR at Kenco

The Friedman and Freeman debate traditionally argues that corporate social responsibility has an inherent tension between the ‘stakeholder’ and ‘shareholder’ views of the company. CSR is an integral part of Kenco and its strategy. They follow implanted and integrated CSR. It is conceivable to discuss shallow (unauthentic) CSR when contrasted with implanted (true) CSR. Then again, the question that do associations either have or don't have CSR arises.

Shallow CSR is normally where corporate are will undoubtedly embrace CSR. Such CSR action are attempted just to consent to the law. Shallow CSR has barely any association of the authority and the representatives. It for the most part winds up in making a few commitments to the magnanimous trust. Shallow CSR is additionally improved the situation campaigning (McShane, L and Cunningham, P 2012). Administration group lines up with the political class and starts exercises that are commonly valuable for the political gatherings too the business. There is additionally parcel of anomalies engaged with the shallow CSR. Now and again the advantage of the CSR scarcely achieves the objective partners. Shallow CSR's are additionally now and again utilized for tax evasion and there are chances that assets could likewise be utilized to support fear based oppression and unlawful exercises (Robins, F 2008). 

Implanted CSR is typically the DNA of the association. The whole association is engaged with the way toward actualizing the CSR. It as lifestyle for the association to work for the group. For instance association like Goldman Sachs each representative needs to burn through one day consistently for the CSR action. Representatives can pick the reason they might want to work for and work for the reason for that day. Representatives likewise contribute for the reason. The lower and center level administration likewise designs and executes the CSR action. There are additionally different associations where there is no dynamic contribution from the workers. They approach the representatives to contribute for the reason. There is not really some other contribution from the representatives. Inserted CSR isn't improved the situation campaigning for business. It is done is great confidence.

Taking a gander at the above contentions CSR in field of condition, security and medical problems because of the business must be made administrative and compulsory. It will guarantee even traditionalist authority will take after the CSR exercises, where as different activities ought to be left to the association to choose (Smith, 2003). 


The employees have an important part in creating and actualizing CSR comprehensively or particularly, regarding specific CSR exercises, inside an association. It is a fundamental and adequate condition for administration to be associated with creating CSR top-down (which may bring about shallow CSR), yet just an important condition as far as creating inserted CSR (with the adequate condition being base up inclusion and engagement of workers or devotees). 

Significant part of representatives is in the usage of the CSR action. On the off chance that the action has administrative or political campaigning suggestions then it must be a best down approach. The initiative group will choose the motivation of the CSR action and the workers should actualize the movement. On the off chance that the CSR is does not have any administrative effect then it would be better if this a base up approach. As the representatives know the ground substances and they would make indispensable proposals for the CSR action (Debbie Thorne McAlister, Linda Ferrell,, 2002). 

It the administration group finds the proposal possible then they would actualize the thought. The base up approach gives the feeling of proprietorship to the workers. It will likewise give a chance to the workers to associate with the group around and be positive attitude representatives for the association. In view of the above exchange it is fitting that there ought to be shallow CSR where there is administrative or political necessity and implanted CSR where there are no administrative or political prerequisite. Be that as it may, in both the CSR administration group should be included and guarantee workers are roused to do the CSR movement (Chin, MK, Hambrick, DC and Treviño, LK 2013).


To conclude, CSR forms a very important element in the development of a business and its goodwill. The society does appreciate businesses with strong CSR policies and supports the business. It is important for a business to remain focused on delivering strategic CSR methods that can actually revolutionize the lives of the people and make them better. It is important that the focus be on ensuring that the ill effects of the activities of the company be minimized. Only then it would be possible to create a better society and ensure that the development of the economy does not hamper the environment. It is crucial that there be focus on delivering long term understanding of the needs of the society and that a company is focused on ensuring betterment of the society.