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About Cosmol:

COMSOL is exclusively a platform with the interfaces related to physics. This software is utilized for calculating the Partial Differential Equations. This program also offers the ways to trim the efforts used while programming. 

The software of COSMOL is basically utilized by mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and electrical engineers. 

This programs exclusively assist to lessen the regular tasks which will automatically increase the productivity. The students who are studying this application are exclusively asked to prepare assignments on the features of this program. Take a look at the topics covered in this subject:

  1. Functionality
  2. COMSOL simulation
  3. software interface
  4. finite element procedure
  5. Capabilities
  6. meshing planning
  7. Checking error 
  8. finite element assessment
  9. FEA Software package
  10. numerical assessment
  11. Simulation and solver software

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