Covering Letter For Position Of Microbiologist

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Your task is as follows: 

Q1. Select recent advertised vacancies from newspaper, or online job board, or career hub, for a job role in the area of your specialisation/expertise. 

a. Scan selected advertisement and attach it as an image along with your assignment. Give the source of advertisement. b. Think positively about the particular skills and abilities you possess which are suited to this position. List them. c. Prepare a covering letter for the selected position according to the guidelines listed in the advertisement. The covering letter should be between 500 - 650 words or roughly of two-page long and should briefly address each of the points in the selection criteria. It should relate your experience, skills and abilities you possess to the key qualifications in the job advertisement. 

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Answer :

Cover Letter 

Job Opportunity

Dear Sir,

I would like to apply for the position of Microbiologist in your pharmaceutical company and the requirement or the qualification areas that are provide in the advertisements matches with my expertise and qualification. I am applying for this job on this context. 

With a required qualification in the field of biotechnology and a strong research interest in the field of lab technology, I can say that my qualification areas are perfect and is also apt. I would thereby request you to go through my resume once. 

My abilities include good communication power, interest in learning and growing, team player attitude, global and multicultural attitude, ability to start from beginning on any biotechnology related projects, active listener and others. These are some of the aspects that are important for an individual while working for an organization and thus I can assure you that you won’t be depressed or you won’t regret if you consider me for this job role.  My skill and efficiency includes working very passionately and hard towards my project and also having a strong and a fixed and firm determination to reach the target or the goal. This kind of motto and this kind of dedication I put into place during the workshops and projects as well.

Knowledge in lab work can be matched with my expertise as I have worked on several microbiology projects. I would like to tell that besides the educational qualification I have experience as well and my experience includes working in technology backed cultivation process, in modern day farming projects and also is trained in BIOREACTOR AND ITS FUNCTIONING. My qualification is Btech in Biotechnology and my experience includes different food and cultivation like fisheries cultivation project, bio-fuel production and assessment project and others.

The position that is given here requires personnel from the biotechnology department or field and thus I can say that easily matches with my profile and at the same time my experience of projects like environment and pollution project, project like cultivation of SPIRULINA in open pond, bio-fuel production and others will be helpful in this scenario and will prompt me to take up the job. I do have interest in research and development and thus I think that the position like lab technician in your sea food export organization will be an apt one for me. The requirements like B.SC and pharmaceutical experience goes with my resume as I have worked in different positions and also in different roles being a microbiologist. 

Laboratory, research work, large scale research in laboratory and others are something that have gone through and thereby I think that this is the right scope and the right place for me and this is something that will help me in giving my best and will also help me in proving my worth. I am very practical and specific about my intention and my need and as I saw this advertisement I knew that this is the one that I would like to take up and I am thereby writing in details to you and is also providing you a brief about my profile and my resume.

I am eager about this position and also I am looking forward to hear from you on this as I think that I deserve this position and that I can add value to your organization by implementing my skill, my abilities and also my knowhow. The resume is attached hereafter and if you consider my profile I would be highly glad and I will sure prove myself in this job position. Your comments and remarks are valuable for me and this is something that I can use and follow in future as well. 

Thanking You