Creating Python Program For Qantas Airways Assessment Answer

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Program 2

Your program will be used by the staff who work for an airline company, e.g. Qantas Airways. 

The airline has a range of flights between various cities each day. Customers can book to fly on a flight, and if circumstances change they can cancel their booking at a later time, but not when it is less than 2 hours until the flight. The client want you to make a program that can be used to store the booking information, and the check-in information of the people on a flight.

The program should allow staff to:

1. Create customer details – Name, Address, 3 digit passenger code that does not start with zeros (e.g. 100 is the smallest acceptable value), whether the customer can only eat halal meat (e.g. Muslim passengers)

2. Customers should be able to book seats on a flight, only one seat on a flight per customer. They may however book a seat on a different flight.

3. Cancel a booking – only permitted 2 hours before the flight

4. Summary Information

a. The source and destination places.

b. The number of seats that are booked.

c. The number of seats that are available.

d. The number of passengers booked on the flight that need a halal meal.

5. Customer and flight information must persist

Advanced Tasks

1. Create a new flight

2. Full validation of all input

3. Ask user to choose file name and path to save the file (Assumption is that the directory/folder already exists)

4. Report on a customer’s booking

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