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The Field of Criminology:

Criminology is recognized as a distinct discipline that is a branch of social science. It deals with the impact of criminal activity on the society as a whole and the evolution of crime that dates back to ancient times with motive primarily being revenge.

These are the point of focus in criminology –

  1. Location of criminal activity
  2. Incidence
  3. Motive behind the crime 
  4. Social impacts of crime
  5. Consequences of crime

The traditional school of criminology bases their opinion on four fundamental ideologies. They are as follows -

  1. Communities or individuals to be free to conduct themselves on their own acord.
  2. People to have the tendency to prioritize gratification over hurt with disregard to the minute sense of humanity.  
  3. The scale of retribution for justice to depend on the magnitude of crime that takes place.
  4. The rate of recurrence of punishment to discourage any amount of illegal activities or immoral affairs.

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