Critical Analysis Of Sickkids Vs Campaign

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Write a critical analysis of sickkids vs. campaign.

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Sickness is a state of the subconscious and unconscious state of mind. The ad of ‘Sickkids vs.’ clearly states the fact that, sickness is devoid of any challenges, as it needs to be fought instead of worrying about the consequences. In the viewpoint of Anderson et al. (2015), the implementation of metaphorical innuendos in the ad promulgates that fighting with sickness and disease is a significant part of life. Furthermore, as commented by Zhao et al. (2017), the Fundraising arm of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children established their campaign, which provides a scenario of the patients and victims who are suffering from definite diseases. On the other hand, it can also be said, the rap song Undeniable by Donnie Daydream tends to depict the patients and survivors of sickness and disease as they are battling and punching the shackles of pessimism that is brought by sickness and disease. The instances of sickness and adversaries that have been propagated in the ad are mainly Cancer, cystic fibrosis along with liver failure and many more.  

However, after the release of this ad on sick children, the advertisement received several appreciations as well as critique comments. Some of the critics have objected on the use of war as a metaphor in the ad.  The ad portrays the victims of disease and sickness is battling with the odds of their problems and adversities that are being faced by them. In this context, it can be well presumed that, war, as a metaphor is also a significant aspect, which needs to be taken into effective consideration. The problems and difficulties that are being faced by the victims and the patients are no less than a war that they fight with their own self. Most of the campaigns that are projected in the health care field tend to make their approach a bit more normative instead of dogmatic. Instead of portraying a sorrowful scene of disease, epidemic and pessimistic visuals, the campaign thought of conveying the message of fighting against the odd. They portrayed sick children and patients as warriors, who are fighting their own battles. 

The children are projected as knights, boxers and superheroes. In reality, they are metaphorically fighting the odds of their disease and pain. Thus, the criticism of claiming the interpretation of fighting with the self with war turns out to be devoid of the psychological implications that are impregnated in the ad itself. In another shot of the ad, a patient smashes a dialysis machine with a baseball bat, while some of the children start fighting with the soldiers. Thus, the symbolic annotation that has been used in the ad clearly and evidently shows the fact that; the soldiers are symbolic of strength that fights against the odd at any situation. Likewise, the victims and patients are fighting the same battle, the only difference being that soldiers save humanity and the patients who suffer from disease fight for a better life. On the other hand, it can also be said that, the advertisement portrays and conveys the predominance of the mindset that an individual has on them. Most of the psychiatrists have also propagated the fact that, sickness prevails only when the human mind tends to give up on the pain and suffering that it causes. To fight back is to survive and gain a better life amidst every difficulty and obstacle (Ungar, 2016)

Furthermore, it can also be said that, disability and illness tends to forget the range of experiences and consequences that are associated with such conditions. The ad highlights some of the children not winning the battle, which symbolically implies the fact that, they are not strong enough to fight the obstacles that they are facing. On the other hand, the metaphor of war and violence signifies the fact that, optimistic health outcomes often flow in a natural manner from personal will, optimistic attitude and positivity towards good choices. The preliminary focus of the ad emphasises on the ways by which weaknesses can be eradicated from the mindset of the individuals and patients. The symbolic metaphor of battle tends to offer certain oppositional strategies; it states the fact that, the patient is a winner or a loser, an ally or an enemy. The several encouraging innuendos that are extensively used in the advertisement might be interpretive different to different people of distinctive mindsets. Furthermore, the advertisement also talks about fighting with autism, which is one of the crucial parts that need to be taken into consideration (Berman, 2016).

Therefore, it can be concluded by stating the fact that, the advertisement on fighting against disease and sickness, clearly manages to urge their audience with an encouraging notion. This predominant notion gives the patients an insight towards leading a better life on their own terms, and the fact that sickness and disease are nothing but occasional episodes of obstacles that come in the way of life. 


The argument that has been projected by the author is successful as the strategies that are being promulgated by him are an epitome of the processes and procedures that one undertakes in order to attain success. The strategies that can be propagated in order to attain success are namely opportunity, timing, effort, meaningful work as well as legacy. The story that has been defined by Gladwell clearly shows the facets and features that tend to turn people successful. The instance of Bill Joy shows the fact that, if an individual is dedicated and earnest towards their work, it is likely to happen that, the person will turn out to get success in the near future. It is to be noted that, Gladwell is one of the masters in the extraction of fascinating stories out of monotonous research in order to present interesting facts that ushers a way of looking into the world. 

On the other hand, in the viewpoint of Gross (2015), it can also be said that, the biggest criticism of Gladwell does not states the fact that, the projection he wanted to make out from his recent book is unoriginal. However, in the viewpoint of Munsinger& Philbin (2016), it states the fact that, he is not serious about the substantive academic work. He tends to take substantive work of academics and intends to apply it on trivial things. The projection of attaining success while endears him into the attainment of a definite approach towards the business elites, it can so happen that, it often tends to infuriate the cultural as well as the political factors that are associated with it. Therefore, it can be propagated by stating the fact that, the marketing principles that are associated with the book has an ironic essence in it. It implies the fact that, the projections of success that has been done by Gladwell are quite opposite as to what he intends to preach essentially. In the opinion of Newell (2016), it can be stated that, the book on success might turn out to be disappointment for geniuses; however, the rest of the people might enjoy a debatable argument out of it.

On the other hand, it can also be said that, the book mentioned the name of Bill Gates, whose success story is also conveyed throughout the book. Gladwell considers him different type of outlier, who has experienced a succession of freak opportunities. The most important facet is the fact that, Bill Gates had an allowance of free computer time between three and six in the morning. However, Gates has admitted the fact that, he had better exposure to definite software programs towards their development at a young age. 

Furthermore, the story also states the fact that, Gladwell intends to attain a debunking in the myths instead of presenting effective alternatives as to how success can be achieved. He tends to drift towards a soft determination that is associated with human achievement. He states the fact to be the significance of cultural legacy. As per commented by ROM (2015), it can be stated from a critical point of view, it can be stated that, the book will inevitably attract many detractors, out of which some of the sales might also be the mischievous inclusivity of the sales of the books. However, it can also be said that, most of the people and individuals believe in self-determination when they attain success and when they fail. For the geniuses, this book might turn out to be a bit trivial for them, but the rest of the people might find it to be fascinating and interesting for their readers (, 2008).

Therefore, it can be concluded by stating the fact that, this story deals with the felicitations that ate associated with the pillars of success. Furthermore, the story book also stated the fact that, although the book has attained several criticisms but it has managed to pave its way into the world of success and has managed to put out effective instances out of success factors.