Critical Review Of Evidence-Based Interventions: Biopolar Disorder Assignment 2 Answer

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Question :

Critically discuss what evidence suggests is best practice with a person presenting in an in acute mental health the area

Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder, just choose one

Ensure all arguments and opinions are supported by relevant literature. Referencing and in-text referencing is required using the  APA Style  author-date referencing system.

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Answer :

Assignment 2 

Critical Review of Evidence-Based Interventions


Through this paper, the purpose of the assignment is to focus on the “Biopolar Disorder” and to take a close view of the evidence-based practices for the person to be treated by the acute mental health in an area.

Bipolar disorder is defined as a common and serious mental disorder that can show an increase in manic depressive psychosis (McGowan, 2020). The disorder has been compared to the serious and recurrent condition that can be characterized and evaluated as the periods of complete normality along with facing indispersed episodes of mania (characterized as the disinhibited and experiencing an overactive behavior) or depression (lethargic and low mood).

 From the research found through AIHW has highlighted that Biopolar disorder if not treated it would cause a problem of relapse and it can comparatively be high to 50 % at one year and as such it would also increase by 70% at five years. There has been a phenomenal high relapse rate which can be checked through positive impacts and through timely intervention.

What is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is defined as the mental illness that has been characterized as the extreme shifts in mood. Often the symptoms involve an extremely elevated mood in which the patient feels like a  maniac (Paksarian, 2020). As per the facts, 2.8 percent of U.S. adults have experienced which accounts for the 5 million people that are been treated for bipolar disorder. It can begin to show signs and symptoms by 25 years old (Stapp, 2020).

Depression is also caused due to bipolar disorder origination, which begins for two weeks. A high (manic) episode can also be characterized as several days or weeks. It is often due to the people that can experience episodes and there can be fluctuations in the changes in mood in the given period of the year. It may be another experience or can relate to it (Snijders, 2020).

Types of bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder, when to treat a patient should be identified as per the main types of bipolar disorder which are bipolar I, bipolar II, and even cyclothymia.

Bipolar I

It is characterized as the appearance and also the organization of one manic episode. One may experience a rapid hypomanic along with the major depressive episodes which can be experienced before and after a manic episode. Often this type of bipolar disorder can affect the men and women equally (Ironside, 2020).

Bipolar II

This type of bipolar disorder can also cause a major depressive episode which can happen at least two weeks. It is defined at least one hypomanic episode which can last up to four days. It is a type of bipolar disorder that is observed within the women.


The characteristic of the Cyclothymia is experienced with sudden hypomania and depression (Miklowitz, 2020). Often these symptoms are experienced to be of the shorter and less severe in comparison to the mania and depression which can be caused due to bipolar I or bipolar II disorder. Such people can even experience, how there can be a condition that can be experienced in a month or two at a time along with facing the moods to be stable.

Bipolar disorder symptoms

To detect the patient, the patient has to be checked with the three main symptoms which can be detected with bipolar disorder: facing a consistent, maniac, episodes of hypomania, and depression (Snijders 2020). In the episodes, when the person is experiencing mania, he/she may show high cases of bipolar disorder which can be felt along with experiencing an emotional high. The patient can feel excited, can experience an impulsive,  face the euphoric along with the full of energy. The patient while showing the manic episodes, would show the below behavior episodes-:

  • spending sprees
  • unprotected sex
  • drug use

In the case of hypomania, it is generally characterized by bipolar II disorder. It can be defined and characterized to be a maniac and it cannot be severe. In the case of mania, hypomania and can also face the issue of any trouble at work, school, along with facing the social relationships. In the case of the  hypomania who would often experience the rapid mood and can also feel the problem as defined below-:

  • deep sadness
  • hopelessness
  • Facing an energy loss
  • Having a lack of interest in activities which can be enjoyed
  • Episodes of the too little or too much sleep
  • Having suicidal thoughts

Person Check Points

When checking the patient, the healthcare staff have to detect the problem of the bipolar disorder which would be equated to or greater than the problem of the existing with overdiagnosis. It is important to know the validity of the diagnosis for bipolar disorder which would be imperative.identifiying the person diagnosed with bipolar disorder would be done through the proper assessment of professional and professional assessment and determining the proper treatment (Fleck, 2020). The patient has to be checked for the typical signs and symptoms and even identifying the increased energy, checkpoints related to the activity, restlessness and also be evaluated to the excessively high overly good along with the euphoric moods. The person would also be checked, how prolong he/she experiences extreme irritability often experience a racing thought, face the issue of energizing, very fast jumping from one idea to another and also experience a poor judgment along with facing the spending sprees, increased sexual drive and even have cause the drug abuse, facing the cocaine, alcohol along with the sleeping medications and facing the provocative, intrusive along with the facing the aggressive behavior (Gordovez, 2020). The patient can display the persistent difficulty concentrating and even lack remembrance, having low decisions making ad facing the restlessness or irritability.

Distinguishing Problems identified between Men, Women and Children

In Women 

  • To be diagnosed later episodes of life, during the 20s or 30s
  • Facing the milder mania episodes (Lizano,  2020) 
  • To experience depressive episodes that can be faced due to the rapid manic episodes
  • The rapid phase of the four or more episodes can be experienced in the mania and depression within the given year facing a rapid cycling
  • experience can be defined as a condition that can happen over some time and thyroid disease, having an obesity issue, along with experiencing anxiety disorders, and migraines
  • It can be due to the higher lifetime risk of alcohol use disorder

In Men

  •  The problem can be faced if not diagnosed earlier in life, which can lead to problematic maniac episodes in the latter part of life (Nordsletten, 2020)
  • The experience can be severe episodes, and it can be due to the manic episodes
  • Facing the substance abuse issues
  • The type of behavior and issues faced during the given episodes.

In Children 

The problem of diagnosing the problem of bipolar disorder can be identified in the children can be controversial, as most of the problems can be diagnosed as bipolar disorder symptoms when they become adults. Often the children can face undefined moods and behaviors which cannot be followed by the standards doctors and they have to use the disorder in adults.

Often the bipolar disorder symptoms can also happen in children could be due to the overlap with symptoms and it can be a range of disorders that can happen in children, for example, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is important to diagnose problems in children and provided special care from professionally trained people to overcome mental health issues.


The bipolar disorder can be unknown and it can be detected through close monitoring and assessment. The causes can be a rapid complex mix of physical along with the environmental and facing the social factors (Sul, 2020).

A chemical imbalance in the brain

The patient can experience a rapid imbalance of the chemical within the brain. The chemicals which are found to be controlling the brain's functions are related to neurotransmitters which can include noradrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. 

The problems of the imbalance in the levels of 1 along with the other can be faced due to the neurotransmitters, which is the person experiencing symptom of bipolar disorder. Such as, often there can be a high instance of the evidence of episodes faced as the mania and there can be a high level of the noradrenaline which can be too high, and there are episodes of the depression creating a noradrenaline level that can be too low.


The problem of bipolar disorder can be linked to genetics, which can be observed in families. Often the families can experience the person with bipolar disorder to have an increased risk which can be followed in the other family members.


The patient can feel a substantial circumstance or situation which can trigger the symptoms due to bipolar disorder.


  • It can be a breakdown causing the relationship
  • The problem of the physical, sexual  along with the emotional abuse
  • Any instance of the death of a close family member (Sul,  2020) 

Due to the types of life-altering events, there can be high rapid instances of depression at any time that can be experienced in a person's life. The trigger can be due to the

  • Facing a  prolong physical illness
  • Facing a consistent sleep disturbances
  • Experiencing overwhelming problems in everyday life and the problems with money, work or relationships

DiagnosisSpecialist assessment

The doctor would diagnose the patient with the specialist assessment through bipolar disorder and the psychiatrist can diagnose the problem by closely monitoring the problem to judge the treatments and the problems. The assessment can help to judge the patient background, any medical episode and facing the problem of any recent encounter. 

Other tests

The problem of detecting the symptoms, it is important to identify and also focus on the tests to determine the physical problem, and I would help to check the underactive thyroid or an overactive thyroid. It is important to have bipolar disorder checkpoints and even address the physical health check.

Advanced directives

The patient has to be checked with the condition and the psychiatrist has to take subsequent decisions to check the treatment and care. The patient also has to take an informed decision and it is important to constantly judge the communication representing one own needs, and also help to understand the symptoms become severe. 


Bipolar disorder is treated through the three main classes that can be done through the medication: mood stabilizers facing the antipsychotics, along with experiencing safety and effectiveness that can be done through the controversial antidepressants. The patient also has to experience the treatment and it can be a combination of at least one mood-stabilizing drug and it can be faced through the atypical antipsychotic along with the psychotherapy. It is also important to use the drugs for the treatment that can be done through the bipolar disorder that can focus on lithium carbonate along with valproic acid (also called the Depakote or generically as Divalproex). The treatment can be done through lithium carbonate which has been defined as an effective way of reducing mania, and how the doctors can know how the condition can be treated. The Lithium can also be understood through the recurrence of depression, which can be value-based and be understood through the mania than depression; and it can be also caused due to the conjunction along with facing the medicines with the greater values of depression symptoms, includes the antidepressants.

Valproic acid (Depakote) is also known as the mood stabilizer which can be helpful to treat the manic or mixed phases of bipolar disorder, and also integrating it with the carbamazepine (Equetro), includes the antiepileptic drug.  The treatment can be done through the antiepileptic drugs, and it can be gabapentin(Neurontin) and includes the oxcarbazepine (Trileptal), or topiramate (Topamax), which can be an experimental treatment based on the condition (Sul, 2002).

The Haloperidol (Haldol Decanoate) can also be antipsychotic medications, which include the aripiprazole (Abilify), asenapine (Saphris) along with the olanzapine.


To conclude, the problem of Bipolar is a reoccurring problem, which when not treated can cause a problematic concern. The patient would also experience rapid episodes of depression. Bipolar disorder is also defined as bipolar disease or manic depression. Even though it is not one of the rare conditions, but often the bipolar disorder can be hard to diagnose and how one can feel varied symptoms. There can be a persistent case of symptoms that can happen in the various episodes of high and low periods. To identify the people who experience rapid episodes of bipolar disorder can also have to face problems in managing every day which involves the tasks associated with the school or work or maintaining relationships. It would have a no cure, and at the same time, the treatment options can be available only at the help to manage the symptom.