Critically Analyzing Person Centered Theory With Cognitive Behavior Theory Assessment Answer

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This assignment is aimed to give the students the opportunity to further explore, and understand some of the counselling theories they are studying during this semester. Through this assignment, they will be able to critically analyze counselling and psychotherapy theories and explore the techniques and skills they can employ when developing their own models of counselling in future.

TASK: Write an academic essay comparing and critically analyzing Person Centered Theory with Cognitive Behavior Theory.

In your essay you should include the following:

  • Introduction: In your introduction provide a clear outline for the essay with necessary definitions and the main points you are going to describe, discuss or argue,
  • Main Assumptions/Philosophical beliefs of the theories: Explain and discuss the main assumptions of both the theories
  • Main concepts: Explain and discuss the main concepts of both the theories
  • Therapy techniques: Explain and discuss the main therapy techniques used in both the theories
  • Analysis: Critically analyze both the theories. Compare and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both the theories
  • Preferred Theory: After analyzing both the theories, considering the main assumptions and therapy techniques, what theory or model do you prefer to employ in your future work? Which theory provides better therapy techniques that you can use in your future work? Which theory would help you better in understanding your clients problems?

o Provide a clear justification for your choice.

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